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Player: Rensin

Character Full Name: Feretus Arterus Geraremo

Character In-Game Name: Feretus

Nickname(s): Ger, Fer, Arty, Feret-boy (He would probably hurt you with that one though.)

Association(s): The Horde, House Emeircenth, (Loosely) Silvermoon Guard

Race: Blood Elf

Hair: Long Red

Eyes: Fel Green

Class: Warrior (Spell Breaker)

Age: 114

Sex: Male

Scale: 1.03


Geraremo is tall and lanky. He's muscular but it's more of a lithe frame than anything---probably because he's a bit on the younger side. He's working on building muscle almost all the time, however, so it's not rare for him to continue bulking up.

He wears nicely designed and well kept armor that's enchanted with fortifying spells to keep it from degrading too much. His shield is also enchanted, it helps him resist most spell damage. He carries a glaive too.


Feretus is a spirited young man. He's eager, willing to do what's "right" in his eyes and also quite peppy. To the point where he may even come off as "annoying" to some of the more pessimistic elves. His ambition can lead him into trouble, however; as it's something he sometimes does blindly. What might seem to him to be the exact truth of something might actually turn out to be the opposite.

In many ways this makes him stubborn. He'll try to twist something so it comes off as a positive rather than a negative. Or if he can't do that, he'll work so that the negative will become a positive... claiming it was his plan the whole time. Sometimes this translates to arrogance as well. He tries his best to act proper but under it all he is still a somewhat spoiled brat.

When it comes to dealing with others he can be rather cocksure of himself. He considers himself handsome and is well too aware he had a silver spoon in his mouth, so he can sometimes show-boat it. Especially in the wrong places... like dealing with other races that could care less about Blood Elf castes.


Feretus was born to Achaero and Mindolin Geraremo, minor nobles within the house Emeircenth. Achaero was an architect that helped design some of the more floaty bits around the city and was semi-known for making the frilly curved edges of the floating tree pots around Silvermoon. He was praised as being artistic as well as adding almost no functionality whatsoever to designs... which turned out to be as much of a compliment as it was people being snide.

Feretus however, aspired to follow more in line with the more prosperous part of the family; wanting to become a Spell Breaker in order to gain status and recognition. While he was smart with design, he enjoyed training with a glaive much more. He trained under the Spell Breaker Sur Sur'Ovell during his stint as a guard, where he'd learned the basics of wielding shields, glaives and also manipulating magic and turning it back on others.

Eventually he became adept at this with the aid of Sur, able to stop most magic users as well as keeping up in combat in melee. He was effective, and quite proud of his efforts.

Then came the fateful day where Silvermoon fell to undead. He fought alongside his mentor, Sur and tried to save as many as they could... but faced just as much death. He watched as Sur became depressed, both at the loss of his parents and at the loss of his home. Feretus however kept his chin up, and still persued Spell Breaking.

Leaving the Alliance and joining the Horde came to no suprise to him. He hated the humans after abandoning the Blood Elves and also happily adopted the new name they called themselves by. He however found some of the Horde races to be barbaric and gaudy. Trolls, orcs, and Tauren? The Forsaken he could deal with, considering that their "Queen" was still technically one of their own, but those other savage races in his mind needed a bath and lessons on etiquette. However, he figured they'd fight well enough when it came down to it, so he didn't make a note of placing too much worry on races he saw as tools anyhow.

Sur eventually left the guard soon after, no longer feeling he needed to mentor the boy, and deciding himself to become a Bloodknight at the time. Feretus decided that it was time too, for himself to leave the guard. He offered his services to anyone who would be able to buy, charging a pretty copper for his deeds. The boy tried to keep his deeds as noble as possible, as to not tarnish his reputation so he could gain standing with his family.

When the events of the Sunwell happened Sur really was not involved. While he was happy with the prospect of not feeling withdrawls, he was too busy helping the guard and changing the logic in the golems about the city to notice. However he wasn't proficient in doing so as he was not certified at any point to work on them, so some of them aren't so perfect with what they say. However he got the most important part down with the rest of the guards, so they state "Happyness is mandatory citizen" perfectly fine.

Recently, he had become a member of the family's council with the approval of Nethemil. While not the strongest at being a Spell Breaker, his efforts and hard work have been recognized. Now he's currently trying to gain more power and standing through his young ambition. He trains both with family trainers and on the side as well.

He currently has heard Sur had gone back to Spell Breaking. He is looking for the man in order to try and have him teach more to the young man, hoping to hire him as a "guard" to cover the fact he's receiving extra training so it's not perceived as a weakness.