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Player: Rodentjoe

Character Full Name: Ida Balavanderdash

Character In-Game Name: Ida

Nickname(s): None

Association(s): Street rats, homeless, poor

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Rogue

Skills and abilities: Ida isn't strong like most people but she is nimble and dexterous. She makes up for her inability to fight with her exceptional ability to lie and run. If she is ever caught in combat she'll use a boomerang as her choice of weapon; an odd choice of defense indeed, but effective because she's figured out how to get desired paths out of the boomerangs. Instead of defeating someone with fists, she'll try to push someone in the path of a returning bladed boomerang.

Age: 110

Sex: Female

Hair: Blond and shoulder length

Eyes: Green (duh)

Weight: 90 lb (notably underweight)

Height: 5'8

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Usual Garments/Armor: Ida can barely pay for water let along clothes. She'll ware anything from cloth to leather, even if it too tight or loose. If she could afford it she'd love to wear beautiful dresses, but her street habits would get them dirty over time.


At first glance the first thing you'll notice about Ida is that she's poor. She'll do anything to try to get a little money to eat whether it be beggary or thievery.

Even though Ida is a liar and a thief, she's actually got a good heart. She can bring herself to kill someone and she is very charitable regardless of being poor. Though she holds a hell of a grudge and it's extremely easy to get on her bad side if she doesn't know you too well.

Although Ida never judges races at first glance, she will judge the rich. People who wear pricy and rather unpractical clothes (like capes and over the top shoulder pads) tend to get on her bad side. Although it's hard to get off this bad side it's not impossible to be rich and still be a close friend. She does make exceptions.


Ida was born into a family of 1 brother and 2 sisters. She was the youngest out of all of them. Her life as a child was in the life of luxury, but it was anything but happy for her. Her mother and father never got along. The constant yelling and arguing would make anyone mad. Her father was the biggest contributor to the arguments. He wasn't at all friendly with anyone, and mainly only cared about his money. Even his kids came second to his money (though he'd try not to show it).

Ida's mother was finally tired of it. When Ida was 16 years old, her mother told Ida that she was going to divorce her father, Ida took it pretty bad because she had always had an image of ‘divine love' which was shattered when the promise of ‘forever' was pushed aside.

Her father knew about the divorce and the news was anything but what he wanted to hear. Although he did not enjoy the company of his wife he knew that if there was a divorce, he would have to give up some of his possessions when she moved out. He was a very rich man for he was running an extremely prosperous scroll store (soon ready to become a franchise). He couldn't let his wealth be ruined so he figured he had two opinions. One: kill her and hide the evidence, but do to their crumbling marriage he knew he would be the first suspect. Or two: have her arrested, or better yet exiled, would be a shame to him if she got out early for good behavior.

A week or so later, Silvermoon guards were knocking at the door. Ida's mom was being arrested for suspicions of necromancy. The trail was held a week later and Ida's mom was proven guilty in an unfair trial. The jury was bribed and the judge was mind controlled (a skill that Ida's father had been practicing that lead to some of the arguing between him and his wife). Regardless of having weak evidence and false claims, Ida's mother was exiled and Ida's father was granted custody of the children and the possessions.

Ida refused to believe the claims and ran away from home. Ida's father didn't bother looking for her; she was only eating away his money anyway. Ida searched for a year looking for her mom. That one year was one of the hardest moments of her life. At such a young age, she couldn't really get a good job, so she resorted to beggary. She was able to keep herself alive, but when Winter hit, Ida almost starved. She resorted to thievery, but the only way she knew how was through killing. On a cold Winter day, Ida dropped a large rock off a building and it broke a man's skull. Ida was terrified of the sight of death; terrified of all the blood. She never did rob that man; nor was she hungry, just scared. Later that night, Ida passed out.

Ida awoke under a bridge next to a fire. It was her mother who saved her that night, and her mother who took care of her for now on. Ida grew up living a tough life, learning to live off what she had, and stealing when needed (but only from the people she believed deserved it). When the Sunwell was destroyed, it was only another inconvenience to what was already happening. Her starvation from magic was nothing compared to her starvation from real food.

Her mother eventually died; she wasn't able to feed both herself and her child. That's why Ida loved her so much. Unlike her father, her mother was charitable. On that day, she donated a chance to live, and the chance wasn't wasted.