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Player: PhilGobatto

Character Full Name: Lord Hagrid Ironclover II

Character In-Game Name: Hagrid

Nickname(s): Many, including some pejorative ones about his worgen form.

Association(s): House Ironclover, Gilneas.

Race: Worgen

Class: Mageslayer (Hunter)

Age: 40

Sex: Male

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Weight: 88kg (human); 140kg (worgen)

Height: 1,92m (human); 2,18m (worgen)


Usual Garments/Armor: Brown hat, heavy clothes in dark colors, usually made of wool or leather, adequated to the Gilnean climate.

Other: Mostly seen with his crossbow and sword.


Alignment: Lawful Neutral

A serious and dedicated man, he places a high value in duty and order. If given a task, he won't stop until he succeeds in his objective. He is a worried father and tries to always keep control of his family. His word is the law.

As the majority of the Gilnean people, he is proud and nationalist. He would do anything to protect his motherland and its people, especially his family and the vassals of his house. He considers that anything that came from Gilneas is better than what came from somewhere else - Gilneas' people is better, Gilneas' architecture is better, Gilneas' weaponry is better... He would hardly accept that something that comes from Gilneas can be bad. If a Gilnean dishonors its nation, Hagrid gets infuriated.

He never trusted magic - he knew it was addicting and corrupting, and that it attracted demons. But the unfortunate destiny of his friends caused him to hate almost any kind of users of magic - he will kill them whenever he has the chance to do it. That applies mainly to arcane, fel and shadow. He does not know much about shamanism or druidism, though he still acts aggressively towards its users - he knows there is a difference, but it's still magic for him.


Born as the heir of Lord Heinrich Ironclover I, since his childhood Hagrid had to learn how to rule over his people. He learned how to read and write, fencing, riding, the basics of economy... But as he grew up, he found out his true love was the hunt. When he completed thirteen years of life, his father took him on a trip from the small island where their manor resided to the Gilnean mainland, and there they hunted deer and hares. After that, Lord Heinrich would always bring his son in his hunts.

As the years passed, the connection between the young Hagrid and his father grew stronger. It was a great shock for him when Lord Heinrich and his wife went out on a trip to Gilneas City and never returned, when he was sixteen. They were found dead after their carriage got into an accident in a mountain road. The Greymane Wall was built not long after that.

Now named Lord Hagrid Ironclover II, he ruled his house's territory proudly. During the civil war, Hagrid sent medical help and supplies to the Gilneas Loyalists, but the island remained untouched, and the House prospered. As soon as he completed nineteen years, he married the daughter of a minor noble that lived close to him, and it didn't take much time before she gave birth to a couple of his own children.

When the worgen curse affected Gilneas, however, Hagrid took a more active participation in the defense of the nation. Him and a couple of his most loyal men travelled to the mainland in order to help contain the beastmen. However, as they approached Gilneas City, they were surprised by a band of worgen - Hagrid's sword cut through the monsters' flesh, but they were too many. He was bitten and soon, he was one of them.

He roamed in the woods until he was found by a group of hunters. Trapped in a net, he was brought to Duskhaven, where he was given the potion that would temporarily restrain the beast inside him. He was told the Forsaken were launching an invasion against Gilneas, and quickly decided to help. He found out his new form was extremely helpful during the battle - he was considerably stronger and faster.

And then, the Kaldorei came. He relutanctly took part in the ritual that would give him total control over his mind again - he did not trust that strange race. But he was free again. He travelled back to his home, only to find out that the men that followed him in the battle against the worgen were all found dead. Blaming Arugal and magic itself for the death of his companions, he swore to avenge their lives, by killing any magic-user he finds in his way.

Then, Hagrid started the preparations to become a mageslayer. He sent a messenger to Stormwind in order to obtain the precious lightforge iron. After a month of search, and a big amount of money paid, he returned with the metal, with which Hagrid's sword was forged. The blade was later bathed in holy water and blessed in his manor's chapel.

After the sword was ready, Hagrid led his people to Keel Harbor, where they sailed to Teldrassil with the others. However, they didn't stay for much time in night elven lands. One day after they arrived in Ru'Theran, Hagrid and his family took the ship to Stormwind, where they settled.

In Stormwind, Hagrid roamed in the streets of the Trade District for most of the day. During one of these walks, Hagrid encountered a gnome that had recently arrived from Outland. The gnome told him he was mining crystals in Netherstorm, crystals that could destabilize magic. Hagrid bought all the crystals that the gnome had on him, and told him to come back to him whenever he had more. Every two months, the gnome returned with more crystals.

Now that his people and family are safe and his arsenal was finally ready, Lord Hagrid seeks only to fulfill his oath.

Skills and Abilities

  • Predator: Hagrid's favorite sport is hunting - he has done it since he was thirteen. That, plus his new form's advanced senses, make him a skilled predator, being able to track and stalk his prey with ease.
  • Blade of the Avenger: Hagrid's sword was forged in lightforge iron, bathed in holy water, and blessed by a priest in his manor's chapel. It deals extra damage against unholy creatures such as undead or demons.
  • Mana Trap: This artifact contains a magic crystal that, when detonated, will drain mana from nearby spellcasters and cause damage based on the mana drained. He can only use it once in an hour.
  • Abolish Magic: Hagrid uses a magic crystal that removes prejudicial magical effects or enchantments from an individual or object. He can only use it twice in an hour.