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Player: Memnoch

Character Full Name: Jake Scott

Character In-Game Name: Jake

Association(s): Gilneas, Alliance

Race: Worgen

Class: Rogue

Skills and Abilities:

  • Anything To Win - Jake's willing to do just about anything to get an edge in a fight, whether that's using poison, dirty tricks (kick to the crotch), or even throwing sand/dirt in his opponent's eyes.
  • Assassin's Touch - Poison is Jake's best friend, no matter what he tells the guys he drinks with. Jake's spent most of his life learning to take herbs and plants from the wild and turn them into deadly toxins. As such, he's developed a resistance to poison in general, though he is by no means immune to its effects.
  • Just In Case - Jake has attached a couple of extra daggers to his shoulderpads, hilts facing out, and keeps them coated in poison, each a different one. One of the poisons has a thought-slowing effect, to be used on mages, the other has a body-weakening effect, to be used on big warriors.
  • Trying Aiming For Once – Jake's trying to get the knack of throwing daggers and similar weapons, but he's spent so much time working with his poisons, he's not very good at it.

Age: 42

Sex: Male

Hair: Short, black, well-kept.


  • Human – Steely grey
  • Worgen – Icy blue


  • Human – 211 lbs/95.7kg
  • Worgen – 252 lbs/116.6kg


  • Human – 5'9"/1.75m
  • Worgen – 6'4"/1.93m


Usual Garments/Armor: Normally has his black and red armor on when out and about, but can also be seen in more formal regalia from time to time.

Other: Occasionally, he'll wear a monocle for no other reason than because he wants to.


Jake's out for himself and no one else. He's the kind of guy that could have almost all the gold in the world, and still want the rest just so he can have it. He'll do anything to win in any situation; cheating at cards for gold, dripping poison on his gloves before a fistfight, using loaded dice, etc. The ends always justify the means. He'll ally himself with others, but these relationships are temporary at best, and last only as long as Jake gets something out of them. If he himself gets cheated out of something (gold, loot...women), he'll pursue the person who did the cheating. What would follow next would normally be called "revenge", but Jake generally takes things too far for that word to hold true.

Yet, despite all this, Jake's getting lonely. Deep within the recesses of his mind, he looks for someone who can share his life, someone who can understand him. This, however, may take quite a while, because Jake's not very good about opening up to people, and generally doesn't stick around long enough to form anything that could even remotely be called a friendship.


Born to a commoner household in Gilneas City, Jake was always in awe of the nobles he saw on occasion and from afar. With their luxurious outfits, gleaming jewels, and the respect they commanded of those around them, Jake wanted nothing more than to be one of them. Alas, his mother, Amanda, ran off when he was young with another man (never heard from her again), and his father, Nick, was rather poor. This meant that Jake never got nice clothes or toys or anything. His toy were cheap knock-offs, and his clothes never fit right, and always itched terribly.

When he was a child, he would play with the other boys of his neighborhood, wrestling in the mud (which made his father furious because it ruined his clothes), playing Hide and Seek (which he was pretty good at), and trying to look cool for the girls (which he never quite succeeded in). His father was no soldier, and so never went off to war. Jake himself was too young to participate in the First War, and didn't think he would survive the Second War when it came about, being only eighteen, so he sat that one out as well. Instead, he signed on with a mercenary group that happened to be passing through Gilneas at around the time the Greymane Wall was being finished. However, their preparations took too long, and before they could leave, the echoing *BOOM* of the Wall's giants doors was heard as they closed.

So Jake was stuck, with no real way he could see to go off an make a name (or gold) for himself. He learned to fight from a few of the mercs that got trapped inside, though they weren't the friendliest bunch of people. Others saw him with that group, and shunned him, thinking he'd get off no better than they would; thus began his life alone, even in a crowd.

His interest in poisons first began when, one day in his early twenties he was walking alone, and saw a spider building a web. He stopped for a moment to watch the little thing make its new, temporary home, and was just about to leave when a fly buzzed past his head and entangled itself in the web. Instantly, the spider stopped building and scuttled over to pounce on its new-found prey. Within moments, the fly stopped struggling, and began dinner for the spider. This got Jake thinking. He'd heard of poisonous spiders before, and it fascinated him that such a small creature could overcome something as comparatively large as a human being, with a very small dose of poison. The more Jake thought, the more he wanted this new "edge", because it would enable him to take on much larger and more skilled opponents, just like a spider.

Shortly after witnessing the spider, he trekked out of the city and into the fields and farmlands, looking for someone learned in herblore. His inquiries led him to an older woman living alone on a smallish patch of land where she had a garden the wrapped around her entire cottage. After talking to this woman (Phyllis, she called herself) for some time, they struck up a deal. She would teach Jake about herbs, if Jake would help her in her fields and in her garden. Here, he learned about Peacebloom, Silverleaf, and Earthroot in particular, as they grew in abundance around Gilneas as a whole, but he also learned of other, more poisonous plants like certain toadstools.

This was how he spent his years, learning herblore from what turned out to be a Harvest Witch (which didn't surprise Jake at all), and honing his combat skills with the mercenaries, and later, a few (ex-)soldiers. He never made any real friends, and was always on the lookout for any way to make some extra gold.

When the civil war broke out, Jake stayed out of most of the fighting. Personally, he agreed with Lord Crowley, in that the wall was a mistake (let alone that it kept him from being out and about in Azeroth in general), but he never quite joined the rebellion. A few times, fights broke out near his home, and these he joined in, but backed out of if it started to get deadly. He wanted no blame to fall upon him if and when people wound up dead.

When the worgen began to haunt Gilneas, Jake made decent coin as a bodyguard on more than one occasion for anyone from regular folk to (rarely) nobles, though these he only managed to get positions for after he'd gotten some experience under his belt and could prove it with word of mouth and trophies he collected from any worgen that got under his blades. He'd developed some potent toxins for the beasts specifically, to weaken their limbs and slow their attacks, which made killing them much, much easier. He bore no grudge toward the worgen, really, seeing them as just beasts, no matter what some of the crazier folk said about being able to save them.

One day, however, he was walking home from Phyllis', and he heard something big running toward him, very close by. He turned quick enough only to get impression of teeth, claws, and anger. Next thing he knows, he's waking up in a cage, and he's got fur. After joining a group of people and other worgen helping to rid Gilneas of the encroaching Undead, and the Forsaken's subsequent attack using the Plague, Jake found himself one of many taking part in a ritual that involved eating some Moonleaf and drinking from three pools of water. The haze of emotional conflict that resulted took Jake several days to sort out, but it seemed like he was better able to understand his own emotions, specifically regarding guilt, peace, and the passionate emotions (anger, burning desire, etc.), with the result that he was able to change at will from worgen to human.

His most recent exploits have involved picking up odd jobs as a mercenary, one of which involved going through the remains of a small military camp in the Western Plaguelands. Here, he managed to find someone wearing some pretty decent armor. Not only did it fit reasonably well, but it was light enough to move quite easily, being made of leather. He had it tailored in Stormwind after the job, and added a couple sheathes on the shoulderpads for a couple of extra daggers, just in case.