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Horde Geoni Rockblast
Player Geoni
Gender Male
Race Goblin
Class Gunslinger
Age 26
Height 3'10" (1.02)
Weight 88 lbs.
Eyes Purple
Hair Black, spiky, and frizzy in texture. Some of the locks of his bangs tend to hang over his forehead.
Affilliation(s) Steamwheedle Cartel (past), Orgrimmar, Silvermoon, and all Goblin ports and cities.
Status Alive


Although he has some bulk to him, Geoni appears relatively thin. His arms and legs are pure muscle, yet they’re still quite skinny like the rest of his body. His face is smooth and yet angular. His ears are long, yet not as thick as the usual Goblin’s. He has pierced his ears with bars that go through both ends and give curve to what would normally be flat ears.

He has three piercings in each brow. Two smaller piercings sit side-by-side on the edge of the brow-muscle, while one larger and more circular piercing hangs towards the center of the brow-muscle.

When it comes to attire, Geoni has three different outfits. The first outfit is the one he is most often seen in, and comprises of pants, boots, and a vest made out of black leather, which is reinforced with a number of straps and patched up where it has received damage; there are a lot of patches. His second outfit is for casual purposes: it is made out of cloth and is beige in color, although the shirt is striped black. His third outfit is one he is rarely seen in: a tuxedo set used for formal events.

If Geoni were shirtless, he’d be revealing branded skin on his right shoulder. The 'brand' is just a circle and doesn't seem to be a symbol for anything in particular. It has been scarred up and obscured with a poorly inked smiley-face tattoo. The result of this is a smiley-face with not a smile, but an upset looking expression. Other seemingly meaningless tattoos mark his body. Both their bodily locations and images are offensive in nature, and seem to be done by the same artist. One detail to note about his tattoos is that many of them are of starfish of different shapes and colors.

Skills and Abilities

Due to the events in his past along with the odd jobs that he has taken, Geoni knows how to perform hard labor when it’s needed, and do it well despite his small size. Homeless and alone for some time, he had to become skilled in the art of survival, meaning he has learned to do things such as hunting for food, tracking, and building fires. And through his travels during that time of his life, he became quite familiar with the geography of Kalimdor.

Survival has its dark side, this side being the one that involves taking advantage of other people. Geoni understands how to take advantage of another person in order to survive, and has done it in a selfish manner many times in the past. However, he is beginning to regret doing this for many reasons, but still ends up doing it. However, when he does, he does it not for himself but for other people. This sometimes deals with thievery, stealth, and other skills such as lockpicking.

After a period of homelessness and unemployment, Geoni became skilled in the use of ranged weaponry due to how many times it was necessary. Having recently trained with a number of ranged weapons outside of work, including bows and crossbows, he decided to specialize in using a rifle. Currently, he utilizes a lot of his free time training with different rifles and guns.

Other skills include a familiarity with chemicals, gunpowder, explosives, gadgetry, language, and parenting.


Geoni is a person that one might describe as nihilistic, yet he will constantly find himself in situations when he has to make moral decisions, decisions that are logically based most of the time. Though he might appear selfish, he does care about the well-being of others. He puts himself before others as most people do, but he wants the best for his friends as well, and so he likes to be a helpful person. Doing a good deed brings him joy, and occasionally, coin. He's not afraid to drop what he's doing and take a chance, as it has led him to profit in more than one sense of the word.

Geoni’s teeth are sharp, but his wit is even more so. However, that does not prevent screw-ups, something that the Goblin is quite familiar with. While he isn’t exactly the type of person to act first and think later, he tends to dive right into things without too much planning, believing that doing such a thing is futile in a chaotic situation. Both good and bad comes from this kind of behavior: the good being that he has a knack for thinking on his feet and solving problems quickly, the bad being failure, damage, and sometimes destruction.

When it comes to his racial relations, he is open-minded for the most part. His race’s alignment with the Horde due to the Bilgewater cartel was easy for him to adjust to, despite still being on good terms with a few Alliance folks that he became friendly with during times of neutrality. While he wishes to remain neutral for the sake of trade and preferring the Steamwheedle Cartel for trade, he has pushed himself to align more with the Horde for the sake of his son and bringing him up in his own society. Because of this, his relationship with the Alliance has been significantly strained. Of this faction, Gnomes in particular are of interest to Geoni, since that love-hate relationship between that race and his own fuels his imagination and pushes him to improve on his skills with machines and technology.

