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Epsilon's Black Armored Dress

Epsilon's White Armored Dress

Player: Saiyuu

Character Full Name: Katherine Clearwater

Character In-Game Name: Epsilon

Nickname(s): Epsilon / Eppy

Association(s): Knights of the Ebon Blade / Alliance

Race: Human

Class: Death Knight

Skills and Abilities: As a living being, Epsilon was poor of skill. After becoming a Death Knight it changed drastically. Upon constant combats doing under the Lich King's control and afterwards she learned to be as deadly as any of her knight brethren. Epsilon's favored weapon is the spear, which she employs with deadly precision, sometimes summoning a second, rune-made spear, though it floats around Epsilon rather than be wielded. Her choice of blood spec makes her a brutal and powerful opponent, though Epsilon's agility tends to be below average. Lastly, her skill with blood abilities lies more in the field of manipulating it. She can manipulate her blood to move faster into her veins, thus improving her overall combat ability, or she can manipulate her enemy's to force it to a slow stop or to boil, though such is harder against Light users. Epsilon, in more desperate fights, can “launch” her blood at her opponents in form of projectiles. The projectiles are made of her boiling blood and tend to burn upon hitting flesh. This however is a considerably dangerous skill, as it would use her own blood, therefore removing the “bonus” she receives from the runic blood. When low in blood, she will try to drain fresh blood from her opponents, either by hitting living targets with her spear or attacking it with bloodworms. In a last resort she can even drink it directly from wounds, though it's not always a viable option.

To a lesser extent her abilities with the blood spec allow her to “pretend” to be a living being by emulating some of their traits, such as having a skin of healthy tone. She can be often be mistaken by a living being, if her voice is not heard or if her runic eyes are not seen. The same ability helped preserve her from rotting, though not from stopping her organs from working. None of them work, except when forced to by her ability and she only uses them very rarely, since there is no much use for having her organs functioning. Despite her skill on hiding her dead condition, Epsilon can still be easily identified as one by users of Light, or by her eyes and voice. Like many other Death Knights, her weakness mostly lies on fighting against strong users of Light.

Age: 26

Sex: Female

Hair: Blond, shoulder-length and curly.

Eyes: Light blue, runic

Weight: 172 lbs

Height: 6'3

Usual Garments/Armor: Epsilon really rarely wears anything other than her armor, mostly because she sees no use on wearing other clothes. Her armor is composed of a large black, white and golden dress, with thick dark blue armor pieces on some parts (breastplate, shoulderpads, boots and skirt). The bottom of her dress is the most armored part, due to having many layers of plated pieces under and over the dress cloth. She wears a thin mailed corset around her waist, with white embroidered flowers. Such an armor takes long to wear or remove, thus why Epsilon prefers to only do so in cases where she need (such as when taking bathes or needing to wash it). If required to wear anything else, Epsilon will wear what is provided, rarely caring for picking styles on this matter.

Other: As mentioned before Epsilon looks fairly healthy, for a Death Knight. Her skin is pink, seeming to miss scars that usually tarnish the skin of warriors of her kind, or at least the paleness they have. The lack of scars is explained by Katherine's cowardice, which often made she flee from the battlefield. Her eyes are bright blue, like they should be; one is unable to tell their original color. Her hair is blond, almost orange, long and curled, surprisingly well-cared. She has a sweet scent of perfume, but better trained noses may also notice the stench of blood they conceal. Epsilon is a quite tall woman, having an elegant posture and behavior. Her face often shows a tired/sleepy expression, sometimes even appearing to be asleep while standing/sitting.

Alignment: Chaotic-neutral; this is very variable, since shifts on her actions are very often determined by the people she's with. Due to her lack of memories she has little idea of certain behaviors, thus can be manipulated easily sometimes.

Personality: Personality-wise, she's often described as "oblivious” or even air-headed sometimes. She's very naive, apparently innocent as well, always seen acting in a very slow and patient manner. Her voice is doubled like the voice from a death knight, but the fact she speaks so low makes it seem her voice doesn't suffer from the effect, mostly sounding like she's sick. Ones that may have known Epsilon when she was still a warrior might remember her original personality; Friendly, talkative, but also selfish and spoiled. She lost the majority of this personality at this point and is very unlikely to ever recover it. Both hunger and depression are things stopping her from developing her mind properly and recovering her old self. Epsilon usually deals with the hunger in the bluntest way known, by killing, she prefers to avoid killing innocent when she can but sometimes it may be just too difficult. When she fails to find a "deserving" target and is forced to kill an innocent she might find herself in a sudden burst of depression and inactivity. After losing her memories and returning as a Death Knight, Epsilon has been trying to once more learn about how the living are supposed to behave, sometimes learning it right but sometimes being lured into wrong behaviors.


