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Player: Rensin

Character Full Name: Faelan Cathasach

Character In-Game Name: Faelan

Nickname(s): Fae, "Wolf Vagrant"

Association(s): Alliance (Loose), mostly to fellow Witches.

Race: Worgen

Class: Druid

Skills and Abilities:

  • Fortune Telling - While not a perfect fortune teller, he likes to think he's good with loosely predicting the future with animal bones and entrails. Most of this ability lies within him being able to convince others, especially who are deeply superstitious, that his predictions are true. He even believes it himself, doing "crystal ball" readings to those he wants to give "an inaccurate" reading to.

Age: 32

Sex: Male

Hair: Black with slight tinges of grey

Eyes: Pale blue

Weight: 140 Lbs. (He's intended to be very skinny)

Height: 6'0

Usual Garments/Armor: Ragged furs held together by twine and bones. It's little more than some strappy leather chest piece, and a kilt. He carries a staff with a crystal ball on the end of it. From his cape dangles the tails of many wolves.

Alignment: True Neutral


Through and through, Faelan is a believer in the old ways. He sees himself as a serious male witch, one that tests those that conflict with his ways to the utmost degree. He has a low tolerance for civilization and technology, but despite it forces himself to locations like this as he feels the need to. However, he'd always rather commune with nature, and roam freely in the woods of Azeroth.

He doesn't trust human priests or believers in the Light, as they often conflict with his ways, and call him a witch or a scoundrel. He's not above playing games with those he finds to be "entertaining" in this way, starting out playful and teasing, but sometimes border-lining on frightening, and cruel.

He's not afraid to use his powers against his enemies. Although he wouldn't harm a living creature in nature, he wouldn't be above using his enemies for a 'reading' on their entrails, especially if in his mind they "deserve it".

Because he's set in the old ways, he has a high respect for women, especially female witches. He was taught early on, that a female witch's wishes took priority over him, even including his own needs, and so he tends to show a vast amount of respect to the females in his circle. Due to this, he's not outwardly flirty, although he's not -dead- either.


Born in a shambling shack in the forests around Gilneas to a witch in the wilds, Faelan's life was rather humble. He grew up learning the old ways from his mother, living in the woods. He knew early on that he didn't live as most did, within the walls of the city. While his mother took care of him, he dressed differently than most, content with wearing animal furs, and seeing no problem being adorned in the bones of animals.

He had a strong connection to nature, learning from his mother how to hunt, and all the things that went with living in the wilds---survival, a respect for nature and of course more dark aspects of being a Witch of the Harvest. His life was dedicated to learning the rituals and ways of his people. His mother taught him both the good and the bad of being a witch, something that he later learned in life was something that made others fear his mother, and eventually, him.

In time, the wall went up, sealing him to the woods, which he didn't have much a problem with. He'd stayed away from the internal wars within the city, as his place was out in the wilds. Here and there he'd do things for people---giving them fortunes based on the innards of animals they'd bring to him to skin, or with a roll of the bones. When nobles would try to pay him in gold, he wouldn't turn it away, but he'd give them what he considered a false reading from his crystal ball, just to spite them.

In time, he took over for his mother, who was dwindling quickly in health. He'd helped her up until she'd passed away one evening, leaving him to fend for himself in the woods. Faelan created a "house" for her in the woods, made of sticks and hides, so that she may rest in peace.

Faelan dealt with his mother's death rather poorly. He'd known through his life, that she faced ridicule and persecution, mostly at the hands of men that were after the beauty she'd held in youth. While they lusted after her, she'd have nothing to do with them, and this made them persecute her and her ways, something that Faelan had to live with.

At the point of her death, he communed with nature. Not knowing what was going on at the time, he'd set up ritual stones, and coated himself with the blood of animals. He spoke the rites and incantations his mother taught him, asking for power and strength to keep those that would harm nature and those that love it at bay.

That's when the Worgen attacked him. He embraced it, knowing that this was nature's way of granting his wish. Eventually, however, like all victims of the Worgen, he lost his sanity.

He woke up like most. In a cage, being administered a cure. A cure he wasn't all too sure he wanted. He fought at first, until he realized this "cure" wasn't something that was permanent, and gave him the clarity he needed to carry out his goals.

He worked with the people that were suddenly afflicted with the same conditions as him, especially the other harvest witches, making things better for his people, despite not ever really feeling a part of them. Eventually, he was able to turn back into his human form... and was introduced to the elves and druidism.

He found it fascinating that these elves were on such a connected level with nature that they could transform at will into multiple creatures. They were natural hunters, just as he was. They lived in the wilds, just as he did. Really, it was no question that he'd start to train in the ways of Druidism.

He went through all the processes that were needed to become a druid. He'd entered the dream before, and eventually worked towards transforming into a cat form---something he was very acclimated to, as he considered himself not only a hunter, but a predator.

Now, Faelan travels around to where his "bones" say he should go. He does the readings for money here and there, still mostly surviving in the wild. He considers himself an avid protector of nature, and will do anything to preserve it---even if others are standing in his way.