Of all the Horde races, he feels a close bond with the Orcs. Although he doesn’t embrace the spiritual sides of Shamanism, he bonds with the people by embracing their philosophy surrounding hunting and a more down to earth lifestyle. Since he has adopted and raised an Orc, he has had to prove his worth to the Orcs as a capable father, and has to many, but no matter how hard he tries, some people still don’t trust him as being able to raise an Orc properly.

He is also on good terms with the Darkspear Trolls, having had a number of friendships with members of that race, although he still tends to scare some of them due to their superstitions and his love for fireworks. He still has a fear and distaste for the Tauren after the caravan event in the Thousand Needles, but has come to understand that not all of them are like the Grimtotem, having met plenty of Shu’halo that didn’t want to axe his head off. Blood elves are a mixed bag, due to their social isolation from other peoples and lifestyle, but he has gained friendship with a few of them, and learned more about them through these friends. He doesn’t trust the Forsaken, due to their actions as a whole.


Chapter 1: Brotherhood

From the day that Geoni was born he was thrown amongst his brothers to compete for the inheritance of his father’s business. He had eight brothers, and one sister; the lack of females in the gene pool is something that often made Geoni wonder about his father’s doings. His father was quite against having daughters, as he saw women as being too preoccupied with their appearance rather than making money. He also had a bad past with women. Ironically, it would be his only daughter that would be the one to take control.

Zassa was an influential individual in the family, being the first-born child and only girl among a handful of boys. While their mother and father were distant and aloof when it came to interacting with their children, Zassa was there to boss her brothers around and shape their ways of thinking. One day, when Geoni was eleven years old, she told he and his brothers that one day their father would die and that one of them would have to inherit the Rockblast mining business. Older than all of his brothers, Geoni was the only one to catch onto what his sister was doing, which was manipulating her younger siblings into rivalry for a motive he didn’t yet understand. At the same time, his mother died giving birth to his youngest brother, and that was when he lost the only person who loved him.

His sister continued to add fuel to the fire that was the sibling rivalry, and she would often have them sent to sleep with the other workers rather than their own comfortable beds because she claimed it would make them stronger. This action was not rejected, but approved by her father. Upon his realization of what his sister had done, he thought to approach his father about the issue, as there was a growing unrest within his family that he didn’t want to see. However, upon telling his father about what his sister had done, he grinned at his son and responded, “Then you’d better use their heads as stair-steps just as I did with mine if you want to stand where I do.”

The metaphor both disturbed and intrigued Geoni. He would struggle whether to do as his father said he should do, or try diplomacy. As the years went by, the brothers got worse, to the point where they were physically abusing one another to impress their father. The destruction of the family was in part the father’s fault, because he reinforced this behavior with the praise he gave them for succeeding over others in tasks, even if they were arbitrary ones. He often threw them into the mine with other workers and pushed them to keep working until they passed out. It was a contest of endurance, a value he held of highest esteem. This is something that he did to his boys to ‘get them ready for the world’, but little did he concern himself with his daughter.

Chapter 2: Escape

Zassa knew that her father paid her little attention, and so she was able to begin stealing the kaja’mite that her father had been spending his entire life collecting. However, he had been keeping count of all that he had and began to notice that some were missing. Afraid, she hid them under Geoni’s bed to frame him.

In an ‘incident’, Zassa was cleaning around and found some kaja’mite under Geoni’s bed. She pointed this out in front of four of Geoni’s brothers in his presence. Three turned to him, and another left the room. Geoni took this as a sign that one of his brothers was about to get him incriminated for something that he did not do, so before his father could find him, he left home.

He knew that he needed to get out of Kezan, and fast. The only logical option he thought to make was to quickly find work that could get him out of the city. He decided to apply for work in the Steamwheedle Cartel. Although he was old enough for a full time job at this time, he had little work experience under his belt, so he was only offered a job as a lackey for one of the caravans that kept its route secluded to the eastern half of Kalimdor. Reluctantly, he accepted this job, considering that there is always room to move up the ladder and make more coin.

However, this ladder was broken by an unfortunate event. Only a few months into the job, the caravan Geoni was working for was making its way from Gadgetzan to Ratchet and was attacked. Their destination meant that they had to cross through the Thousand Needles canyon. Just as they were about to make it all the way across, they were attacked by a fanatical tribe of Tauren, the Grimtotem. The men that attacked the caravan were fearsome, not saying a word to the drivers as they beheaded them. While many of his coworkers were fighting for what they owned, Geoni was relatively new to the caravan and didn’t feel the loyalty that they did, so he decided to run and hide behind some rocks, watching his entire caravan get slaughtered. What confused Geoni the most about this was that the Tauren took only their heads, and not the goods that they were transporting.

