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Player: flammos200

Character Full Name: Eos Aurorenai

Character In-Game Name: Eos

Nickname(s): N/A. Apparently, her name is short enough that nicknames were not necessary.

Association(s): Silvermoon; The Kirin Tor.

Race: Blood Elf.

Class: Battle-Mage

Age: 139

Sex: Female

Hair: Very short and silvery-white, the few longer strands of it being tucked behind her ears.

Eyes: Fel-green.

Weight: 53 Kg.

Height: 1,78 m.


Often seen in light robes with as few ornaments as possible. As the heat of battle nears, Eos dons heavier garments. Her favorite colour is white - something reflected in her dressing habits.

Other: A bladeless hilt is often on her belt.


A fair, practical and pragmatic individual, Eos is a diligent and soft-spoken person. Her choices in life have led her neither towards a saintly aspiration for good, nor down the path to corruption, instead - at least in her view - her nature is a purely neutral one. Eos is a pacifist, for the most part, but there are things which strike a chord in her enough to drive her to violence. What she sees as pig-headedness and ignorance she strives to correct, but enjoys keeping an air of mystery when it comes to the Arcane. She sees the Arcane as much a science as it is an art, and spell-casting is something she positively delights in.

Eos considers herself to be intelligent and practical enough not to hold grudges, but try as she might, she can't escape being at least a little racist, if not more. She disdains Orcs and Kaldorei, for instance, and is disgusted by most Gnomes and Trolls. She often attempts to view Humanity with neutrality, and hasn't met that many Dwarves to make an opinion of their race, as such they are shoved into the approach-with-caution bucket. She finds a measure of respect for Draenei, knowing full well that their Prophet restored the Sunwell with the heart of a Naaru, and oddly enough the same respect is extended to Forsaken, if only because they are led by Sylvanas Windrunner. Eos sees her own people as the best of company, and is rather fond of the Sin'dorei as a people.

Eos has an odd and often dark sense of humor, and finds herself making light of a number of situations. That is not to say that she's a cynic, instead merely one prone to contemplating the negative aspects of her existence with a superfluous air and working to solve them rather than succumbing to her woes. On that note, Eos is a masterful multitasker, delighting in taking multiple actions at once - an ability owing to her considerable mental agility.


Born in Silvermoon to a Magistrix and a Farstrider, Eos was an active child, fascinated by the arcane arts. A thirst for knowledge seemed to have settled over her, and it was not long before she became a small, giggling, walking encyclopedia of an elf that delighted in finding practically anything out. Eos loved her parents very much, and in fact had a sister to which she extended the same feelings.

As soon as she was able to study the Arcane, she did so, her rapturous hunger to know and the rapidly-growing intellect which she possessed aiding her well in this task. There was distinct trait - which was considered somewhat of a flaw - to her way of going about her studies; she branched out into too many domains at once and as such, while overall progress was good she fell behind other students which specialized in singular fields. Her studies in the Arcane took what was notably a decade and a half more than they should've, only because of her refusal to specialize and her interest in the miscellaneous sub-sections of the magical art.

Post-training, she worked in the fields of conjuration and transmutation part of the time, whereas the rest of her skills were devoted to more combat and travel-oriented aspects of the Arcane. She enjoyed having more than one duty at a time, and kept herself busy throughout the years. During that time, she lost her father to a band of remnants of the Amani Trolls which plagued Quel'thalas. Driven by a thirst for vengeance, she embarked upon a self-appointed task of slaying as many Amani as she could, before returning home, to her mother and sister.

As if one sorrow was not enough, the Scourge came. During the Siege on Silvermoon, Eos tried to fight, only to fall back in a desperate retreat after doing as much damage as she could to the undead invaders. Her shelter would be in illusion, amusingly, and it would save her life as well as her sister's during the fall. The two siblings' mother would not be so fortunate, however, as she was later found dead in the Scorched Glade near the Southern border of Eversong.

It was after the Siege that Eos became a Blood Elf, alongside the majority of her people, feeding off a Fel-Crystal in Silvermoon. She was torn between the choice of whether to go to Outland or remain in Silvermoon and rebuild afterwards and she took the latter option, aiming to stay with her sister and help the Sin'dorei bloom once more.

It was not until the Sunwell itself came under demonic siege that she joined forces with the Shattered Sun Offensive - as an independent individual - to aid in the struggle there. Only after the banishing of the Deceiver did she turn her sights to Outland, confident that now, with the Sunwell restored and overflowing with Light, her sister would be safe on Azeroth.

On Outland, she took part in only one conflict - the retaking of the Black Temple, after which she decided a stay in the Netherstorm would be fortuitous. Until the time of the first Icebreakers heading to Northrend, she didn't so much as set foot on Azerothian soil again. Once the continent of Northrend was opened up however, she jumped at the chance to visit and explore it, joining the Kirin Tor in the magocratic city of Dalaran.

Interested more in Northrend itself than the conflicts waged on its soil, Eos did not take part in any major acts of arms save the Nexus War in which she believed she was helping defend the right to use magic for every Azerothian. She took part in skirmishes, sieges on the Surge Needles and the main fight on Coldarra, up to the fall of the maddened Aspect of Magic. It was during the Nexus War that she became a War-mage of the Kirin Tor, and after the struggle she chose to devote herself to study in Dalaran for the remainder of the campaign against the Lich King, only leaving the floating city after the dark tyrant had fallen.

Finding herself wandering the worlds once more, Eos took to travelling quite gladly as it presented new opportunities for learning about all sorts of things. First however, she decided a visit home would be the best course of action...

Skills and Abilities

Eos differs little from the standard Mage skillset:

Illusion Mastery: Eos has spent enough time studying and practicing illusions that they're as lifelike as can be. Of course, no matter how lifelike, things like True Sight can always see right through them.

Transmutation Mastery: Eos is extremely well-versed in transmutation, particularly in changing the nature of one material into another. However, as such true transmutation can even take months when working with more valuable materials, it is quite obviously unsuitable for combat.

War-mage: As a War-Mage of the Kirin Tor, Eos has come to be knowledgeable in troop tactics and battlefield control, in addition to being pretty good with a spellblade or arcane sword, often pairing it with the more traditional staff.

IV Mana-drip: Not really a skill nor ability, a small intravenous mana potion dispenser can be found strapped to her wrist, when the need for large amounts of energy to be used in casting arises. Those that have been to her chambers in Dalaran have noted that larger dispensers of the same kind can be found there.