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Player: Ogbar

Character Full Name: Gwar Featherhoof

Character In-Game Name: Gwar

Association(s): Cenarion Circle

Race: Tauren

Class: Druid

Skills and Abilities: He has been blessed by the earth mother to heal the wounds of others, with a great skill in herbs and gathering items from nature to heal. Also as a druid he takes many forms his favorite has always been the form of a bird.

Sex: Male

Hair: Grey

Eyes: Blue

Age: 100

Weight: 500 lbs.

Height: 8'

Other: Gwar also leans heavily on a walking stick when in his tauren form and rarely uses any form except the bird form to travel around with ease. He also observes people he finds interesting.


Gwar, seeing the pain of the Third War and the wars that followed in Kalimdor, has grown to become a pacifist. He hates war and has grown to avoid conflict. He tries to prevent war or keep people from war if he can. Whenever he comes to a damaged land besieged by Deathwing or war, he will try to heal the land.

Gwar waits before he speaks. He tries to avoid any racism or stereotypes if he can help himself. He rarely says anything unless it is worth saying. Gwar has a gentle heart, he will leave if he is not welcomed but seeks to help others and will easily approach anyone who willing to share his company.


He appreciated life, never wanting to hurt life if he could as a child. He got into fist fights for his girlfriend Roseflower Bloomheart, a pretty young tauren he had a childhood crush on, as well as over arguments like any growing boy or young man would. Once he hit adulthood he wanted to see all of the grand plains of Kalimdor, not just the grassy plains of Mulgore. This lead him to pack up his bag and explore to the north, with only some rations, water skins, and a walking stick to defend himself. Some nights were worse than others as he headed north through the Barrens. He did not seek out conflict with the quilboar or the centaurs that lived there. Gwar only hunted when he was starving and used every piece of a killed animal and muttered prayers when he did.

The elves did not treat him with open arms when he finally found them, but they did give him the benefit of the doubt. They carefully watched him over the months as he headed north through the Ashenvale forest, up through Felwood, and finally approached him before he entered Winterspring, telling him not to go there.

Gwar said he wished to explore there and the elves gave him warm furs to keep him warm during the harsh trek through Winterspring. He walked right into a blizzard. He thought he might have died, but... somehow, somewhere... he had a vision and pressed on to an elf's campfire. Over the week he regained his strength, and when he finally recovered he noticed the elf's leg was bruised. When he went to inspect it, he could magically heal. He was blessed. By how or what, he does not know, but it felt natural to him.

Gwar slowly realised his druidic powers as he kept his outlook on life, keeping out of the conflicts of the Centaur and Tauren war, the Third War and the wars that followed. He lost many of his Tauren friends because of this but gained the trust of the Cenarion Circle, a group of druids that existed of Tauren and Night Elves alike. They helped him harness his druidic abilities, teaching him the way of the druid.

In his elder days he seeks to pull those he can out of this crazy war that could result in the fourth great war and tries to help those in need of his help. He lost many people, friends, lovers and others, from the curse of wars and wishes to spare as many as he can from the pain of war.