Alone, he decided to take the coin from their dead bodies, and all the food that he could fit in a bag, and complete the journey to Ratchet so that he might tell the grim news of what happened to his caravan and find work in the city. At this point, he had become a nervous wreck; he had seen violence from people all his life, but what the Tauren did to his accomplices caused him a great deal of emotional trauma in the months to come.

Travelling through the Barrens by himself put him in dangers that he had never faced before: dangerous creatures, dangerous people, and a most dangerous likelihood that he would run out of drinking water. He decided to follow the dried up rivers so that he can make stops at the few oasis that speckle the dry land. Where there is water, there are beasts. Of all these beasts, the Quilboar were the ones that scared Geoni the most. He always did his best to stay out of their way and out of their sight, but eventually, he had an encounter. They chased him out of an oasis, and he got away.

Confident that he had beaten them in their chase, he decided to sit down under a tree and take a breather. His back against a curved trunk, he felt comfortable enough to take a little nap under the shade. When he woke up from this nap, he found himself surrounded by Quilboar. He scrambled, but was cornered. He reached into his bag for anything that might scare them off, but couldn’t find a thing. One of them raised his arm into the air to crack Geoni’s skull in with a bludgeon. He shut his eyes, thinking that his life was over. A blast sounded off in the air, and sparks set parts of his clothing on fire. When he opened his eyes, he found some Quilboar on the ground, and others retreating as if they were running for their lives. Somebody had shot fireworks and guns at the group of Quilboar.

Chapter 3: Friends

The firework was shot off by a small crew of Goblin that had happened upon the incident, and in doing this they saved Geoni’s life. He was overbearingly grateful for what they had done, and told them about his situation. The leader of the crew, a man who called himself ‘Vin’, decided that he would allow him to travel with his crew to Ratchet if he coughed up some of the coin he had taken from the caravan scene. He was angry about how the man was taking advantage of the situation, but he complied because he was afraid of travelling alone and didn’t want to find himself at odds with Quilboar anytime soon.

Along the way, Vin explained the existence of his crew to Geoni. They were firework show coordinators, travelling from city to city to put on shows for people and make what money they can from it. Overly concerned with his image, Vin glamorized the life of his crew, making it sound like they were making big coin and living a good life. The reality is that they don’t make much coin at all from their shows, and steal from people half of the time so that they can survive. But in glamorizing his job, Geoni wanted to be a part of it. Vin continuously rejected Geoni’s desire to join his crew, so Geoni decided to tell them that he’d do all of the dirty and heavy work. In Geoni’s mind, he thought that he could start out small and take over the workings of this crew, so he didn’t mind being a lackey again.

And so Geoni became a part of the crew, a group of characters he would later consider family. Vin, who was the leader of the crew, was the oldest of the group at the age of 29, but certainly not the most mature. Sure, he was the leader, but trouble is where he often led his crew. Though only two years older than Geoni, Wikx was the brain of the crew, and would often act as the common sense and maturity within a group of Goblin who had a severe lack of these two qualities. Blemme, the only female in the group, was the true coordinator, and her job was to find the grace to sway public officials to pay for and allow a firework show in their village or city. She was the only Goblin in the crew with charm and a beautiful face, so their fate often rested on her shoulders. Obligated to this little family of hers, she sacrificed her aspiration to be a model so that she could take care of her little brother. Her little brother has a name, but it is a secret between himself and his sister. He is better known as ‘Spit’, for his bad habit. He was the bodyguard and heavy lifter of the crew, hulking at a stature of 4'5", an unusual height by Goblin standards. Though he is simple minded and dependent on his sister’s thoughts, he is a kind and quiet young man, and somebody who Geoni would call his best friend for years to come.

For the first year or so, the crew saw success in business because of the Third War. When there is war, there is victory, and when there is victory, there are fireworks. Though the coin had to be split up between the group, and Geoni was at the bottom, he was still getting enough to survive, save, and spend. The crew treated him like a pack mule at times, and because of this Geoni didn’t feel all that attached to them. However, he had secretly fallen in love with Blemme, and because of this, he rejected better job offers and stayed in the crew because of her.

