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Player: dastmo

Character Full Name: Hebry Runetouch

Character In-Game Name: Hebry

Nickname(s): Spider Catcher; The Spider

Association(s): None

Race: Worgen

Class: Mage (Fire Battlemage)

Age: 31

Sex: Male

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue (Light Purple in Worgen form)

Weight: 97kg (122kg in Worgen form)

Height: 192cm (217cm in Worgen form)


Usual Garments/Armor in...

Human form:

Usually pants and some light vest or shirt. His pants usually have a lot of pockets. He wears a belt, covered in small satchels at all times. On his belt he also has his bladeless sword hilt and a money pouch. When going in combat, he wears a Kirin Tor Battlemage armor, custom made for him back when he was fighting in The Howling Fjord.

Worgen form:

He has grey fur and light orange eyes. His tattoos can be seen, only if you look very closely. They appear as slightly darker shade of grey on his fur.


  • Has a spider tattoo on his right shoulder.
  • Half-sleeve flames tattoo from his left wrist to the elbow, in color.
  • His third tattoo is dragon wings, covering his back.
  • Also has a silver ear ring on his left ear.


Alignment: True Neutral

Hebry is a hot-headed young man with talents for the arcane. Due to the fact that he has always been different, he has built up quite an ego. Hebry has always said that one day he will become a powerful mage, that will strike fear in the hearts of his enemies and this has made his friends look at him a little differently.

Unlike many Humans, Hebry is not a racist. He is actually very tolerant to all other races, including the Horde. Hebry is very interested in studying different cultures and histories. After a few years spend in constant battles and attempts to make a living through war, Hebry has learned to be a bit more calm and not that confident. Yet, he is still Hebry and he hasn't changed that much. He just grew up a bit.

Ever since he’s a Worgen, he has went back to his roots and his earlier anger management issues began kicking in again. Despite that, he’s accepted the curse and tries to draw benefits from it, both mentally and physically.


Hebry has grown up with war. He is born in Goldshire a little before The Second War. His father was a soldier, so a little after Hebry was born, his father went fighting. Hebry's mother, Alora, raised him alone, because his father, Ronald, died in the battle for Blackrock Spire, where the Alliance has claimed a major victory against the forces of Doomhammer. When Ronald died, Alora had to make money for her and her son, so she started tailoring. Hebry started to like his mother's profession and got interested in it. When he became 7 years old, he started helping her with the work, so they can get more food for the night. The Canal Tailor and Fit Shop always bought all of their wares, because they were always of top quality. Soon the kid started tailoring better and better. Hebry and Alora became famous all around town with their linen shirts.

When Hebry became 16 years old, he started working in the Canal Tailor and Fit Shop, selling the wares of the shop, among which were his own and his mother's clothes. One day a mage went into the shop to buy a shirt. The child got very interested in his staff and started asking questions. It turned out that the mage was a nice old man, who was willing to answer every one of Hebry's questions and they spent almost an hour, talking about what it is to be a master of the Arcane. The name of the mage was Gyram. After this day Gyram returned a few more times in the shop and every single time, he was talking with Hebry about the life as a mage. It seems that the old man sensed something in Hebry, because he offered him to become his apprentice. After a short argument with his mother, Hebry invited Gyram to dinner and told him that he would be glad to become student of the old mage. So, the two of them started meeting in Northshire Abbey every day, so the boy can study and practice.

Every morning, before the sun came out, Hebry walked from Goldshire to Northshire, where he met with Gyram. In the first weeks of Hebry's training, he was focusing on feeling the ley lines of the valley. He and Gyram just sat there whole day with their eyes closed, opening their mind to the surroundings. After Hebry finally managed to locate the ley lines well enough, Gyram started teaching him how to extract power from them and sending it all out, so the boy wouldn't hurt his body by overloading it with Arcane power. Although this wasn't exactly spell, the boy felt the forces flowing through him, then joining the ley lines again, filling gaps made by other spell forces. After a few months of trainings about using the ley lines and conducting the Arcane powers, Gyram finally taught the boy his first spell - freezing minor objects like pins, sheets of paper and little flowers. The old mage continued developing Hebry's frost magics despite the interest of the boy in the fire school of Arcane. Gyram always said Hebry that the Fire must not be used often. It is an aggressive and dangerous magic. If not controlled right, it may go out of control and burn stronger and stronger until it consumes all the Arcane power around itself.

