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Player: Cerb57

Character Full Name: Edwin "Burrows" Thelwind

Character In-Game Name: Edwin

Nickname(s): Eddy.

Association(s): The Alliance, Gilneas, Gilnean House of Nobles, Stormwind House of Nobles.

Race: Worgen

Class: Priest

Skills and Abilities:

  • His skills are in shadow based magic, but the magic comes from the Old Ways' worship of the moon and stars.

Age: 35

Sex: Male

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 245 lbs

Height: 6'9"

Usual Garments/Armor: Usually wears fancy clothing, befitting of a noble.


On the surface, Edwin is warm and easy to talk to. Edwin is a quiet, soft spoken and polite man, since he was raised like a gentleman. On the inside, he is cold and calculating, a man lusting for power due to always told that he would never have it. He tries very hard to make sure his warm facade never falters and is usually successful. In Edwin’s vocabulary, ‘friend’ is synonymous with the word ‘tool,’ the only minor exemption would be his sister.


Edwin was the second son and the bastard son to Sir Douglass Thelwind, a minor Gilnean noble family. His relationship with his older brother and father had always been…strained to say the least, considering that his father didn’t care to be around him and only took Edwin in because the mother couldn't. The eldest brother, Jonathan, wasn’t warm to Edwin either, believing that he was beneath him; he was a chip off Doug’s shoulder. While his relationship with his father and half-brother were bad, his relationship with his half-sister Alaine, was significantly better. Since he was the illegitimate son of a noble, his social opportunities were slim to none. Avoided by the nobles and discouraged to socialize with commoners, he only had his sister Alaine, though in the back of his mind he had always thought she only pitied him.

Edwin always desired to one day run the Thelwind house and prove to his father that he wasn't worthless, but there was no hope for him since Jonathan was next in-line. He confided in Alaine about the subject, telling her that his anger was plaguing him. Alaine suggested that he should turn to the Light and by doing so would keep his mind off it. The very next day Edwin started his training to become a priest.

While Edwin felt accepted amongst the other priests and priestesses, his anger never subsided. He simply followed along and did his duties, silently pining for the power he would never get.

Edwin started to notice that his sister would randomly leave the manor for hours on end and when she returned she would be too tired to talk, bathe, or even eat. His curiosity getting the better of him, he decided to track her down. He followed her into the Blackwald, creeping along the house she entered. He listened to his sister and the woman insides' conversation about the Old Ways and the power that the moon and stars can grant to others, but suddenly his feet moved against his own will, taking himself inside the hut. He was interested in the magic but not so much the culture that he overheard and asked to be taught just like his sister. The Hermit was happy to teach the two on the premise that their lessons were to be unspoken of.

Edwin stopped going to the church, practically avoiding the place all together. He was too enthralled in his current studies. After two long years of training with his sister, he was able to influence the minds of others. The day he was controlled by the Hermit, he started to plot. With this new power he had the means to rise up in the house and even one day run it himself.

When Darius started his rebellion, Edwin and Alaine used this wonderful opportunity to gain power within the Gilnean House of Nobles. The two used their mental arts to influence their house to support the Greymane and send troops to defeat the rebels. Through the supplying guards and coin, the house rose in standing amongst the other nobles. The rise wasn't significant, but it was noteworthy, and definitely a start.

Edwin was the happiest he has ever been; he was able to make something of himself. The Old Ways' teachings brought him closer to his goal than the Holy Light could ever have in Edwin's mind, but his plan had a flaw. In order for him to get the house to support Greymane, he had to influence his brother Jonathan. John was praised, unlike Edwin; no one knew it was really the bastard that did all of this. Edwin decided to take John out in celebration for his work. The two went to a tavern to drink and be merry. They walked all the way to the cliffs near Tempest Reach before Edwin finally sprang his trap. He used his shadow magic to control the man to jump off of the cliffs, plunging to his death. It was easy for Edwin to throw the suspicion off him: a silver tongue and the ability to influence the thoughts of others were both handy tools for the kin-slayer.

When the worgen began to attack the entirety of Gilneas, the two were leaving Blackwald. Edwin and Alaine were quickly under attack by three worgen, this being the first time they had to use their abilities offensively. Two of the beasts were mind controlled and were forced to slay the third. The siblings were skilled in these arts and they believed that they would make it out of this with no harm upon themselves, but everyone slips up once in a while. The spell broke for a moment when reapplying the spell. Edwin failed to control his beast and was bit. Alaine, losing control of her own previously puppet-ed worgen, casted a fear spell on the two worgen, causing them to flee and kept the two siblings safe for now.

Edwin and Alaine made a mad dash, trying to make their way to Gilneas before more Worgen attacked them. Only a few hours outside of the city, Edwin turned into the very beast that bit him. Loosing himself to the monster inside him, he started attacking the only true friend he has ever had. Edwin's assault on his sister left her with claw and bite marks. Not strong enough to defend herself in this state, she cast a fear spell, which made Edwin flee the scene. She never made it back to the city before turning.

Edwin was eventually caught by the Gilneans and forced to take the 'cure'. After regaining his senses, he started looking for his sister. With no luck finding her on his own, he eventually gave up and traveled to Tal'doren, like the rest of his kind. He took the ritual that brought him balance and was later reunited with his sister and some members of the house. One of the house's most trusted guards, Benjamin Clayne, informed Edwin that his father hadn't made it out alive. With house Thelwind in shambles from the loss, Edwin decided to place the burden of leadership on himself after receiving no complaints.

The celebrating would have to wait; the Forsaken led their armies inward. Edwin took his sister and any subjects that remained loyal, deciding to hide and wait for rescue from the Night Elves...