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Player: monostar

Character Full Name: Gribble Goldenshot

Character In-Game Name: Gribble

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): Steamwheedle Cartel, The Horde (on occasion)

Race: Goblin

Class: Poacher

Age: 22

Hair: Brown, the hair on his scalp being tied into a ponytail, the band being a golden-plated one. Very thinly, yet enough to make for an accessory. The hair on either sides of his jaw is also tied neatly, this time held together by silvered bands. He seems to have more facial hair than the average goblin.

Eyes: Green

Weight: 26,6kg

Height: 1,19m


Usual Garments/Armor: Goldenshot's outfit consists of a leather-reinforced mail hauberk, alongside fingerless gloves, and rather heavy, once again, mail leggings. All that defense could seem rather unnecessary for a simple hunter, there being no logical reason as to why he's hauling it around.

As for weaponry, a rather archaic goblin rifle is most often strapped to the man's back, and a skinning knife to his hip. The gun, aside from the usual characteristics of a firearm, is equipped with a scythe-like blade at the top, this seemingly being his weapon for all situations. His rifle also appears to have two openings, the smaller one for darts and bullets, the bigger one for explosive rounds. Realizing he can't fire tiny mortar shells and stand tall at the same time, Gribble also carries a wooden stand, consisting of three rather long poles, with a furrow for placing the gun on, when there's a necessity to use greater firepower.

Other: Gribble seems older than he is, that thought being derived from his bloodshot eyes, from the many litres of Kaja'cola he has chugged down during his life, alongside the wrinkles and darker skin, caused by the merciless sun in the places he hunts more often, the Barrens being an example.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/True Neutral (at times)

Gribble is not a Goblin many would want to be around. His life purpose being to amass as much capital as possible, much like any of his kinsmen, he isn't as gallant in achieving his goals as other might be. He's quite short-fused, and seems to mock whatever one, whose intellect he'd estimated to be lower than his is trying to say, regardless of whether it's true or not. Being also often forced to make up explanations as to why he's hunting out in the wilds has given the poacher a sour tone whenever dealing with individuals who dare to question his business.

He deals with the creatures in the area where he's hunting rather harshly, most often not bothering to even use tranquilizing darts, yet still making use of them for small and pricy game. For the larger animals, he carelessly fills most representatives of the local fauna with a volley of consecutive shots in order to bring down, with no special care. Given he's a Goblin, he'd be limited in how much he can manually carry, thus decides to leave the animal's meat to rot after having pilfered whatever natural accessory he was looking for, from the corpse.


Born in the Goblin metropolis of Undermine, Gribble's childhood went rather well, without many problems, as his parents were rather lucrative Goblins, not unlike any normal Goblin family. Ingenious from a young age, partly due to Kaja'Cola, partly due to the influence of Kaja'mite in general, he was seen even back then as a fledgling merchant - his natural attraction to anything that could be converted into capital, especially jewellery, drew the Goblin's attention - he apparently had a prosperous future ahead of him.

As he grew older, Gribble seemed to adapt very easily to every new trend - namely, Kaja'Cola. It wasn't cheap, but it also wasn't unaffordable, its addictive taste and the temporary creativity it bestowed upon the consumer made it a desired product for all Goblins, but most by the adolescent ones. Goldenshot did not hesitate to share his passion for the drink with both friends and relatives, most of which were already intensely attached to it, as well.

Back when the area around Undermine wasn't as heavily industrialized as it is currently, and with various types of wildlife inhabiting the direct outskirts of the city, it wasn't too safe to leave by yourself. The Goblins had quickly rectified the fact, however, as their superior technology gave them an easy advantage over the beasts. Gribble, convinced he'd do well enough on his own, decided to go for a stroll outside of the city gates - all he had with him was an unreliable taser, meant to incapacitate any of the wild dwellers of Kezan.

Fate, however, had decided another outcome for the to-be enemy of all that is wild and natural, as a crocolisk set his eyes upon Gribble, desiring to devour the poor tiny creature. The taser didn't seem to function well against it, taking into consideration the crocolisk's thick natural armour, that even a steel spear would have trouble penetrating. The beast was knocked unconscious, but not before it'd swiped at its opponent, Gribble's small size positioning him so the strike landed directly on his right eye. Screaming out in agony, he managed to return to Undermine, falling unconscious at the very gates.

In the city, surgery had to be performed upon him, removing his mutilated eye, only to replace it with a mechanical one. Gribble himself decided he wanted to include a strap around his head, so as to keep it in place - it wasn't the most stable of eye-replacements. He had to adjust to this eyesight, and he was also coming of age, which meant that the adaptation period would not be too much of an easy one.

Having had an attraction to explosives for a long time, the now-adult Goblin would get to know firearms personally, as he wanted to take revenge on the same "innocent" fauna that had deprived him of an eye. At first being rather unsure how to handle a gun properly, costing him many such weapons, he soon adapted with the help of a hired marksman, one who taught him how to accomplish everything properly - he was a Goblin, as Gribble wouldn't trust any other race with such a task, even if they weren't as expensive.

At the age of 20, he'd already became an adept sharpshooter, making the decision to devote his skills to illegal hunting of game, rather than becoming a mercenary, which was a well-paid and common profession amongst Goblins with good skills at melee combat, ranged such, and with a cool head.

Recently, he's been travelling around Horde-populated zones, such as the Barrens, Durotar, even certain parts of Ashenvale and Stonetalon, where he's enjoying relative freedom of hunt, given that the generally dim-witted Orcs and Trolls are satisfied with the Goblin showing them a piece of paper, containing several complicated words. He seems to go to great lengths to bargain a good price for whatever he's hunted, as he seems to pay no more attention to a fallen animal aside from the removal of whatever body part is valued on the global market, this most often taking the form of horns, for the zhevra of The Barrens, and for rarer species of Kodo.

Skills and Abilities

Silver Tongue - Gribble, as most, if not all other goblins, possesses the natural ability to persuade all but the most unshakeable, via monetary or other means.

Poacher's Precision - Years of practicing the shady trade have given the Goblin more than decent aim, having also taught him various weak spots on both humanoid adversaries, as well as game.

Superfluous Sight - Having lost his right eye in his earlier years, Gribble relies on a mechanical replacement, a not too effective one at that. While it allows him to easily track down whatever he's hunting for using an obsolete, yet functional system, making him see anything with an active blood-circulation, as it is made to detect high temperatures, gathered in one spot. This carries a big downside, however, as at that time, there weren't any such devices that also utilized an energy-efficient system, forcing him to buy expensive, arcane-charged batteries at relatively short intervals. Additionally, a skilled pyromancer could easily distract the goblin by massing heat at one point, or perhaps several, simultaneously.