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Player: ThePharaoh

Character Full Name: Dezi Fizwizzle

Character In-Game Name: Dezi

Nickname(s):Dez, D, 'Knuckles'

Association(s): Bilgewater Cartel, The Horde

Race: Goblin

Class: Hunter

Age: 27

Sex: Male

Hair: Black

Eyes: Red

Weight: 69 lbs

Height: 3'5"

Usual Garments/Armor: Dezi recently has been seen in fine clothing, ties, vests and other garb tailored to his small stature. Regardless of his clothing he usually has two gauntlets that cover his hands, with retractable brass knuckles. He also has a few holsters for guns.

Skills And Abilities

Lucky: Depending on how it is perceived Dezi's life has snowballed due to a series of 'lucky' events. Whether it is fate, or sheer luck is determined but lady luck appears to have an eye out for the goblin.

Boxing: Although he isn't the strongest goblin or a well trained fighter, he's been known to knock a few people out with his gauntlets and knuckles. He's learned to defend himself in hand to hand.

Businesses: Through a series of events he has acquired a Small one hut weapons shop in Ratchet, and a small produce shop in Booty Bay. He also smuggles ratchet white, fade leaf and slaves ( rarely ) to different customers and distributors.


Alignment: Neutral

Dezi is a bit vulgar and views life as one business. He feels his mission is 'climbing the ladder'. He cares about his family and it is the only thing that grounds him and reveals his caring side. however he can be a loose cannon and has a violent temper. He isn't adversed to torturous means of interrogation, lying and killing to get what he wants. He can be rude and boastful, and a tad misogynistic. Dezi is passionate in whatever he does, anger, jokes, sorrow, etc. Dezi definitely has a napoleon complex and hates when his small stature is brought to attention.


Dezi was born into a poor working family in Undermine, he was the youngest of his brothers and only older than his baby sister, Wuvvums. Because of his older brothers working hard he was ushered into work young and early. He didn't like it as the hours were long and the pay out wasn't sufficient. He stayed on and endured the long hours and disrespect forming bonds with some of his co-workers. As they grew up they learned more about each other. His co-worker had an uncle who had a lot of coin in cartel business. He constantly pestered his co-working friend for a job with his uncle but his colleague always refused stating he didn't want to get into the business due to the trouble it presented.

After eleven hours of a shift one day, Dezi was (as always) ridiculed for being so small by one of his co-workers. Too tired to think straight Dezi swung a fist at the goblin starting a fight at the job. After this he was promptly fired, hearing the words. "Don't take it personal, its business." Those words haunted him as he walked to a bar in the bustling streets of Kezan to begin drowning his sorrows. After hours passed the words haunting him began to take new life. "Don't take it personal, its business." His life was business, this world was business, supply and demand, fair exchange, profits and with this epiphany he acquired new found hope. He returned home and told his family nothing of the events that day going to sleep smiling.

The following morning he demanded a meeting with his co-worker's Uncle and didn't take no for an answer. The co-worker felt bad for him, and finally agreed to set up a meeting for the goblin. Their interactions went smooth and Dezi was awarded the job of stable master and trainer for the cartel bruisers. Unbeknownst to Dezi himself was his natural gift with animals, one he never acknowledged or cared for but exploited none the less. His job wasn't glamorous but he made a bit more coin, and became frustrated when he saw goblins walk passed in their suits, smoking cigars and spending amounts of coin he took months to make.

While in charge of riding worgs, a caravan of his employer's supplies were hijacked. The driver of the wagon and all of the riders were killed save for Dezi and a female goblin because they ran out of bullets. They kidnapped the two and interrogated them for information. Dezi was beaten harshly and seeing life as business felt he would give up his employer to survive to see his family again. Vocally giving up, his goblin captors began to untie his bindings to the chair he was sitting in. After he gave up his employer's name they planned on killing him, this was foiled by one of his captors slipping in Dezi's blood after declaring the trap. Frantic he grabbed the first sharp object he could, a fountain pen and shoved it into the neck of a goblin. Fumbling for the gun on the table, he quickly shot the other goblin luckily surviving once again. He retrieved all the items stolen, plus everything they had and left with the goblin female and headed down the path to Ratchet.

By chance his co-worker's uncle, his now employer's own personal convoy crossed their path. He questioned about his lost goods that never made it to their destination and the coin he never received. Dezi had planned on leaving with all he had found, and returning only for his family but he lied and luckily the goblin female confirmed his alibi. He told them they were hijacked by another cartel, and because he wouldn't tell they were going to kill him. He killed them took their goods, and planned on returning everything for more orders. He even apologized for being tardy. This lie won him another promotion and more responsibilities. He returned to Kezan the day before Mount Kajaro erupted, unable to find the right time to break the news he ate with his family, inquired about his sister and slept.

He was awaken by the explosion and thrust into the chaos of the evacuation, he was still younger than his older brothers and just had returned. He didn't want to leave them but they insisted and he honored their wishes. Finally making it through the swarm of goblins he saw the large dragon in the air and was terrified. Eventually he met up with Wuvvums and his four brothers and they embraced in chaos for moments. As the raining fire continued they ran to the evacuation barges, being pushed into different ships by the stampede of goblins, once again they were separated. They were enslaved until cannon fire ruptured their ship killing more goblins in the process, luckily Dezi survived washing onto the shores of some islands. Searching the island he did not find his family members, and knew he could not do anything without coin.

Now as a member of the horde he sought out his employer for support, and when he arrived to his place in Ratchet he found his employer and trusted official died in the Barrens as it ruptured. By rank Dezi was asked to take his place, eagerly he agreed and began being debriefed on his former employers operations. Finally having all he wished for he now realized he had no time to enjoy it because the reason he wanted it so bad was gone. He left the operations in charge to those who were doing it before he arrived and with his new found resources sought out after his family.