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Player: Bwoyar

Character Full Name: Geoffrion Livewell

Character In-Game Name: Geoffrion

Nickname(s): Geoff, Knight Livewell

Association(s): The Alliance, The Argent Crusade, The 7th Legion

Race: Human

Class: Warrior

Age: 45

Sex: Male

Hair: He has short brown hair with a fu man chu styled mustache.

Eyes: Green

Weight: 242 lbs

Height: 6'2"

Usual Garments/Armor: He can normally be seen in his blacksmithing gear. A pair of thick leather gloves, pants and boots, with a cloth shirt.


For the most part, Geoffrion is decidedly amicable and cheerful, even to the point of being considered annoying. He nearly always appears randomly, jovially butting in while something important is being discussed and is often found shirking his duties just to have a chat with friends, even while griping gleefully about how much work he has piling up. He is also a rather forcefully hospitable person, never taking "no" for an answer.

Behind this behavior, however, is a markedly trustworthy and particularly intelligent man who always goes the distance to look after the people close to him. He is a realist, decisive and shrewd, who is able to cut out what is unnecessary and focus on the most important aspects of a given situation. With a great eye for detail, Geoffrion is often able to notice unfavorable patterns in a given situation and can plan accordingly, often calling for a strategic retreat or a change in tactics in order to adapt to enemy advances. He is calm and analytical, hardly flinching when a situation calls for him to deal with dead bodies or even deal out death himself and acts sharply even in high-pressure conditions.

As a realist, he also understands and accepts that some situations cannot be rectified cleanly or honestly. Even so, he retains a soft spot for idealists and is prepared to burden as much of the darkness as it takes to ensure that idealists can shape the world into a better place.

Alignment: Neutral Good


The young private sighed deeply as he sat at the desk. Piles upon piles of documents and papers littered the tabletop as he sat back, folding his arms behind his head. His blue eyes stared hopelessly at the stacks, as he hummed a quiet tune.

"Hey!" Yelled an older voice. "Those files aren't going to read themselves!" The young private simply nodded and got back to work. Sorting these Lordaeron documents was annoyingly, long work. Especially when he needed to check to see if the files matched anyone currently living in the Kingdom of Stormwind. He grabbed a nearby file and opened it. He recognized the name... Geoffrion Livewell. Well, Knight Livewell.

"Geoffrion Livewell, fourty-five, born in... Lordaeron. Huh." The private glanced around the office before delving into the file. "Born to a simple family, Knight Livewell had an ordinary childhood. Stayed in Lordaeron until its fall and he immigrated to the rebuilt Stormwind and joined the military. Veteran of the Third War, Outland expedition and war in the North. Promoted to Knight after the fall of the Lich King. A wife and daug-..." A hand suddenly slammed on the table as the private jumped with fright.

"Not exactly." Said the mustachioed man, smirking kindly at the boy. His eyes widened.

"Knight Livewell, sir! I didn't mean to pry, I jus-"

"You were just being curious. Nothing to worry about my dear boy." He smiled, as he pulled up a chair and set it backwards for him to sit. "That file is awfully inaccurate, though." The boy looked at him with a puzzled expression on his face. "Here, let me clear a few things up there..." He clasped his fingers and cleared his throat.

"That first part is true. I am from Lordaeron. But my family was anything but normal." He smirked. "My mom, bless her soul, was lost when I was a lad. My father... He was a tortured soul. I mean, he lost the woman he had loved most in the world. And he started drinking." Geoffrion nodded slowly as his gaze began to wander. "Started to hit us when he was angry. My two younger twin sisters, I mean. Thankfully, the First War came." The boy quirked a brow.


"Yes. I was able to leave the house and get started as a blacksmith, working for the Lordaeron military. Even though we didn't get involved until the Second War, I was finally freed from my father. So, in between the two wars, I actually joined up as a private and started training with the weapons that I'd made. That is, until the Second War and we didn't train any longer. We fought. I was in Lordaeron, when the damned Alterac Kingdom betrayed us!" He frowned as he slammed a fist against the table, making the private hop a bit. "We almost lost right there and then. Lordaeron was besieged by orcs... It was bloody. I was just a kid and there I was, killing orcs. Surviving. Until, by some miracle of the Light, a large portion of the orcs retreated. Some sort of leadership mishap, we gathered. We used that distraction to turn the tide. Pushed them back and then all the way down to their mountain." He chuckled. "Freed this very city, as well. Which is where I decided the remain once the orcs were put into their internment camps."

"Sir, why'd you choose this city? It was in ruins, wasn't it?" Geoffrion nodded slowly, scratching at his face.

"Aye. But there was work here. My father wasn't. It was a chance at a fresh start. And was it ever fresh. I got a job working the blacksmith, joined up with this military and bam! Veteran of a war and Master Sergeant I was. But Stormwind wasn't so peaceful for so long. Disputes broke out between the nobility and the Stonemasons guild. We... We failed to stop them and the Queen was killed." He sighed, peering down at the floor. "And then, I was ordered to grab the next boat off to the new world across the sea. The Kul'tirans made a stop at Stormwind and picked me and a batallion of troops to fight the Legion." The boy was dumbfounded.

"Really?" Geoffrion simply nodded.

"And that, was the single scariest battle I've ever been in. At Hyjal. There was so much blood, despair... Chaos." He sighed. "But I survived, yet again. And I returned home to Stormwind where I tried my best to fend off the Stonemasons Guild, now known as the Defias Brotherhood." He shook his head. "Until the demons came back for round two. Opening their Dark Portal, I was sent to reclaim the Honor Hold. Held my post there for a year and a half, before returning through the portal to find the Lich King... Arthas, had attacked Stormwind and that we needed to travel to Northrend to destroy him. I literally, took the next boat out and was posted in Icecrown. I was holding the line in the Citadel with the Ebon Blade and the Argent Crusade..." The boy mumbled quiet. "Huh?"

"You worked with them? The Death Knights?" Geoffrion nodded. "And?"

"Cold, as you would expect. The ones I met had seemed to lose their sense of humor, but that is to be expected. We were holding the line." He sighed, standing up. "So then, I came back here, got my little star and was knighted." The boy nodded.

"Wow... I guess I can close this file, seeing as your still alive." The private chuckled softly, shutting the file and placing it into a seperate pile. Geoffrion nodded at the boy.

"Indeed. Uhh... Good talk. Light bless." The private watched as Geoffrion meandered away and smirked.

"Maybe I could be like him one day." He chuckled as he grabbed another file and opened it. "Probably not..."

Skills and Abilities

Illustrious Blacksmith: Geoffrion is able to craft, refine and treat all manner of weapons and armor with a variety of exotic metals. His products are of the finest possible quality.

Weapon Master: Many of the weapons he creates, he tests. Therefore, he is skilled in the use of all weapons, from daggers to mauls.

Knight: Having been moved to the first officer rank, Geoffrion is not only an able fighter, but a remarkable tactician able to spot weaknesses and strengths in those around him.