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Player: Saiyuu

Character Full Name: Djim Campbell

Character In-Game Name: Djim

Nickname(s): Djim, Bells, Jimmy;

Association(s): Kirin Tor (Apprentice mage), Alliance;

Race: Human

Class: Ley Walker (Apprentice)

Age: 24

Sex: Female

Hair: Blonde, short and usually messy.

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 136 pounds

Height: 4'7"

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Djim favors casual clothes, though sticks with the same wardrobe almost all the time. Thanks to her father, ever since early age she's gotten accustomed to enhancing her clothes with mageweave. The spells woven in the clothes allow it to act as armor, though doing so drains energy from its wearer. So far, the only spells inscribed in the clothes are shielding ones. Djim also wields a spell dagger. It acts as a focus for some of her spells, and is usually charged with a small load of arcane.


Alignment: Neutral

Djim is perceptive, calm, resourceful and sometimes competitive person. She holds a friendly demeanor, in general, though sometimes finds it difficult to trust some of the other races, such as trolls, Sin'dorei and Orcs. She's genuinely affectionate towards her friends and is often willing to go to deep extents in order to help them, as exemplified as in her main research on magic. She has a strong sense of honor and holds great distaste for those who mock it, or who harm and deceive innocent people. She has a brilliant mind and is a capable mage, not only because of her spells, but also because of her tactic insight and unusual, but effective, strategies. Akin to this, Djim is very fond of mind games.


Djim was born in a middle-class family. Her father was a tailor, James Campbell, a man very dedicated to his work. Her mother was a guard named Vivienne. James took his job very seriously. To him, tailoring was an art; it required time, delicacy, dedication. Vivienne didn't feel the same way about her uniform. Her constant actions as a guard earned her uniform more rips and slashes than she could count. It was in James' shop where they first met, when Vivienne took her uniform for repairs. After the first time, she did not change and many a times she brought the uniform back there. She found pleasant to stay and talk to the good natured man, always a good and fun conversation. Maybe two years after, the two started going out. Another couple of years and they married, and soon Vivienne found herself pregnant of Djim.

Djim lived well for many years of her life. She had loving parents and pretty much everything she could ask for. Ever since her early age, James saw her interest for magic and gave it a try to enroll her in Arcane Academy of Stormwind when she reached the proper age to do it. Djim was very happy, enjoying the life of a child with everything in her hands. However, it would change soon.

Lordaeron was under heavy attack by the Scourge. Stormwind, as well as its allies, were mustering forces to assist the forces of Lordaeron. As a guard, Vivienne took upon her duty to join as well. She departed from her family, promising that she would soon return. Djim and Vivienne traded a few letters during her absence, and the last notice she had from her mother was informing that she had joined the group named Argent Dawn. However, many months passed without more letters arriving.

One day, James received a letter and Djim was there to see. Vivienne had been registered as dead, having fallen in battle against the Scourge. They received her family crest and after this, no more news arrived. James managed to divert his mind away from the happening by working harder, and dedicating himself to raising their daughter. Djim didn't take it so easily. It was difficult to believe her mother had really died and that she would never see her again. She spent a few months to recover and never truly did until much later.

Djim became very recluse during this period. She had little interest in making new friends and found herself spending most, if not all of her time, reading books and studying about magic. Many more years passed and Djim had reached adulthood. She finally graduated fully within the Arcane Academy of Stormwind. It was one of the new good happenings of her life, ever since her mother died. She was on her way to return home when she found a horse by the entrance of her house. It was late, her father supposedly shouldn't be receiving visits by this hour.

She entered her home, wary, and found her father sitting on the living room, talking a hooded person. Djim waited and stared at her father and saw he had cried recently, and looked particularly happy that night. The hooded one removed its cowl and revealed itself to be her mother, Vivienne. She spent a good couple of minutes trying to see if she hadn't been victim of an illusion, or if she wasn't hallucinating. She wasn't, her mother was truly there. Her eyes had this strange blue glow, but she didn't mind, it was her mother and she was there, that's all she needed.

After the long reunion with her daughter, Vivienne explained that she was in fact killed by the Scourge, but that she had also been raised as a Death Knight. Because of this, her stay would be very short. She wanted to be with her family, but she also knew of the risks of it. The Hunger could target them, and she didn't want it to happen. James and Djim understood, but unknown to both her parents, Djim had set up a decision in her mind.

A few weeks later, Djim travelled to Dalaran and took upon the tests to join their Academy. Thanks to her dedication and patience, she was accepted as a student, to improve what she already knew and to one day join as a member of the Kirin Tor, if she succeeded. During her studies there, Djim had access to many of their unique books and since then has been studying about Death Knights. She took upon a main line of research, trying to develop a way to subdue, or even fully erase, the Hunger that affected the Death Knights.

Ironically, her life winded up surrounded by them, and even with their exquisite, violent habits, they could be friendlier than most living she knew. Her best and most dedicated friend was one of them, a human behemoth named Rydanovich. Death hadn't done little to make him look more imposing than he already was. Even so, never he truly tried to hurt Djim. If anything he was someone that was almost always there, to give help or just an advice. This had only strengthened Djim's beliefs that those Death Knights were worth saving, worthy being accepted again with their families without needing to fear for an uncontrollable hunger for killing and suffering. And maybe she could be the one to help them. Maybe. Even if she couldn't, she could be the first step. Even if she failed, she hoped others would be able to see as she saw and maybe try to find them a cure as well.

Skills and Abilities

Djim can use the usual mage abilities, though her lack of affinity with fire spells make she avoid this one choice. She has a greater affinity with water or with general employing of Arcane. She mostly favors manipulation abilities, usually summoning water and bending it to her will, as means of attack and defense. More recently, Djim has started using an water elemental to assist her, which she usually summons when needed. However, she keeps its shape different from what it usually comes like. Her water elemental acts similar to a slime, moving in a puddle around her and shifting into offensive or defensive shapes, depending on the need. Since a few years ago, Djim has started learning about Ley Walking, though so far has only a very low degree of magic on the category. The only spells really accountable on this rank are a less tiring version of Blink, and a better affinity with the use of portals.

For a mage, she's rather athletic, despite her shortness. In the excess of free time she had, she used to improve her physical abilities, to sometimes gain an upper hand if she finds herself unable to use her magic. She's a fairly competent fighter, though she relies mostly in agility. Both her resistance and physical strength are low, which are disadvantages if she's forced in melee combat.