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Player: Paylonas

Character Full Name: Jaiiel Norodel

Character In-Game Name: Jaiiel

Association(s): Druid of the Talon, Cenarion Circle

Race: Night Elf

Class: Druid

Age: 2,085

Sex: Female

Hair: Dark blue hair which is braided and tossed over either one of her shoulders, depending on the day.

Eyes: White

Scale/Height: .96 / 6'5" / 1.95m

Weight: 206 lb / 93 kg


Usual Garments/Armor:

  • Dark green, brown, and black leather robes which are worn, aged, and patched in some areas. Also has vines, leaves, flowers, etc. adorned over it.
  • Black and brown leather headdress.
  • Never wears anything that covers hands or feet.


Jaiiel is very social, enjoying the company of others and sitting to hear them converse. She however usually has very little to add into the conversations herself, solemn and quiet unless she is directly asked a question or feels that she needs to introduce her own opinions/feelings into the ongoing conversation. Her behavior is quite the opposite of energetic, preferring to stay still and perch onto something/someone should it be allowed. This is at least how she behaves when she is in the form of an avian.

When outside of her Storm crow guise she is very quiet and prefers to be alone or with a select few set of people that she trusts. The most often time you will see her outside of the form is when she is required to talk in a conversation that directly involves her, a question being asked to her, or if she feels she has something that needs to be added into the conversation. She doesn't enjoy speaking when in the guise, it feels as if it isn't right for her to do so and so she takes her Elune given form when speaking. The only thing she will not respond to and rarely even acknowledge is when talks of savage-kin are brought about.

Alignment: Neutral


Jaiiel was born in a small home on the edge of Ashenvale before that part of the forest became known as Felwood. The sun had just fallen, the moon making an ascent up into the sky and light rain drizzling onto the wildlife below. The newborn opened her eyes up not to see her parents, but instead a large bird flying above the skyline through the window.

Her upbringing into her teens was done by her mother exclusively, as her father had been in the Emerald Dream. Her mothers plans for her in life were clear even from a young age, constantly telling stories about her works in being a Priestess and sharing knowledge of who they were and what they did. Her father's visits reworked this, even if he was only there for a short time and could share only a limited amount on his trials, experiences, and druidism that her partook in she was caught in awe. However the man did have to return to his training and eventually back into the Emerald Dream, the child and her antics left to her mother of whom was planning on training her to become a Priestess. The child could do nothing of refusing her mother of the teachings, for now at least.

The young Kaldorei had grown into one of which wasn't young, leaving her home at the age of 231 the age of which her father had come back home to visit once more. The storied he had told to her before she left, the information she gained from him only shook her heart more into wanting to learn about druidism. She traveled the lands of her kin in search of any books, tomes, scrolls, that could give her more information on the arts no matter how trivial they would be. Her requests for such were often denied by one person or another with the general reasoning of; 'Females aren't allowed to become druids, you're better off becoming a sentinel or a priestess.' Many times in failure she thought that perhaps they were right and she should give up her quest for knowledge, each time she set off to go home she gazed up into the sky and saw birds flying along the horizon similar to the one she did when she was born, and for some reason this persuaded her to keep following her path.

Whilst she did not agree with her mother, her ways, or what she tried and was currently trying to force upon her, Jaiiel still found the time to every once and a while visit her homelands. They were a place of peace in her mind, somewhere she could go and be free from all the scrutiny of that surrounding her. Her mother did not support her choices, and she did not like them either, however she wasn't willing to step forth and force Jaiiel from her current path. For these reasons she loved her mother, her father for very similar reasons as well, however in her absence of home a war had taken place. One of which claimed the life of both her mother and father, her knowledge on the war was and is very limited as she didn't wish to go into the further details of how or why her parents died. Jaiiel simply knows the war as "The War of the Shifting Sands." From the sorrow placed upon her due to her parents death she seldom visited her lands any more, only to hear that desolation had found it and it's inhabitants. She didn't want to believe what was told to her and so she set off to go and view the destruction herself, her heat aching in pain as she didn't dare step foot onto the lands she once called home.

It could have been due to all of the chaos that had been taking place when they decided to let women begin training as druids, it could have been that other races that they've allied themselves with have had an impact on them and their society. It didn't matter the reason, Jaiiel and many others took the chance when it arose. Jaiiel did so without a doubt in her mind, she knew that she was willing to take the time and effort to train in Druidism. She had spent a long amount of time studying it and already knew a large amount about the art itself. Despite this there were still two years taken to educate her further on things she hadn't found during her studies, along with educating her they used this time to see which branch of Druidism would be the best for her. In the end a rather young teacher from the Druid's of the Talon stepped forth and offered to be her Shan'do, she took this opportunity as well without a doubt in her mind. Jaiiel was almost instantly introduced into the Emerald dream so she could be trained upon taking on the various different forms, the most time spent on the form of a Storm crow as well as she became the most proficient at that form. She never wanted to leave the form of being a Stormcrow, she felt powerful as one and wasn't as scared as when she was in her Elune given form. However she was well aware of the dangers that staying in a bestial form could prove, managing to convince her Shan'do that she was more of mind with herself than with the beast.

She has only recently left the Dream, now in Hyjal in attempt to help the Cenarion Circle in their efforts against the Twilight.