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Player Name: Xigo

Character Name: Grenzi Goldrang

In-Game Name: Grenzi

Nicknames: Boss, Captain, Elfhunter

Association: Most Goblin Cartels, chiefly the Bilgewater Cartel.

Race: Goblin

Class: Warrior

Age: 53

Sex: Male

Hair: Deep red, tied back

Eyes: Red

Weight: 110lbs

Height: 4'2"

Skills and Experience

Time is Money, Friend
Grenzi has, like many goblins, the ability to make a good deal for himself. He's rather proficient at making a scam, generally having no moral compass as far as dosh is concerned.
Grenzi's skilled at fighting on-board a ship, able to weave with the waves from years of fighting at sea. He's a dirty fighter, happy to go for crotch shots and use the environment to his advantage. Ol' Goldrang might not be the 'prettiest' swordfighter, but he is efficient.
Guns and Blades
Grenzi is ambidextrous. Thus he's fully capable of having either hand be his weapon hand, and prefers duel wielding. Usually a pistol and a sword.
Set Sail!
A large percentage of Grenzi's life has been set on ships. He knows how to sail efficiently, and knows the seas of Azeroth well enough to navigate them.


Grenzi is a profiteer. He looks at situations, analyzes them quickly in his head, and tries to figure out how he can come out on top. While he's willing to backstab someone if the reward's great enough, he's aware that having a reputation as 'trustworthy' gets him places in life, and really only does it if he's certain he can shunt the blame onto someone else.

His one true love is power. Gold empowers him, people serving him empowers him, land empowers him, slavery empowers him, so on and so forth. He absolutely refuses to willingly put himself in a position where he might lose his standing. One should be wary of slighting the goblin's reputation. Grenzi makes a point of taking payback on those who do.

He believes in winning flies with honey instead of vinegar, trying to at least be on friendly terms with people even if he's contemplating some big scam in the future. Even in dealings with subordinates, he tries to be casual, while still making it abundantly clear he's in charge. When taking charge, he strongly avoids giving 'selfless' orders to his crewmembers, like sacrificing themselves for the greater good of others, always trying to give them a material incentive to actually do their job. The good captain strongly avoids promoting the idea of mutiny, and takes care of those who work for him to the best of his ability, if only so they won't end up backstabbing him.

Grenzi can come off as an amicable, good fellow. He's against the idea of cruelty to slaves. He dislikes the idea of actually torturing people. And generally he tries to avoid making enemies. One could perceive this to mean he's really just a good person, but he's not. He just doesn't want to give others a reason to kill him, or to attract the attention of 'goody-two shoes heroes'. He tries to make a point of doing things 'purely for business', mostly so he can shift the blame of what he's doing to whoever hired him.


Poor and raised in the slums of Kezan, Grenzi's youth was a blur that he barely remembers, filled with violence, sex, drugs, and money. There's little to be said on the subject, other than it turned him into a pragmatic thug. With the amount of people who betrayed him and promises he personally broke, he learned not to take anyone's word for granted, always keeping an eye on those he surrounded himself with. To him, it was just survival. Letting your guard down was to invite an early death, as he saw happen to genuine friends and hated enemies time and time again.

Grenzi worked a variety of odd jobs, gaining a set of generalized skills during his time in Kezan. By the time he reached adulthood, he hated the place, loathing the smoke-clogged air, weary of always having to watch his back. So he did what he felt was reasonable. Having no real friends at this point, he hopped onto the first ship he could find. Thus began a new lifestyle filled mostly with piracy.

The sway of the ships he found himself on was foreign to the young Grenzi. He was a pretty good fighter with a club back in the slums, having bashed in a few skulls himself, but this was different. He couldn't get a good footing on such an uneven surface, fumbling around in fights, fortunate to survive for so long. It wasn't until a fellow goblin pirate named Teknizz, later affably nicknamed as Tek, took notice of him that his fighting style began to change significantly for the better.

