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Player: PvtFrog

Character Full Name: Dallahan Galeterror (Refuses to use his given surname since he's cut off ties with his family)

Character In-Game Name: Dallahan

Nickname(s): The Amazing Dallahan, Oh-Great-One, The King of All Mages, Successor to the Sun King, Dallahan the Great, The Mysterious and Sexy Man (All of them self-given, as many can tell)

Association(s): Himself, as well as anyone he finds useful at a given time.

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Mage

Age: 694

Sex: Male

Hair: Crimson red, his bangs are swept to cover the right side of his face, ending near his cheekbone. At the back, his hair is pulled back into a medium sized ponytail.

Eyes: Bright Green

Weight: 122lb

Height: 6'1


Usual Garments/Armor: Usually seen in a purple clothing, the mage seems to despise wearing robes, perfering a somewhat gaudy attire. He frequently wears a dark purple vest that exposes much of his chest with matching purple trousers. His belt buckle is set with a sky blue gem, housing a fair amount of mana inside of it. His purple gauntlets made from heavily woven cloth and are adorned with similiar mana gems, covering his forearms. When wearing his purple cloak, it has a Kirin Tor insignia sewn onto it as this was the clothing that he wore during his time as an instructor in Dalaran. He has another copy of the same clothes, although this set has longer sleeves and doesn't show his chest. However, the second copy is a maroon color, complete with a fur lined hood and a flipped Dalaran insignia, showing his spite towards the organization. On his neck, the man wears what looks to be half of a pendant, set with a ruby. The amulet is enchanted to weave an illusion on his appearance, giving him his everyday 'normal' appearance.

Other: When the illusion is dispelled, his real appearance is that of a pale skinned man with contrasting black tattoos on the right side of his body. His cheekbones are slightly pronounced and he's slightly underweight for someone of his height. This can be attributed to the neglect of his health during his pursuit of power.


Alignment: Neutral

Loud mouthed and impossibly annoying at most given times, Dallahan is annoying at his best and a threat to someone's sanity at his worst. While the man is genuinely egocentric, his magical powers not helping his case any bit, he is aware of his capablities and takes heavy care in not overstepping his boundaries. Underneath the layers of self-love however, lays a more dangerous side of Dallahan that many fail to see. He is viciously power hungry, not hesitating to sacrifice allies or friends if he were certain it would to be in his benefit. Despite the many faults in his personality, he has a soft spot for his younger brother and tirelessly works towards his goal for his younger sibling despite him being missing. He is not entirely devoid of compassion however, as he enjoys the company of animals and would generally prefer to avoid harming them if possible. This isn't because he finds them cute or anything like that, only because he sees a purity in wild beasts that he thinks humanoids lack. Because of the abstract nature of his goal, he generally lacks direction and takes to wandering around aimlessly until he finds something that pertains to his goal. Unlike what many may assume from his boastfulness, the many traumatic events that Dallahan has seen throughout his life has caused him to become a withdrawn individual, and as such his 'loud mouthed act' requires conscious effort, and if observed carefully, people may see inconsistencies.


Born during a relatively peaceful time in the area which eventually became the Ghostlands, Dallahan was the eldest son of a two Magisters. The young boy was given a variety of books to read, and with his childish curiosity the boy quickly took a liking to reading and studying. As he hit his teenage years, he was sent off to Dalaran to in order to study the magical arts. Because of his parent's slowly waning political influence, pressure was put on him to succeed in his studies. This caused the young man great pain and often caused him to neglect his health when studying for exams. After he had finished his studies however, he was forced to stay in Dalaran in order to ensure his mastery of the Arcane arts. With the constant training, his skills eventually made him a viable option to teach other budding mages. It was during his third year as an instructor that news of a younger sibling was sent to him, requesting the Elf to return back to Quel'thalas as soon as possible.

Upon his arrival, he was dissapointed and greatly hurt to realize the reason his parents had wanted him to come back was only so he could teach his younger sibling how to manipulate the Arcane at a young age. They had hoped to produce a child prodigy, and hopefully strengthen their political influence. Despite Dallahan's protests that teaching the child at such a young age would be counter productive, his parents refused to listen to his pleas. They coldly reminded him of his place in the household, as well as the fact that he had no political sway in the city at all. Grudgingly, Dallahan attemted to teach his brother the magical arts. Unsurprisingly, at such a young age the child was not receptive to his teachings and their lessons often ended up with nothing being learned, much to their parent's frustrations. As months passed with no progress, as well as the slow and inevitable loss of politcal standing, their parents resolved to do what Dallahan could not. They imprinted Arcane tattoos onto their child, granting the young but still immature child a weak control of the chaotic energies that Dallahan had taken years to master. However, this control was incomplete and coupled with the child's lack of understanding about magic, his spells often malfunctioned. One time, while Dallahan was trying to teach the child how to conjure a fireball, his brother expended too much energy trying to create it, resulting in an explosion that wrecked the room. Luckily, Dallahan had conjured a shield to protect his sibling, at the cost of recieving the punishment himself. As their parents barged into the room, instead of making sure their eldest son was alright, they began to criticize and insult him, putting the blame on him for not teaching his brother properly. Enraged with the fact that they were willing to sacrifice him and his sibling in order to further their careers, Dallahan finally snapped. Getting to his feet, and making use of the years of practise in Dalaran for the first time, he killed both of his parents. This was the first time he had used one of the spells he created, killing his parents as he called down a blast of electrical energy that lit up the room. In his mind, if his people were willing to sacrifice their own kin for their selfish needs, then he wanted nothing to do with them.