Entering the later half of the Third War, the use of fireworks became even more popular than they had already been due to 'victory shows', and so other Goblins began to take interest in the pyrotechnics business. Eventually, the crew began to get stomped down by competition. Fireworks, after all, are flashy objects of war, skyward explosions that show off an air of power. It was at this time when the crew’s criminal side began to show. When they didn’t have enough coin or fireworks, they would often steal from other pyrotechnics, whether it be supply or firework formulas. When the crew didn’t have enough fireworks, it meant that they had to take the cheaper alternative: making them. Usually, Wikx was the one to do this, but Geoni had shown enough interest to help out, and would eventually create better fireworks than Wikx ever could. Geoni had proven himself to the crew to have another purpose, and so they began to respect him and treat him as one of the family. And that is what Geoni began to consider them as, so wherever course of action they followed, may it be legal or illegal, Geoni would follow.

As the months went on, Geoni and his accomplices spent their days of youth in blissful states of recklessness. If they weren’t travelling, trying to put together a show, stealing something from someone, or gathering at a table to deliberate their funds, they were partying their lives away. Much of the realities they faced in the business world put them in distress and despair, but they had each other, and enough drugs and cheap ale to wash it all away.

At this point in time, Geoni and Spit had become best friends, and whenever they came to town, people could expect something exciting and chaotic to happen. Instead of infatuating himself with Blemme, Geoni redirected his lust towards other women. In his early twenties, this was a time where Geoni was becoming familiar with his own identity, in both an occupational and sexual sense. He grew comfortable with his own philosophy and way of life, which was, in a sense, to have sex with the world. Sex is a violent act of both selfish and shared pleasure, an act that best describes what it is Geoni wants out of life. Though he chased pleasure, he also grew a strong sense of business, always making sure to finish what he needed to finish in order to have the free time and coin to do what he wanted.

Geoni and Spit had much more freedom with their money than Vin did. They were also avid fans of footbomb and racing. Every other week, one of them would have a new tattoo or piercing. They would make bets with each other on the outcomes of footbomb games or races and if one lost the bet, the other would force the loser to get a certain kind of piercing or a weird tattoo on whatever part of the body that seems the most embarrassing. For this reason, Geoni and Spit are both covered in various tattoos and piercings. Of the most infamous and humorous of Geoni’s tattoos is of two roses on his rear-end referred to as ‘rosy cheeks’. Spit did this to him after he made a bet with a girl to go on a date with him if his favorite footbomb player made a goal or let her and Spit decide what should happen if he didn’t make a goal. Well, the roses were what they decided on.

While Geoni and Spit were having the times of their lives, Vin, Wikx, and Blemme weren’t. They were having to deal with the bad reputation that the crew had earned itself and try to stay in business. In truth, Geoni did often find himself in situations where he had to draw the line, make up for his mistakes, or take care of another person because of their own mistakes. However, sometimes he and the rest of his crew did things that couldn’t be undone. Unfortunately, they were unable to keep a good enough reputation to persuade public officials to let them perform a firework show. Around the same time Blemme became pregnant with someone’s child, she abruptly left the crew, taking her brother Spit with her. After that, the firework crew essentially fell apart and Geoni was alone in the world again.

Chapter 4: Loss

Alone in the world again, Geoni had only a few things left: coin, an erudite familiarity with fireworks, and a depth of repressed emotions. As he always did with his feelings, he numbed them with alcohol and escapism. For a short while, he was able to keep himself employed as a travelling salesman, creating a number of new types of fireworks and explosives, and selling them with good success. However, though he was doing well, he became addicted to felweed and the substance turned into something that he relied on for his happiness.

This kept his life relatively satisfactory until an incident on a party boat turned his life around for the worse. It was close to five years ago when Geoni decided to go and attend a party cruise that was known for its wild atmosphere and as being a place where new drugs were being tried out. Geoni tried out one of these new drugs, some chemical he was unfamiliar with, and found himself in a hellish hallucination, holding onto himself in the corner of one of the ship’s rooms. Three women entered the room. At first, Geoni thought he was about to get lucky, but it turned out that these three women were given the task of assassinating Geoni. Who targeted him, he can only guess. A competitor? Whoever did this to him, they failed, as he resorted to jumping off the ship in order to escape, leaving his belongings, along with his business license, on board.