Tek wasn't much of a fighter himself. He faced the same problem Grenzi did, mostly due to one of his legs being replaced with a shoddy mechanical one. Couldn't stand up straight in a fight. The man was a crackshot though, able to pump bullet after bullet in the noggins of anyone he could from the crow's nest, where the crippled goblin spent most of his time. So they struck a deal. Tek would loan Grenzi one of his flintlock pistols, in exchange for the inexperienced pirate's aid in moving around and protection. Eager to stay alive, Grenzi accepted the offer, and the two became genuine friends. They came to know eachother, and after a number of close calls with one saving the other, they eventually came to be more than just friends.

At the coming of the orcish invasion, Grenzi along with many goblins saw an opportunity for sweet profit. Humans didn't deal with them too much, but these newcomers were more than willing to. Their alignment fell towards their fellow greenskins as expected, and Grenzi was more than happy to just assist in the transportation of the 'Horde', as it was called, learning most of his orcish from communicating with the barbaric warriors.

Sadly for Grenzi though, they did see combat with humans and dwarves many times, and once against a foe most goblins dreaded. Elves. This one battle with the knife-eared pale-fleshed raiders has burned itself into Grenzi's mind, his nightmares filled with recollections of their arrows pouring onto the ship, anyone unfortunate enough to be caught by one soon expiring from a black poison each was coated with. Tek was among the casualties, having been taken in the noggin from one, trapped in the crow's nest. No final words were shared between him and Grenzi, the younger pirate only learning of Tek's death in the aftermath of the skirmish.

Many goblins died on their ship that day, and the skeleton crew that remained was too busy cowering over their loss to do anything. With little emotion, Grenzi took command of the ship, barking out orders to aimless greenskins who were put in positions they had never been in before. He didn't really care when one referred to him as 'captain'. It didn't phase him. He was just lonely; angry at his inability to take vengeance for Tek, having little relation with anyone else on the vessel. When he got to port finally, he was given ownership of the ship, casually renaming it to be the Elfhunter.

A fire stirred within his heart when he returned to active duty, burning with purpose. Near the end of the first war, he set off on a hateful quest of vengeance against elvenkind, destroying frigate after frigate, refusing to take prisoners. Managing to snag one of their figureheads of a nubile elven maiden, he proceeded to chop of its head and mount it on the front of his ship, to make it abundantly clear what this vessel's crew was going to do to any elf it came across.

Come the second war, his name was well known. Grenzi Goldrang, the Elfhunter. He started to take a little pride, what was once his motivation of avenging Tek fading away with his newfound desire to make his name legendary. Life became a torrent of bloodshed, gold, and taking in new companions in the hopes of rekindling his desire to be with someone else. A woman named Keshie acquired his love at one point, a dancer who seemed to enjoy getting up close and personal with her partner. Eventually the captain grew weary of the girl's constant looting of his coin purse though, and he kicked her off the vessel with just enough gold to survive for a few months.

When the Horde crashed and burned, Grenzi didn't really care too much. He just kept doing his thing, piracy, targeting elves whenever a vessel dared to venture outside their secured waters. He incidentally stumbled upon the New Horde led by Thrall, lending his ship to orcs once again. The captain was rather excited to learn of a new breed of elf to kill, participating eagerly in the Ashenvale campaign, mostly attacking docile fishing villages.

By the time Kezan exploded, he had acquired a few additional vessels and enough money to retire in luxury if he really wanted. Gold wasn't an object to him anymore. But still, he wasn't content to lie down while there was still adventure to be had. The idea of lazing around by a pool or returning to the cutthroat lifestyle that was goblin culture was unappealing to him.

So now, the Elfhunter serves the Horde mostly as a privateer, Grenzi reluctant to 'swear' himself to any faction permanently (though he is a member of the Bilgewater Cartel). Coming to the terms that he'd be working alongside Sin'dorei, he's mostly shifted his hatred of elves towards Kaldorei, and even then his anger has largely subsided. He's just interested in living out the rest of these days now, experiencing whatever he damn well feels like experiencing, not caring when the end comes. There's little purpose to his life, other than to live and wait for one to come to him, for he certainly isn't looking anymore.