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Erie in the Loading Screen

Player: Zarakk

Character Full Name: Erie Grouph

Character In-Game Name: Erie

Nickname(s): None, yet.

Association(s): N/A

Race: Human

Class: Mage

Age: 20

Sex: Female

Hair: Dark Red, tied up in a bun.

Eyes: Azure

Weight: 115 lbs

Height: 5'4"

Usual Garments/Armor: Erie is usually seen wearing a robe in either blue, green or purple, and wearing a necklace with a purple flower around her neck.

Personality: Erie has a restricted personality, although she likes to socialize with different people, she rarely shows any sign of emotion, neither joy nor sorrow, even though inside she might be filled with both. She unlikes to raise her tone, and rarely takes out her anger on anyone. She tries to see what can people and things can do and become, and not so much of what they are or have been.


Erie Grouph was born and raised in a small house located on the southern border of Elwynn Forest by her parents Jeremiah and Hylin Grouph. Her parents were nothing spectacular of humans, they were simple folk who ran a small shop called "Pots and Pans" where they brewed potions and cooked different meals on demand but due to the lack of customers (caused by them not having enough money to advertise it well), they were close to going out of business.

Erie, who was fascinated by flowers and astonished of how her parents managed to make colorful liquid with different attributes out of them, dreamt of the day that she would take over the shop and create her own mixture of potions. Her mother, who spent most of the day outside gathering material for their stock taught Erie about what types of flowers there was and what they did and could be used for, and gave Erie the inspiration to become an alchemist herself.

Her father, who was the one running the shop and cooking the meals, had higher plans for Erie, he didn't want her to have to spend her life in a small house in the woods cooking food for a living. He wanted Erie to grow up with a higher level of education and make something good with her life, like a knight or a scholar. When he wasn't in the shop, he spent his day walking around the streets of Stormwind, searching for someone looking to educate Erie in any way to prevent her from having the same life as himself.

One day, he rested his legs one of the inns in Stormwind and overheard an old man talking about finding someone to carry on his legacy. Jeremiah's interest grew higher as he heard him going on and on about how he couldn't find a young soul with good enough potential for him to teach the art of magic. Jeremiah's heart beated faster and faster, he couldn't let this opportunity slide, he went over to the old man and told him about his daughter. The old man, who was quite unimpressed by the daughter of a 'nobody' sighed and said, "Well, it's worth a try... Bring her here tomorrow at this time and I'll see if she is good enough." Jeremiah shook the old mans hand and said: "You won't regret this." and then ran out and back to his home, where his wife stood waiting outside the door. "...You're late" she said. Jeremiah ignored what Hylin said, ran to her, kissed her on her forehead and then ran to tell Erie about the news. At first, Erie didn't want to follow his father the next day, because her mind was set at taking over the shop, but her father refused to let that happen and convinced her to at least give it a try.

The next day, Jeremiah walked proudly into Stormwind with his daughter next to him, and waited for the old man to arrive. As the old man said, he did arrive soon enough to inspect Erie. The old man was silent as he walked around Erie, looking at her with a raised eyebrow and scratching his beard. Eventually, he stopped, looked at Jeremiah and said: "She can start her training with me tomorrow." Jeremiah's couldn't do anything but smile widely and give the old man a hard hand shake as thanks.

When Jeremiah and Erie returned home, they told Hylin about the news and she was thrilled. Jeremiah took Erie into the stockroom and searched around in the many boxes lying about. as he reached into a small box in the back of the room he said to Erie: "A few weeks ago, as I was walking home from Stormwind, I noticed a flower on the ground. I looked at it and saw that it wasn't just any flower, it was a flower of which I had never seen in my entire life. I tried to look it up, but no one knew what it was and no book had information about it... Ah, here it is." Jeremiah went back to Erie and took her hand and gave her a small purple flower which had a soft glow, and a gentle scent. "I call it, Purple Erie". he said and smiled at Erie. Erie stood as paralyzed as she gazed upon the small beautiful flower in her hand, she looked at her father and then rushed to give him a big warm hug. "I love it." she said.

The next morning, the family was awakened by a knock on the door. Hylin and Jeremiah went up and opened it, outside stood a tall man in knights armor and the Stormwind Lion on his chest. "Good morning, the Grouphs I persume?" "Jeremiah and Hylin looked at eachother with a strange look and then back at the man. "...Yes?" "Trustworthy resources have enlightened me that you can cook quite a stew and brew flawless potions." he said in a firm voice. Jeremiah didn't know what was happening and just answered with a simple: "Erhm... Yes?" "You have been offered a position to follow an expedition to Northrend as chef and alchemist. You will be given a place to sleep and you will be highly paid. Do you accept this offer?" Hylin and Jeremiah stood silently for awhile not moving a muscle, until Hylin opened her mouth and let out a surprised "Yes!" Jeremiah turned to her wife and asked her: "Wait, we can't just leave like that. what about Erie?" "Erie is getting old enough to take care of herself and she has just received that position as a apprentice mage, she will be fine!" Jeremiah looked back and sighed, "Fine, let's do this." The knight turned and said: "Great, we must leave with haste, so get your belongings and meet me at the harbor as soon as possible." With that said, the knight patrolled away from them.

Hylin took Jeremiah's hand and led him back into the house where she started to pack all sorts of pans and knives into boxes. Jeremiah took a piece of paper and pen with a sad sigh and wrote a message to Erie.

As Erie woke up later on that same day, she was excited. Excited about that today she would be learning how to use the magic that has been resting inside her, waiting to come out. She got dressed and went to the kitchen to see if there was anything she could eat for breakfast. To her surprise, she found that everything was missing, the only thing she could find was a small note nailed to the wall. She went up to it and tried to read what was written in small bunched up letters. "Dear, Erie. Your mother and I was given the opportunity of a life time this morning, we are deeply sorry for not being able to take you with us, and I can not tell you where we are going, because it would be too dangerous if you were to search for us where we went. We love you with all our hearts, and we know that you will-" The rest of the note is covered in what seems to be tears and is unreadable.

Erie froze as she finished reading, several thoughts flew back and forward in her mind, she didn't know what to do. She was all alone. She felt left behind and a sorrow that she hadn't felt before, she tried to cry but no tears came out. She felt anger towards them for leaving her, but she felt anger towards herself because she didn't stop them but she couldn't let the anger out. All of these mixed emotions were running around with nowhere to go inside of her but all she could do was stand there and not knowing what to do.

Everything she wanted to do now was disappear, there was nothing left for her. But then she remembered that she still had to go to Stormwind to meet the old man who was about to teach her the ways of magic. How did her parents think she could focus on learning when all this had just happened? Erie had so many questions but no one to answer them. She went back up to her room, thinking that she would just stay there forever, until she died. But there was something there that changed her mind. As she entered the room she saw a hint of a slight glow from a corner in the room. She looked closer and there it was, the Purple Erie. The flower that her father had given to her the day before. When she picked it up from the ground she began thinking about how hard her father had worked for her not to end up like them. And her head filled up with determination to learn everything she could about the ways of magic, and use them to do good in this world.

As time past, Erie was taught more and more from the old man, who was apparently called Harold Whrim, and eventually Harold past away, leaving behind a successor. Erie was still only an adept when it came to abjuration, conjuration and divination, but she had a strong will and set off to continue learning, and hoping that one day, she would be reunited with her parents.