Katherine's mother used to live at Lordaeron before the Scourge invaded. Katherine was born sixteen years before the invasion, a fatherless child, as her father left her mother without knowing she was pregnant. Epsilon, her mother and part of her family lived at Lordaeron until that time, and then escaped with a convoy of survivors that was leaving the condemned land. They stopped at Goldshire, where Katherine's mother found a job at the local farms. Katherine was properly instructed as a humble peasant by her family, receiving the most basic training on how to effectively use a blade from other family members, particularly more often from her uncle. Despite the constant training, Katherine didn't seem to have a really good grasp of swordfighting.

She spent most of her teenage studying with her mother and helping her with the house chores. Later, when she was seventeen, Katherine found out she had a talent. Her beautiful voice was captivating and could one day make her a great singer. Since she already loved singing, she tried investing on it for a while. She never had the time to become much famous but was rather popular on taverns and pubs from the region. Katherine had a pretty happy life up to this point. She also had managed to get engaged with a man she loved, Hector. However, one day a recruiter from Argent Dawn came to Goldshire, recruiting new soldiers for their cause.

Instigated by their objectives of fighting for a better world, as well as pushed by her naïve thinking, Katherine recruited herself to the Argent Dawn. At this point she was already an adult and was promptly accepted, though the decision was greatly against her family and friends wishes. Even so, she departed with a few other recruits, promising to come back as a famous singing knight. Little did she know though, the life of a warrior was harsh and tough. Katherine found herself running away from battles, leaving the lines in despair. For this was considered a crime of desertion, Katherine was held prisoner to be taken to judgment later, but her battalion was attacked before the sentence could be carried off.

Most of the soldiers in her battalion were killed and left to rot, a few, like her, were made prisoners. Katherine suffered a horrible fate on the hands of the Scourge, which also resulted in her death, but awakening as a Death Knight. Because of the unwillingness, the ritual to turn her to a knight caused extensive damage to her psyche. Katherine's brain suffered from overload and caused her partial amnesia. She lost most memories regarding who she was and what she did, she couldn't even remember her name. At some point, someone simply named her Epsilon, just another number among many.

From this point until where the Death Knights broke free from the Lich King's control, Epsilon followed the same fate as her new brethren. To kill, to obey and to conquest in name of the Lich King. After they broke free, Epsilon found herself lost, without most of her memories and lacking anyone to seek guidance from. Since then she has been around aimlessly, having affiliated herself with the Ebon Blade to seek revenge over the Lich King. Epsilon joined the battles in Northrend and along with her brothers in arms, managed to assist the Argent Crusade forces in defeating the Scourge.

After the end of the war Epsilon returned to Goldshire, remembering it from fragments of her memory. More fragments were slowly turning up into her mind as she traveled the region, until the point she found her mother's farm. She remembered that the woman was Katherine's mother, and perhaps in hopes of being Katherine once more, Epsilon knocked by the door. She and her mother had a brief, heated discussion, with Epsilon ending up shunned and left by her mother, who didn't want a both selfish daughter back, much less a dead one.

Epsilon felt annihilated and began to leave towards Darkshire. There she found Hector once more, her fiancée, and he did not recognize her nor accepted her either. To her, her past life was truly lost, none of her family or friends would want to accept her again the way she was. Perhaps this was the real moment where Katherine became Epsilon, knowing that Katherine had no more place in this world. To make things word, Hector attempted to murder Epsilon with an axe, though his attempt was foiled by the presence of a female gnome who watched the situation and had become acquainted to Epsilon before her return to Goldshire.

With her life as Katherine now having lost sense, Epsilon, the new being she has become, seeks acceptance and to perhaps find a reason to keep on existing. Maybe deep inside her she hopes for a cure for her condition, or simply for a way to fit in the world, rather than being forced to hate everyone and everything.