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Player Name: Micheru

Character Full Name: Gratua Daggermouth

Character In-Game Name: Gratua

Association(s): None, yet.

Race: Orc

Class: Shaman

Age: 56

Sex: Female

Hair: Black

Eyes: Amber

Weight: 220 lbs

Height:' 5'9


Usual Garments/Armor:

Casual: Leather armor that's shown some wear, wolven mask. Prepared for battle: Mail armor with Horde insignias.

Other: Stone hammer Ritual Dagger


Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Gratua was energetic and vigorous as a child, but she's aged some, and come to better fit the Shaman path she walks. She's a shaman, but it was a bumpy path for her. She always wanted to follow in her mother's path as a warrior, but was roped into the career of her father. She prefers doing most things with the strength of her muscles, and saves supernatural methods for when she must. She believes in justice and service to her people, and it's made her look beyond the traditional ways of survival of the fittest. She's seen a lot of bad and a lot of good, and has an even temper, but she won't hesitate to smack down someone who is disturbing the peace.


Born on Draenor, a nameless child to her somewhat renown parents; forced to prove her worth before she was given a name at all. Her childhood was rife with battles. She struggled to be the strongest, the best all through her adolescence. She made it through the Orcish charnel houses that worm out the weak through brutality, and was a severe and angry child. Her parents celebrated her superiority above her contemporaries, and she was eventually apprenticed to a harsh and unforgiving Shaman who would pit her against harsher and more unforgiving opponents. She gained her surname, Daggermouth, after a particularly vicious trial in which she returned from the pit of battle with her opposing student's jugular between her clenched teeth. Her master admired her tenacity and ferocity, but cared little for her disinterest in sorcery, and would punish her when she took the path that involved her fists.

Late into her adolescence, her mother was challenged to a duel by one of her rivals. The young and nameless Orc watched the battle, and didn't flinch as her own mother was mercilessly torn apart in a battle that outmatched her. Gritting her teeth, the young Orc resumed her studies, but swore a private vengeance against the person who took her mother. And so, years later, she found the male again; drunk and besotted. Gratua allowed him to lead her to his own home, and made him to believe she would mate with him. However, when his body hit the bed, she hefted up his stone hammer above him and brought it down; crushing his head like a melon. She took her mother's name, Gratua, bestowing it upon herself, and carried his hammer as a sign of Revenge.

Gratua came through the portal with the rest of her kin, joining in the wars against Azeroth's people. Drunk on blood and Fel, she let herself become the monster that the Azeroth natives thought they were. Fighting with spell and hammer, she slew numerous humans, and more than a few of her own kind; settling old scores. Eventually she was captured and tossed into the internment camps with the rest of her kin. In the camps, she languished and fell into a deep and painful withdrawal as the Fel slowly seeped out of her. But when she rose out of it, she became the kind of hero that her people needed. She helped band together her kin, and saw that being monsters and ruthless murderers weren't what the Orcs needed.

Eventually, Thrall came calling. She joined with his forces and was in the first legion to take to the seas for Kalimdor. She helped build the new society of the Orcs, and came to see herself as a protectorate of it. Her journeys across Azeroth brought her the stories of Goldrinn, or Lo'Gosh in her own language. She became a devout follower of his ways, and came to wear a Wolf's head hood to symbolize that devotion. She was never the type to settle down, and has traveled Azeroth in every corner, watching and interacting.

She's learned from her journeys and has slowly become more at peace with her Shamanist path. She'll still try to solve most problems with her hands and mind, but is not hesitant to use magic when required. She reveres the Gods, and walks what she calls the 'Path of Lo'Gosh', traveling frequently in the guide of a spectral wolf, and watching and defending the weak.

Skills and Abilities

Shamanistic Magic: Expert

Hammer Wielding: Journeyman

Armor (Mail, Leather): Expert

Animal Empathy: Journeyman

Transformation: Ghost Wolf