Due to this event, he fell into unemployment. In denial of what happened to him, he spent all of his savings trying to continue living life as he normally did. Only, he was realizing that eventually his savings would be gone, and that he’d be left without the ability to find work where he wanted to find it: in the fireworks business. And so he sought a girlfriend, and found one. She seemed to enjoy his presence and charm, and it wasn’t until two months later, when he was still unemployed and not seeking work, when she noticed that she was just being taken advantage of. After she realized this, she broke up with him and kicked him out of her place.

Geoni, alone in the world again, fell into homelessness and poverty. He began to lose all reason to live, and still relied on felweed for his happiness. However, he couldn’t afford to purchase as much a meal or a place to stay, so feeding his addiction was out of the question. And so, he began to endure the many pains that came with withdrawing from such a substance, and fell as low as stealing from others to feed it. He was able to get away with doing so, too, since he became cunning enough not to get caught. He would begin to live a life as a thief, travelling from city to city, stealing from people of all walks of life. Never having stooped to this level, he evaluated himself, and became so ashamed that he decided that he’d wander into the barrens and not return to a city until he was free of his addiction. He found something else in those vast plains.

Chapter 5: Purpose

As he was travelling into the barrens to reevaluate his life, he happened upon a lone Orc woman. She had fallen on her knees, holding onto a fatal arrow to the abdomen. Her baby was crawling on the ground after she fell, and the woman begged for Geoni to take care of her son, telling him that there was nobody left in the world to take care of him. Geoni felt that he luck couldn't have been worse: just after losing everything precious to him, he is thrown into the world of fatherhood. But, with what humanity he had left inside of him, he took the baby Orc with him after his mother died, and began to learn about the difficulties of parenthood. Of course, one of the most difficult things for Geoni to get accustomed to was the worst smell any organism on Azeroth was capable of producing: a baby's dirty loincloth. But if he were going to take care of the child, he'd have to get used to it. A little humor helped; as Geoni was carrying a soiled cloth, he noticed a brown streak and named the child 'Skidmark' after it.

It wasn't long before Geoni was given opportunities to give up parenthood. After a few weeks of taking care of the child and travelling about, Geoni made it to Orgrimmar, and in the city, there was an orphanage that accepted the likes of Skidmark. Yet, there was a reason he wanted to keep the child around, and it was because of the unending attention that he had to give to Skidmark, and the way in which it prevented from having the time to smoke a joint of felweed. Because of this, he was breaking an addiction he was struggling to break for a long time. When he realized this, it gave him the motivation he had been lacking to keep up with taking care of a baby. Because of this, he decided against giving the child up to the orphanage and any other potential parent that he came across.

Ever since he lost his license to create and sell fireworks, Geoni has struggled through homelessness and poverty, and as time when on his hopes and reasons for existing fell apart - in Skidmark, he found a reason to stay alive. He once viewed having a child as an easy way to answer the question of the purpose of living, but as he stared into the baby's eyes, he realized that this was a being that was helplessly in the middle of a world of war and chaos, and he saw himself in the child because of this. He began to commit himself to work so that he could afford enough milk so that the boy would grow healthy. However, eventually, after starving himself and becoming sick, he knew he couldn’t raise the child alone. At first, he sought babysitting services, and found them with an Orc named Mahen’tosh. Upon realizing that he needed to get himself back on his feet before he could commit himself to fatherhood, Geoni eventually signed Skidmark over to Mahen'tosh, who took care of him for half a year until Geoni was able to find himself a job. When the man gave Geoni custody of the child again, he accepted his newly given name, Mogu'leth (stubborn, in Orcish).

From there, he took any job he could get, which led him to do things such as assisting in the production of illegal bombs in the underground market, working in a factory, and eventually helping Orcs retake territory from Quilboar by assisting them as a marksman. All the while, Mogu’leth was growing up faster than Geoni expected him to, and by the time he was around two years old, he was walking on his own legs, was half a foot away from being as tall as Geoni, and causing the Goblin plenty of trouble. As a result, Geoni found him a new babysitter, a Blood Elf woman by the name of Faelara. With the child off his hands for the entire workday, Geoni was able to land himself a job designing and building guns, and has held this as his career ever since. He trained during the nights, whenever he could catch a break from teaching and playing with Mogu’leth, and eventually became a skilled Gunslinger. However, now that his son has reached the age of four years, taking care of him will become a career in its own. The child is at the age where he is capable of understanding the pains of life and death, and Geoni has to find a way to guide not only his son, but himself.