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Player: monostar

Character Full Name: Grazbek

Nickname(s): N/a

Association(s): Currently none

Race: Troll

Class: Headhunter

Age: 26

Sex: Male

Hair: Blue, a mohawk, quite sizable by both width and height.

Eyes: Dark-green

Weight: 87 kgs

Height: 209 cms


Grazbek is a seemingly young, although vigorous and aggressive troll. He carries a sack full of javelins on his back, having trained years in this specific aspect of ranged combat. He could be seen wearing a harness, barely covering his chest.

If one looks better at the young troll, they can notice several voodoo charms, of low value, Grazbek carrying them as accessories, hoping it'd make him seem more intimidating, although the cheap charms not always doing their job.

Grazbek prefers to hunt his prey, be it wildlife or humanoids, in the hot and sunny territories of Durotar and the Barrens, dressed in rather light wear, matching the climate.


Grazbek, until recently, would do what he can to assist his tribesmen, going to great lengths to achieve goals, set by himself, even if he had to sacrifice his own benefits.

The other trolls saw him as a rather friendly boy, even though he was not a great addition into the Darkspear Headhunters. He tries to remember the teachings of his mother, and ignore the aggression which is growing stronger and stronger in him.

In conclusion, when enraged, Grazbek will possibly do anything to bring his opponent, down, even if it may cost his own life. Such blood runs in the veins of the younger kin, especially children of certain people, having hosted the rage themselves.


Grazbek was born on the small series of islands, remaining in the history of Azeroth as the Broken Isles, amidst the Great Sea. He was the son of an usual troll female, and a revered, yet bloodthirsty berserker. The boy often travelled outside of the village with his mother, or any of the Witch Doctors, helping carry and gather the herbs, necessary for the voodoo rituals. He was growing up rather slowly, adapting to the unpleasant weather the islands offered, and the often scarce supply of food. Given basic combat training, Grazbek learned how to wield axes, spears, and to an extent, maces.

One day, however, when he and his father were on a scouting trip near the coast, they saw boats approaching. They were not like the usual troll vessels, no. Their structure was larger, more sophisticated. The crest of what would appear to be an anchor could be noticed from afar, while Grazbek was shuddering in fear. As he calmed down, they noticed armor-clad, shorter in size than them creatures going out of the boats. As what would appear to be their commander, removed his helm, they saw a pink-head, covered by a vast beard. They had never seen anything like it before.

As the duo returned to the village, they could see there was a festival. One of the few there were, yes, and even with humble dishes, there was a celebration. Grazbek's father quickly called for all the tribesmen, warning them that invaders had come to their land. There was panic, but in a short time, the women and children calmed down, and preparations for battle began. Everyone took their best battle suit, grabbed their best weapon, and organised. One of the Witch Doctors even, came with the group in order to help them.

When the trolls were finally marching towards the human encampment, seen from afar, they heard a war cry, a ferocious and blazing one. As all the trolls looked at the direction of the shout, they saw a green creature, mounted upon a wolf. Soon after, they witnessed the clash between humans and orcs. The one, mounted on a black wolf, was using magic of the elements, similar to the trolls' voodoo. They figured the greenskins aren't too different from the trolls themselves, and so they charged into battle alongside the orcs. After a long battle, they stood victorious, and the two factions formed an Alliance.

Grazbek was in the village all of the time, even when he wanted to fight and help his father. His father returned, bloodied and exhausted from the battle, but alive. The orcs and the trolls were taking a rest, when suddenly murlocs appeared from the sea, and captured most of the soldiers. The troll elder, Sen'jin was captured, and the trolls began fearing what fate would offer them. Grazbek's mother was dragged into the caves too, and nobody knew what would happen to the captives.

As Thrall and his remaining followers ventured into the caves, heroically freeing the captured troll brethren, although, at the end, discovering a ritual, in which the leader of the trolls, Sen'Jin was slain. After Thrall and the freed prisoners surfaced, they shared the grim news with the tribe. Everyone was in despair, but there was no time to mourn the death of their leader. The cruel Sea Witch, being behind all of that, was preparing to send the isles into the depths, and so the united people had to act quickly. Defending against the numerous murloc assaults, the ships were finally ready. Everyone got on them, and they set sail for Kalimdor.

A few months later, they settled on the Echo Isles. Grazbek's mother had been long dead, killed by murlocs, and even though his father was still breathing, he couldn't fight too well because of the many maimings he received while defending the base camp from the murlocs. And with that, Grazbek had to feed himself. For some years, he worked as a caretaker of raptors, then joined the military as a Headhunter, and fought in many battles of the Third War. Even after the War, he still didn't know what to do with his life, having no real purpose. And thus, even today, he hunts his prey in the Barrens, often travelling to the Crossroads or Ratchet to sell his goods, living the life of a hunter. That's what he wants to do, and almost nothing can change his mind about it.

Skills and abilities

Can go into a frenzy, hurling javelins twice as fast, although lost in the fury lowering his defenses vastly, a few strikes being able to bring him down while in the state... If the enemies reach him, that is.