After a few years of working with frost magic though, Gyram decided that the boy was ready to try and make a simple flame. He explained the basics of making magic fire and warned Hebry that the Fire magic tires the body more than frost, because it needs a stronger medium. The Fire mages should also try to focus on taking heat out or it will build up inside them and hurt them. And with trembling hands and lot of fear, Hebry focused on making a flame on a torch. And although he wasn't very sure what exactly he is doing, he managed to light the torch. After this Gyram realised that magic isn't all and after a lot of asking from Hebry, he let the young man train swordsfighting and reduced his trainings. One of the veterans that fought with Hebry's father was living in Goldshire. And although he had lost his right leg and was using a wooden one instead, he managed to teach Hebry good enough to survive against an avarage foe.

A few more years later, when Hebry was 25 years old, Gyram left the human kingdoms and went to a place known to himself only, but before that he told Hebry that he was done with his apprenticeship. Then Hebry was ready to take on the adventures that awaited him out of Elwynn Forest. He took all of his savings, bought a horse, weapon and needed gear and prepared to find himself a way of living.

At first the young man didn't know what to do with his skills. He realized soon enough though, that a skilled fighter is needed everywhere. He started doing some minor tasks for the people of different villages. Like 'hunt the wolf that kills my sheeps', 'find the jewelery I lost in the forest' and stuff like that. After this, he joined some monster slayer organization, but he didn't actually like the leader of this band or the way it was lead, so he left.

And then came his favorite period of his life so far - the Howling Fjord. There he fought side by side with many brave warriors. He made a lot of friends and gained a lot of experience. He finally felt like he has found his place in the world. Yet, he couldn't take all the pressure from seeing good man fall in battle every day. Always having a weapon on his belt is a habit he gained in the Fjord and this says enough. So, he decided to take a break of all this. He was planning to return, but he never actually got to this.

For some time Hebry was back to what he was doing best – doing minor errands for minor people for minor amount of coins. Other than that, he did occasional artifact hunts and mercenary work.

During one of his artifact hunts in Raven Hill Cemetary, he got surprised by a pack of feral Worgen. He fought them to the best of his abilities, but they had advantage in numbers and they took him down pretty quickly. Just when they were about to have dinner with their freshly caught prey, some Undead ambushed the Worgen and drove them off their territory. Hebry was left for dead there, bleeding severely from his wounds. Before he died, though, he turned. He became the same as the beasts that were about to eat him. He was a feral Worgen for about two months, attacking innocent travelers and animals for food. He didn’t join any pack for his short time as a Worgen, so when a bear trap caught his foot, he had no brethren to help him. He was taken back to Raven Hill, where it all started.

There Oliver and Jitters treated him with the cure for several weeks, while the mage slowly reclaimed his sanity bit by bit. In the process the two men told him of the latest events in Azeroth – the Cataclysm, the Gilneas wall and so on. Soon, Oliver and Hebry agreed that he’s ready to be freed, so Hebry was given a good amount of the potion he had to drink daily to remain sentient and the recipe, so he can make it for himself, when he runs out of it. He left and kept doing what he does best – being a blade for hire and running errands only a mage could.

Skills and Abilities

Extremely skilled with fire Arcane, can conjure a blade for his favorite sword hilt. Also, pretty good swordsman, though he is no match for a real warrior. The rest of the Arcane schools are at quite a basic level in his case, since he focuses mainly on Fire Evocation. Basically - a Fire Battlemage. Quite unstable mentally, he has a hard time to control his magic when truly angry. This is why he has about a 1:1 win - loss ratio in his battles.

And, obviously, he can turn into a raging killing machine now. Yet, sometimes he does it without wanting, when stronger emotions kick in.