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Player: Theredy42

Character Full Name: Jairvan Granwill

Character In-Game Name: Jairvan

Nickname(s): Jair

Association(s): Kirin Tor

Race: Worgen/Human

Class: Mage

Skills and Abilities: Experienced tactician- From reading many books on tactics used in battles, Jairvan can quickly observe the situation and come up with a solution.

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Hair: Black, in two pony tails.

Eyes: Green

Scale/Height: 0.9


Usual Garments/Armour: Cloth armour in the colours of Gilneas, the robe having the middle cut out, allowing for free leg movement.

Other: Jairvan gets cold quite easily finding the cold unbearable where others would shrug it off.


Jairvan seems quick to suspect, the reason usually for this is his want to know about something, he seems quite neutral when it comes to how he feels about people, of course having prejudice towards the select races of the horde.

Alignment: Neutral Lawful


Jairvan was born into a middle class family in the city of Gilneas. His Mother stayed at home to look after him and his two brothers. While his Father worked at a lumber mill. He lived a normal child hood, doing choirs around the house while occasionally helping his Father at work for extra coins, with the extra money he began to buy books which were, at first, about stories of heroes who saved people but then they began to change to books about magic and the wonders in which you can do with it. This sparked his interest with magic and its wonders.

As he grew older he began to actively seek out people who taught the art of arcane, from then he learnt simple spells which he used to help around the house and at the lumber mill. With this, he started to take on more difficult spells which required more concentration, but he found that he did not need such spells at home and at work, focusing on quicker, practical spells. Over time he began to realise that he could not stop hungering for knowledge, seeing nothing wrong with this he continued.

With this, he ended up having his own room out of the town where he could practice spells without the danger of people being hurt and without complaint. Armor was his next need, even with the arcane he knew that he could easily be hurt by any sword, going back into town he found out that there was a tailor who worked for a low price, using the money he saved up, he gave the plans for his armour which was in the colours of Gilneas. This was the last moment of peace he had, a large sound spread across Gilneas as he ran outside to find that the city was under attack. After panicking for a moment he began to run towards his house only to be confronted by the enemy, before he could think he was attacked only to black out.

He awoke as if he had blinked, he looked around only to find a large wound on his chest, what seemed to be claw marks, ignoring it for now as his only concern was Gilneas. To his despair it was in ruins, fires and rubble covered the area. Before he could think his chest began to burn as he could not move out of pain. His arms beginning to grow hair, along with his legs as they burst out of his clothes, scraps barely clinging to him as he began to transform into a Worgen. He began to roar as he fully transformed, running around like a lost animal, tearing up wooden planks and anything else he could find. The rest was a blur to him.

Days pasted as he dealt with the curse, with the help of the Night elves he learnt how to control it. No matter his condition he still pursed the arcane. Not knowing what happened to his family after the attack, he decided to travel away from Darnassus and find out more which eventually led him to the Kirin tor where he usually resides, but it not part of.