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House Dawnstrider is a family that dated back many millennia. They are famous for their knowledge and prowess regarding all schools of magic (excluding necromancy) and the studying of it. Their general aim is to enrich the quality of magic users within the Sin’Dorei and to drive out banned magic like necromancy.

The Family History

House Dawnstrider originated from the time when Queen Azshara and the Highborn began to study and develop the use arcane magic. Ith’alar Dawnstrider, a normal citizen at that time, had a quick grasp for magic. The arcane fascinated him and after years experimenting and training he was able to use it to empower weapons and other items, giving them properties they didn’t normally posses. He offered his services to the rest of the Highborn, enchanting their possessions for a fee.

When Ith’alar grew older he passed this knowledge to his children, urging them to continue the tradition of using the arcane magic to offer a service to others. The family business’s popularity grew and eventually they had enough wealth to upgrade their lifestyle. Over the generations, the knowledge of arcane magic and enchanting was passed on from father to son.

When the Highborn were exiled, the Dawnstriders followed the other elves to Quel’Thalas where they found a new home. Because of his knowledge, wealth and position among the Quel’Dorei, Aralas, the eldest son of Ith’alar, was recruited as a Magister. He continued to study the arcane school of enchanting and started to share his knowledge to closest friends outside of the House. The House quickly rose to nobility.

Hierarchy of House Dawstrider

  1. Head of House: Thalarion Dawnstrider
    The person who holds the most power and has the most authority within the House, usually the eldest of the ruling family (bearing the last name 'Dawnstrider'), takes this position. The head of the House has the power to manage the finances and assets as he sees fit and has the final decision on matters within the House.

  2. Heir of House: Validar Dawnstrider
    The person entitled to the position of Head on the current Head’s retirement or death. The Heir has the second most power within the family, but only slightly so.

  3. Family:
    The family are the members related to the Dawnstriders, either by blood or legal marriage. These members also hold power in the House to some extent. They can be either of nobility or not, depending of their status within the society. Members of the ruling line are automatically nobles, unless they have been exiled or otherwise deemed unfit to serve as a noble.

  4. The Guard:
    The Guard is a group of individuals who serve to protect House Dawstrider, both its members and its assets/property. The Guard consists out of three groups, each with its own leader. The Guard is commanded by the Captain of the guard who serves as the head of the guards. The Captain answers only to the Head of the house.

    • The Magic Unit: This group of guards consists out of magical users, which can include anything from warmages to spellbreakers. Their goal is to combat using spells or, in the cast of spellbreakers, fighting off other magic users.
    • The Archery Unit: This unit focuses on the utilizing of weapons like bows, crossbows and guns to pick off hostile entities from a distance.
    • The Sword and Shield Unit: This unit uses a variety of weapons, ranging from swords to axes, in combat.

  5. Servants:
    Servants play an important role in the House. Their role is to serve the members of the house, ranging to cooking to cleaning, or just simply answering the door.


The House’s wealth is carefully monitored by the head of the house, as well as the ruling family. The main income of money comes from the inherited wealth accumulated over the years. Parts of this wealth are kept in bank accounts and investments in various organizations around Silvermoon. House Dawnstrider also owns a number of shops that sells magical ingredients and offers training in enchanting to paying customers, supporting the income.

Assets: The House owns a number of assets, including:

  • The Dawnstrider Manor, located just outside of Silvermoon City. The manor is capable of accommodating a large amount of people. Paid servants and guards work at the manor to keep everything in order.
  • The House owns two ships used to trade or transport goods to other continents.
  • Posts scattered around Azeroth, housing archeologists and researchers whose main duty is to uncover magical artifacts, studying magic and farming reagents or ingredients.

Trades: The House trades with a variety of races (mainly horde or neutral races). These trades include:

  • Quality magical reagents and ingredients. These goods are either sold at shops in Silvermoon or traded using the trading ships or couriers (to a much lesser extent).
  • Enchanting services and training.

OOC Notes

The House is currently closed to new members because of my (Whorak) busy program this year. As soon as things clear up, I will open the house to new players who wish to join the family.