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Player: Anji

Character Full Name: Helen Toussaint

Character In-Game Name: Helen


Association(s): Formerly of the Alteracian Syndicate

Race: Human

Class: Mage

Skills and Abilities: Helen's magical specialty is offensive fire and frost. Though she knows numerous arcane spells and tricks, she is poorly skilled in most indirect, non-offensive magic.

Age: 38

Sex: Female

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 109 lbs.

Height: 5'3"

Usual Garments/Armor: Helen dresses rather fashionably, and owns numerous outfits. She usually sports a fitted jacket with trousers, a dress, or her wizardly regalia.

Alignment: Neutral

Personality: Helen Toussaint is sophisticated and outgoing, but above all curious. She finds most people, places and things at least mildly interesting, and may strike up a conversation with anyone, be they pink, green, or dead. Helen has made a living off the pursuit of mysterious relics, but the only thing she's ever meant to pursue is her own amusement. She can be a bit of a snob sometimes, but the pragmatic Helen never lets her few prejudices cloud her judgment. She is somewhat opportunistic, and at times she has exploited others for her own benefit, but Helen usually tries to treat others fairly, and prefers to stay on everyone's good side.

History: Helen Toussaint was born in the year -9 to a wealthy and respected family in Alterac. Her father was a successful merchant and a talented wizard. She had one brother, Ludovic, who was nine years older than her and a skilled arcanist in his own right.

Helen's childhood in Alterac was peaceful and prosperous until the later stages of the Second War. After Lord Perenolde's treachery was revealed, the kingdom of Alterac was consumed by chaos and eventually collapsed altogether. Ludovic disappeared in the midst of this, which prompted the rest of the Toussaint family to flee to Dalaran. There, Helen began her formal education in the arcane.

Following a few years of intensive studies, Helen was surprised to learn of Ludovic's survival when he visited her in Dalaran. The patriotic Ludovic encouraged her to join the Syndicate, and the naive, young Helen gladly accepted his invitation.

In the Syndicate, Helen served as both a combative mage and a teacher of evocation magic. She was well-liked among her comrades, but as time continued, her enthusiasm for the Syndicate deteriorated. Though she survived the outbreak of the plague and Scourge, Helen grew weary of the bare, lifeless northern continent. One night, after a bountiful day of raiding, Helen and her closest comrades stole a great sum of loot and ran away to the south. They originally intended to establish a new gang, but Helen and her friends were already satisfied with the wealth they'd accumulated. They all went their separate ways, and Helen went to Ironforge - not for any practical purposes, but because the dwarves intrigued her.

In Ironforge, Helen discovered the Hall of Explorers, and learned about the dwarves' exciting new hobby: archaeology. She took a few classes on the subject and learned what she could about all things old, obscure, and mysterious. Helen participated in a few proper excavations, and then decided to hunt relics on her own. Her own pursuits, of course, have been anything but proper. Helen Toussaint has spent the last decade dungeoneering across three continents, often hiring strangers to join in her adventures. Her curiosity has yet to be extinguished.