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Player: Caravan

Character Full Name: Elihanara Seregon

Character In-Game Name: Elihanara

Nickname(s): Eli, Anara, Nara [by her imp]. "The Jewel of Seregon"

Association(s): House Seregon, Silvermoon City, the Horde

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Warlock

Age: 157

Sex: Female

Hair: Light blonde, falling a few inches past her shoulders. It is always clean, brushed, and [simply] styled.

Eyes: Bright green

Weight: 136 lbs

Height: 6'


She has a taste for expensive fabrics, preferring well-made dresses in gold, white or red. Elihanara rarely, if ever, wears black or other dark colors. Other than her simple ruby earrings, she doesn't wear any other jewelry save for special occasions. Eli doesn't carry a staff or wand; instead, she keeps with her a small handbag (always matching her dress of the day) and a book.

Other: Five syllables is a little indulgent (read: very indulgent), but: "el-lee-ha-NAR-ruh". Also, for those who interact with her ingame, feel free to just type "Eli' " and we can assume they're using her full name. This is especially helpful when a scene is going quickly; don't want someone shaking their fist at the computer exclaiming "Why do you have such a long name!?!"

Elihanara does not openly admit to being a practicing warlock except to the members of her House. If she must use her powers (to defend herself, for instance) she tries to be as discreet as possible with few witnesses.


Eli is a “You get more flies with honey than with vinegar” kind of girl, hiding behind a warm smile, a soft voice, and a respectful bow of the head. She has meticulously crafted her image over the years to such a degree that it can be hard to determine what is an act and what is genuine.

Elihanara is a firm self-preservationist. Behind the calm and polite behavior is methodical calculation: She is not above selling another out, even family, if it means it will favorably affect her position. She will also do what it takes to ensure good standing in her House and good/neutral standing with anyone else.

In regards to others, Elihanara is a staunch racist and believes in the supremacy of the Sin'dorei; she particularly despises humans and trolls. She holds disdain for non-magic users, human/alliance sympathizers, and people who do not “know their place” in society.

Though she has rarely allowed herself the luxury of making “true” friends, the two exceptions are her imp, Ruirai, and (strangely enough) a Forsaken named Katrianne; however, even these were had from originally selfish origins.


Elihanara is the fourth child and only daughter of Tavarius Seregon and his wife, Chimea. Despite being brought into a life of wealth and comfort, the life of a daughter of House Seregon was not easy. She learned very quickly as a child that certain skills would give her the most attention from her busy parents. Starting small, she learned the value of a well-placed lie, a sweet smile, and an obedient nature.

Unlike her older brothers, who were sent to expensive academies and training cloisters, Elihanara was kept close to home and under the eye of her mother. An ambitious woman herself, Chimea saw to it that her daughter was instructed in all the activities expected of a noblewoman. She read voraciously, learned the art of polite conversation, and how to hide behind a mask. Elihanara showed some potential as a mage, to the delight of Tavarius, but Chimea pushed her daughter towards the darker side of magic, where Elihanara began to excel. Her father, concerned by the number of private tutors and the reputation of the House, demanded a more favorable – and more feminine – craft be pursued. Ever the doting daughter, Elihanara balanced on the delicate scales of compromise, devoting herself to the study of healing alongside her study of destruction.

She heard no end to the praise of her brothers. They fought bravely in, and survived, the Second War. They had married ladies of honorable houses. Fortunately for her, Elihanara was the only one magically gifted, or else she would have been passed over entirely. Tavarius and Chimea entertained numerous suitors for their daughter, but she dismissed many of them. All save one, a kind paladin – Elisedd Sa'riv. It wasn't love, but it was tolerable; life with the paladin would have been easy for her. Had the Scourge not descended, that is.

The Fall was devastating. The clash against the Scourge claimed two of her brothers, as well as the paladin, and shook the stability of her House and her city. However, in the midst of all the chaos, she found Ruirai or, rather, the imp found her. Barricaded in her family's library, she called out in desperation in dark words she did not realize she knew. Ruirai emerged from the void long enough to aid in her escape, but just as quickly disappeared. But he waited. It would be another two years before Elihanara discovered how to bring him back and her inexperience with demons did not lead her to be his master.

Her surviving brother had left for the Outlands, despite the command of Tavarius, leaving Elihanara in full view of her family. The Head of House Seregon, her uncle Elrohir, withdrew from the family in pursuit of knowledge and greater power, and her father assumed command of the weakened House. Suddenly, Elihanara was an example, and she wasted no time using the mask she had spent her life creating: she assisted in rebuilding efforts and in tending to the injured and dying. In each good deed and gentle word, she grew into the Jewel of Seregon and she would let nothing threaten that image. Under her father's command, House Seregon appeared to be moving from the shadows of its past into a new era, one that did not rely on fear and darkness. Its stranglehold on its fellow nobility loosened and slunk into decline for years.

That is, until the oldest son returned from his seclusion to reclaim what was his.

Elihanara was away for her studies when she received word that her father was dead. Chimea, fearing for her safety, fled back to what was left of her House, leaving her daughter alone to face her fate. The balance between what was right and what was safe had suddenly become a fine line. She did not wait to be summoned. Instead, she arrived in Silvermoon City with dread in her heart but a calm mask on her face. ‘Dying' was never an option for her.

She denounced her father's weakness, a weakness that she would not bear. She pledged her devotion to Elrohir and to the House.

She continues to play her part, the poison in the honey.

Skills and Abilities

To appease her father, as well as to maintain a 'cover' for herself, Elihanara became an adept first-aid practitioner. Though she uses traditional methods in public, she has found other 'unconventional' methods that are best saved for behind closed doors.

As a warlock, Elihanara's primary focus had been on the subtler nature of curses, afflictions and other dark magics. At the behest of her mother a few years ago, Elihanara began studying demonoloy; her uncle is currently tutoring her further on the subject.