Aware that he would have to answer to the authorities for his actions, he dropped off his younger brother in the local orphanage and teleported to the only place he thought was safe, Dalaran. Casting off all familial ties with his family, he dropped the use of his surname and simply refered to himself as 'Dallahan'. Unfortunately, Dalaran was unwilling to harbor a murderer and word soon made it to him that they intended to capture him and turn him over to his home country. Shocked at what he percieved to be another betrayal, he gathered his belongings and stole away in the dead of night. Feeling betrayed by the two factions that he had grown to love throughout his life, his views on humanity and his kind were shattered and replaced with a bitter hatred for them. Seeing them as corrupt, and beyond saving, he resolved to gain enough power to overthrow what he percieved as a 'misguided and immature government' and help guide his people in order to protect them from themselves. Stealing a large assortment of tomes from the library and then running away during the night, Dallahan then slowly and painstakingly made his way towards the only landmass he thought would be safe: Northrend.

A majority of his life was spent in the isolation of a small cave in Grizzly Hills, with his only company being the smaller animals that realized he meant them no harm. Living off the land and with no distractions or hindrances, Dallahan was able to devote himself fully to his studies as well as practicing his magics. As the years passed, one day Dallahan suddenly felt a cold emptiness inside of himself. Sensing something was wrong, he summoned up a portal to take himself back to his home city, and to his shock, found himself in the midst of a city consumed by Scourge forces. Staying behind in order to search for his younger brother, as well as help rebuild the city, Dallahan was less than amused to see the arrival of Kael'thas and his promise of a 'cure'. To him, the man was just another political conspirator, feeding his subjects false hope and beliefs in order to win their loyalty and support. While he was never able to voice his views in public, for fear of being imprisoned, he did not actively contribute or offer his services during the time that Kael'thas was in the city. However, he did make a point to follow his troops into the Outland in order to find ways to gain more power. Unlike Kael however, he was unwilling to use demons as a way to gain additional power, seeing their ways as chaotic and filthy, or in his words 'unworthy to be used by someone like me'. Dissapointed with what he found, but never discouraged, his journey to multiple ruins in Outland proved to be rewarding as he found many tomes and ancient books that helped expand his knowledge regarding demons and the warlock arts. Although he never employed their foul magics, he knew that it was best to be prepared, lest he be caught off guard by one of their practitioners one day.

While he was caught off guard by the announcement of Kael'thas' betrayal, he felt that he owed his city nothing and simply left Outland to return to his cave in Grizzly Hill in order to continue his pursuit of knowledge. With the Scourge forces becoming more and more dominant in Northrend, Dallahan was forced to cast an illusion around his abode, protecting it from any wandering eyes. However, eventually he deemed Northrend to be too dangerous to continue living in, and promptly travelled back to the Eastern Kingdoms. Since then, he's been wandering around aimlessly, hoping to find any sources of power that he could take for himself in order to take him closer to his goal of overthrowing Silvermoon. Although he know's that his cause is by no means lawful, he remains faithful to his goal in the hopes that under his rule, the events of his life can be averted with other families.

Skills and Abilities

Centuries of experience has given the man ample time to formulate his own blend of spells. Given his love for thearical arts, it's no surprise that many of his own spells have a dramatic flare to them, employing large area of effects as well as incorporating dramatic explosions into them.

Energy Nova: Holding his hands up to the sky, Dallahan then summons down a blast of arcane lightning that has roughly a five meter radius around him. Because of the chaotic nature of this spell, as well as his proximity to the spell it has the chance of damaging himself as well as enemies if he uses too much energy or he's not fully concentrated. This spell is often accompanied by the man yelling 'Shazam' at the top of his lungs as he believes it scares his opponents.

Flame Pillar: Conjuring a hollow pillar of flame to surround him, this spell serves as a makeshift defense in order to discourage melee fighters from continuing their asssault. Since the flame has no solid form, attacks can still breach the pillar(at the cost of burning themselves) if his assailant insists on continuing to attack.

Improved Blink: Through the aid of specialized Arcane tattoos imprinted on the majority of the right side of his body, spanning from his waist to his face, Dallahan's blink ability has been artificially enhanced. He is able to blink short distances with greater ease, as well as longer distances without expending as much mana as he normally would have to.