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Player: MrCandlejack

Character Full Name: Gatwazzak'fon

Character In-Game Name: Gatwazzak

Nickname(s): Gat

Association(s): Booty Bay

Race: Troll

Class: Shaman

Age: 26

Sex: Male

Hair: Tied back in a flayed string, his dreads are worn black, and very tangled, obviously not cared for.

Eyes: Dark red

Weight: 250

Height: 7'4 when standing straight.


On his eye he wears a black eyepatch, worn down and dirty from years of use. He is usually seen wearing a long tribal kilt, rarely wearing a shirt. He avoids wearing shoes, but when it is needed he ties animal skin around his ankles, or simply around his foot.

Other: Underneath his old eyepatch, his eye is stark white and scarred. The scar looks like it is from a claw, it starts at his eyebrow and runs all the way down his eye, and continues down his cheek, ending at the corner of his lip. His left hand is somewhat scarred, but in working condition. There is usually some sort of cigar or joint hanging from his lips, rarely lit since he tends to forget about it.


Alignment: True Neutral

He is usually cheerful and happy, and will usually be smiling. He likes to laugh a lot, and make others laugh. People seem to get along with him after they get to know him and understand his sense of humor, which can be offensive or dark. He's prone to joke around and try to get a rise out of people, but when things become serious he can become a mature and well spoken person.


He is thought to be born in Stranglethorn Vale, legendary for the Gurubashi Empire. He doesn't know what tribe he is from, for when he was just a child, he was lost.

Gatwazzak was walking through the forest of his tribe's encampment, looking for someone to play with. Being only 4 years old, he was confused to where he was going. After hours of wandering through the forest, he found himself lost, and scared. He screamed in Zandali, but to no avail. The only thing he attracted were dangerous predators.

He wandered around the forest for hours, occasionally finding a squirrel to eat. He found a nice little bush to curl up in and sleep.

He woke up several hours later. Morning dew covered the plants around him, soaking him. He shook the water off, his dreads shaking. After searching for hours, he heard a growl. He looked behind him, where an Elder Panther was crouched, ready to attack him. He screamed and ran for the nearest tree. Before he could climb up the tree -as they were taught to do-, he tripped on a rock, tumbling to the ground. The Panther sprang, and landed on top of Gatwazzak. He screamed and blocked his face. The Panther roared, and Gatwazzak felt the hot breath hit his face. The Panther swatted at his hands, scratching them. It roared and clawed at him, horribly scarring his eye. 'BOOM!' He heard it through his own screams and cries to the Loa to make it stop. He looked up and saw a Hunter. He had dark brown eyes and a stern look on his face. The Panther lay dead on top of him, a shot wound in its side, blood pouring out onto him. The Hunter outstretched his hand, his dark eyes staring at Gatwazzak. Gatwazzak took his hand with his unscarred hand, trembling.

He started crying to the Hunter in Zandali. The Hunter stared at him, apparently not knowing what he was saying. He led the young Troll away from the dead Panther, still babbling and crying in Zandali, his eye and hand bleeding profusely. He got the young Troll onto his ship, and asked him in his best Zandali if he would like to return to his tribe, or if he would like to come with him, and be a crewman on his ship. He thought for a couple hours after being tended to, being healed. He chose to go with the Captain. He was afraid he would be shamed for straying from the path and being scarred by a Panther. He knew he was now considered Gatwazzak'fon, and was ashamed. He told the Captain his name was 'Gat'. Being a young troll alongside grumpy old pirates, his life was threatened several times before. Being a Troll only made that worse. The Captain felt pity for the young Troll, and made sure the crew treated him with respect, even being a Troll. Being as young as he was, he couldn't do much. He would bait the hooks, sharpen their swords, sometimes even cook. He taught the fishermen basic Zandali, but only to an extent, him being only a young Troll, not knowing a lot himself. He liked his life on board the ship, and eventually the fishermen taught him how to fight, cook, and fish. He learned quickly, and became one of them. After about 14 years of working alongside the Captain as a fisherman, he decided to leave the ship and work in Booty Bay, catching fish and selling them to the inn owners. He owns a room in the inn as long as he keeps the fish coming. He has done this for almost 8 years, and has grown several scars and calluses on his hand from hours upon hours of fishing.

Throughout all the years he worshiped and prayed to the Loa, for he believed it was them, not the Captain that saved him. He believed that they answered his prayers and sent Captain to save him. He has always worshiped them, and always will.

After being slashed in the head by the Panther, his memories of his childhood are very blurry. He can't remember what tribe he came from, let alone his mother and father's names. He has always wanted to believe he was part of The Darkspear, but having come from Stranglethorn Vale, there was no way he could have. He does not like talking of his past to people, especially when drunk.