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Player: Piken

Character Full Name: Horace Briarthorn

Character In-Game Name: Horace

Nickname(s): ---

Association(s): Briarthorn family, Gilneas

Race: Worgen

Class: Mage

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Hair: Short, black

Eyes: Hazel

Weight: 170

Height: 5' 9"


He's not a brawny man by any means. Not unhealthy, just not overly muscular. He is lean and short compared to other males his age.

Like many of his family, he has black hair and hazel eyes. Though, his skin seems to be just a tad bit darker than the rest.. Clearly more from his mother's side than his father's in that respect.

He usually 'casual' formal wear. He likes being dressed in either nice suits or sometimes expensive robes if the occasion calls for it. Of course, he needs help putting clothing together.. he has no fashion sense whatsoever.

As for his Worgen form.. Well, he looks like a Worgen. His clothes are usually prone to ripping and tearing if he transforms, as they're usually form-fitting in a way.


Horace is a quiet character for the most part. He's socially awkward, at best. The young man seemed to have modeled himself after his father, being socially withdrawn and distant from most. Those who see a more relaxed side to this stuck-up individual would be mostly his family. More specifically his older brother and twin sister, who he cares for deeply and looks to in times of stress.

He is not happy about the Worgen curse forced upon him. He does not like the form, nor the transformation process. He prefers to keep in his normal form, for his own safety. His personality changes slightly, perhaps letting out aggressive feelings and emotions he repressed all his life.


Horace is the 'older' of twins born to Archibald and Eglentyne Briarthorn. And also a pair of the youngest of his generation in his family. As a child, he was always the quiet one but followed his father's example and liked to look through books. Though his father was rarely there, Horace would usually be found in a big chair with a big book in his lap, pretending to read through it as if he knew what he was doing. Though, he learned quickly how to read and write. He was a smart boy and the family decided to start him on tutors to further his education.

At about five or six, he took a large interest in magic. He was dazzled by its 'science-y' feel that he had been told about. Looking to his father's constant researching and studying, he saw it as something very similar and this drew him to it even more. He studied hard, worked hard, and learned all about the Arcane and how it effected the world around him.

Though his father was not there very much, his mother, sister and brother were always there to help the awkward boy smile. And this followed him through his young life when studies became difficult.

He knew little of what happened outside of the household. He had no friends and little reason to question what happened outside their land. The world was at war, though, and soon it would find its way to his family's doorstep.. And now he was forced to have to take part.

The young man suddenly had to start using the abilities he was using for personal study and knowledge in defense against things that aimed to kill him. His family kept him from any major conflicts, but he was prepped to be ready for anything.. Though he really wasn't.

Rebellions and attacks by wolf-men and undead creatures.. All of felt like nightmare after nightmare. And it only caused the already awkward young man to become more withdrawn.

There was always so much conflict going on now, there was never a time to rest. Horace went from being a student of the arcane arts to a mage forced into a fight for survival. And he hated every second of it. And then one of those beasts finally broke through the line during an attack and was bitten by one of the Worgen..

All went blank for him for a time. Then he came back, and his body was.. disfigured. Everything was fuzzy and foggy. His body and mind were.. off. He knew who he was, but his thoughts processed differently. And he didn't like it. And then he felt himself becoming smaller and he felt colder.. He was nude, shivering and trembling from the cold and from fear. While he recovered from this experience, the rest of the world seemed to go to hell.

Skills and Abilities

While being a studious young lad, he's also skilled with use of the Arcane. His abilities tend to lean towards the defensive side but he is able. What he lacks is experience and wisdom. He has the potential to continue delving deeper into the Arcane arts, but this will require much focus, training and study.

His Worgen form makes him larger and stronger, but makes it difficult to concentrate. He wants to try mastering this so if he is forced into his Worgen form, he can still use his magic to defend himself but at the same time, he is too afraid of the transformation to get much practicing done. A work in progress.