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Player: Thoradin

Character Full Name: Fidz Goldbucket

Character In-Game Name: Fidz

Nickname(s): Boss, Fatso

Association(s): Anyone with the gold to buy his association.

Race: Goblin

Class: Hunter

Age: 32

Sex: Male

Hair: Brown, balding, tied into a short pony tail. He also has a rough 5 o'clock shadow going.

Eyes: Red

Weight: Around 175lbs, Fidz is a fat goblin.

Height: Around 3'7"

Usual Garments/Armor: Wears fine clothing made of silks or other expensive materials. If he carries a weapon it will most likely be a dagger of fine make.

Other: He wears a pair of glasses due to his poor eyesight.

Alignment: True Neutral- He'd wait to see who would pay more before deciding a side.


Fidz is a shrewd merchant, and thus has a mind for money. For most of his life he has had other people fight his battles for him, so that he would never get hurt. This would leave Fidz with a rough superiority complex, making him think that he was better than anyone else. Fidz is also a very self-centered person, thinking of nothing but himself or his wealth.

As with most goblin merchants, Fidz is likely to sell you out if he can make a quick profit. Not ashamed to say it, he is mischievous and a good liar.


Fidz was born in the heart of the Undermine, well somewhere in there. His mother was a risque prostitute and his father was a random customer. When Fidz was 13 his mother died from various STD's, leaving Fidz on his own. With nothing more than a pocketful of copper, which was stolen from his twenty minutes after, Fidz set out to make his name known.

In almost no time at all, Fidz managed to buy a Kiosk inside the town square at Edj with the money he saved up doing odd jobs. He got by selling odds and ends, mostly trash he found and cleaned to re-sell as unique Edj souvenirs. And with the aid of overpricing, Fidz was able to buy a small store on the docks. Through this he sold fishing equipment, shipping wares, and random port-related items. Fidz also bought a self-help book on how to cheat, scam, and swindle like no tomorrow.

A year later we find Fidz in a dark back room playing Black Jack. His last opponent was the owner of a very large warehouse, and Fidz was beating him. You see, Fidz learned several things; That the Warehouse Owner was a Gambling Addict, and how to count cards. Losing nearly two hundred gold and a macaroon, the Warehouse Owner panicked and put the deed to his warehouse up. Fidz soon won it with a perfect 21. Completely defeated, the former owner left the back room and was never heard from again. Mr. Goldbucket left as well to pave a new path in gold.

When Fidz made The Goldbucket Trading Company a large and successful business, trade was looking good. And thus, he bought a pair of retired vessels and had some workers fix them up. In a two month time The Golden Lady and The Family Jewel were renovated, refit and ready to ship all over. Fidz already negotiated a trade lane between his Warehouse and a few buyers in Stormwind, Menethil Harbor, and Booty Bay. This suited Fidz for many years until recent happenings.

The attacks of the Horde and Alliance on the Scourge left him in the dust as his fleet of ships (which had now grown to 5) was nearly decimated by Scourge attackers when he opened a trade route to Valience Keep and New Agamand. Leaving Fidz with two of his ships, and the grievance money to pay to the families of the crew of the other three ships, this set The Emporium back and Fidz was forced to layoff some of his workers.

When the Cataclysm hit, Fidz was sunken low. Just when he managed to build his fleet up to five ships again four were destroyed. Two sank into the depths of Vashj'ir, one was slammed into the rocks near Booty bay, and the last was set aflame by Deathwing when he destroyed Auberdine. Even worse, when Mount Kajaro exploded, the Warehouse took heavy damage from tidal waves and raining boulders of fire.

However in the face of these odds, Fidz managed to come out. With his remaining ship, The Fat Princess, who knows? Maybe Fidz can regain his lost wealth as we see him now running all over Azeroth trying to maintain his trade relations across the world.

Skills and Abilities

Diplomatic- While not being able to do much physical work, Fidz has grown a determined mind. He is one for solving most situations with words, rather than the brawn of a hired hand.

Liar- As a goblin merchant, being able to lie is a trademark ability and Fidz is quite good at it.