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Player: kindle135

Character Full Name: Geezle Gisle Gearfizzle

Character In-Game Name: Geezle

Association(s): Gnomeregan, The Alliance

Race: Gnome

Class: Tinker (OOC Warrior)

Skills and Abilities: At a loss of advanced proficiency in melee arms and proper armor maneuvering, Geezle gains an applicable knowledge of mechanics and steam technology that he can apply in many situations, including combat.

Age: 110

Sex: Male

Hair: Pink comb-over along with a venerable bushy beard

Eyes: Hazel

Scale/Height: 1.0


Usual Garments/Armor: Geezle usually wears his professor's wear, a brown vest and pant combination over a white formal shirt with safety goggles and safety gloves. When he feels his life will be particularly threatened he'll take to wearing his safety suit, a mess of dulled silver and bronze chain mail and leathers with a dive helmet to top it all off.

Other: Geezle usually smells of motor oil, phlogiston, and gun powder.


Geezle is a distant and pragmatic little man. He regards himself as a genius and assumes many titles as he sees fit. Being a social pariah and a slightly delusional scientist, Geezle has little cares for the needs or wants of others. This acts as an equalizer for Geezle, as there's only him and everyone else, as opposed to him and other races. The only racial prejudices Geezle has is towards Night Elves, who Geezle regards as a "race of primitives who believe that superstition is intellect and intellect is witchcraft." Geezle would hold these same prejudices towards Tauren but he has yet to meet a Tauren. When he overcomes these initial prejudices he usually can bring himself to like someone so long as they can withstand his pseudointellectual dribble, though he'll still hate Night Elves.


Geezle was born as the prodigal only child of a mathematician and matrices expert in Gnomeregan. In his early life Geezle apprenticed under his father and learned much in the way of practical mathematics and commonplace engineering. However, as Geezle reached his adolescence he began to take a liking to the flashier fields of robotics and pyrotechnics, this trend correlates to Geezle's liking of Gnome women. Geezle would spend hours working on what he considered at the time the future of technology and Gnomish life, when in actuality it was a series of Gnome sized, steam powered, harvest reapers that shot fireworks that he would have fight against other harvest reapers made by other young inventors. One such of these flashy robot duels was for the hand of a young curly haired Gnome maiden, Lenny, who was too young to have a name at that point. Geezle, also too young to have a surname at that point, won the duel and earned Lennie's affection.

As Geezle courted Lennie for the next few years he gradually grew more sober in his ways and changed his field of study. Geezle applied his mathematical knowledge to his mechanical knowledge and devised the "Gearfizzle Theorem," which theoretically can calculate the rate at which gears "fizzle", which Geezle operationally defines as "ceases to work in such a fashion there is an observable deficiency in the gears in both aural and optical fields." Though Geezle's Gearfizzle Theorem isn't accepted by many, if any, in the academic world, he is still credited with the effort of conducting the research and earned the name Gearfizzle at age 30. Around this time Geezle also married his longtime lover, Lennie, who had been given the name Wrenchand. Geezle gained a love for the scientific process and devoted his life to research, leaving the financial burdens of his lifestyle to Lennie, who was a repairwoman.

As Geezle conducted project after project some of his findings, experiments, and inventions gained notice. Inventions such as the Infrared Optical Normalizer or the Ctenoid Prohibitor caught the attention of wealthy Gnomish businessman and fellow academic Poilus Pomperscrew, who would help fund Geezle's research for the next portion of his life. Geezle and Poilus pooled their efforts and founded a school of sorts, which they called the Gearfizzle Pomperscrew School of Gnomish Achievement. Though the school was never a prestigious university or a well respected institution Geezle and Poilus saw many students who were rejected from the better schools, which never seemed to bother Geezle. Geezle also fostered a child with Lennie during this time, whom he named after himself.

Years went by as Geezle enjoyed the swanky life of a Gnomish professor. His research ranged in topics from the rate at which Troggs bred in winter months to inventions such as the Nonocyclical Phlogiston Powered Vehicle. Geezle's creativity would soon be stemmed by the outbreak of war. Geezle soon found that he had to contribute to the construction of flying machines to fight the Orcs with. Geezle tried to contribute original designs and constructions to the war effort but the government rejected most of them as being inefficient. Shortly before the Third War broke out Geezle attempted his most daring invention yet, the Reverse Life-Death Ray. Geezle believed that such an device would make Gnomeregan a global superpower and Geezle as High Tinker of Gnomeregan. The device, however, only succeeded in blowing up four interns. After the fourth try Geezle's experiment was recognized as a lethal failure, Geezle was banned from teaching and barred from having a workshop in the city. Lennie, who was already emotionally distant from Geezle, chose this as a prime opportunity to leave Geezle and take Geezle Jr. with her. Geezle however, was too busy being devastated over the loss of his workshop and research to care for the loss of his wife. Geezle went to Ironforge and found work as a technician for Tinker Town. Geezle's exile ultimately proved to be a godsend, as Geezle was spared from the Gnomeregan catastrophe.

In the wake of the Gnomeregan Disaster Geezle took to travelling with other exiled Gnomes to the far off reaches of the world. Geezle would spend his time working at Toshley's Station during the Outland Campaigns and traveled all over Northrend during the campaigns against the Lich King. Eventually Geezle returned to Gnomeregan and helped reclaim his homeland. However, Geezle's appetite for knowledge and adventure could not be sated in Gnomeregan anymore, as most of the facilities are still in repair, thus Geezle took to traveling the world once more.