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Player: zenethen

Character Full Name: Dalikan Godford

Character In-Game Name: Dalikan

Nickname(s): Dal, Godford, Dali, Old Dog

Association(s): The Grand Alliance, The Argent Crusade, The Order of the Lion Hearted, Stormwind House of Nobles, Reformed Knights of the Silver Hand, The Mithril Order, Order of Lordaeron (Former), Lordaeron Regional Guard (Former), Lordaeron House of Nobles (Former)

Race: Worgen

Class: Justicar (OOC Warrior)

Age: 49

Sex: Male

Hair: Grayed with age, long in braids over his shoulders.

Eyes: Light Blue

Weight: 206 lbs (Without Armor); 318 lbs within Worgen form.

Height: 6’ 7”


Usual Garments/Armor: Outside of battle, Dalikan can be found wearing his tabard of the Silver Hand with pride atop a simple white suit, as well as well-kept pants and simple boots. His slightly coined glowing smithing hammer rests at his belt most of the time when he is in casual wear.

In a formal occasion, Dalikan will wear the armor he used before the Battle of Hillsbrad. His family’s blade, Alah’melorn, would lay sheathed on his back, and he would often look like he’s trying to avoid tense situations. Within worgen form, Dalikan is garbed in a new armor of platemail that he crafted himself. The platemail is similar to his old armor save for a few differences, and he still wields Alah’melorn as his weapon.

Other: N/A


Alignment: Lawful Good

Dalikan Godford is an honorable man that is proud of his service to the Grand Alliance. Most anyone he meets can somehow become his friend, no matter the beginnings. The now-worgen man is willing to place his life on the line for others, and will often raise his blade for a cause to save one of his close friends or family members. He is a fierce fighter, his former vigor only intensified by his new worgen form. He holds a large amount of loyalty to Lordaeron and the Alliance, and possesses a passionate hate for anything Forsaken. Formerly a mostly neutral man, Dalikan now bends more towards the Alliance side of any conflicts he enters, although his old paladin teachings eventually creep onto him to try and bring peace without violence. Dalikan also finds himself changing the subject whenever asked about what happened at Fenris, or will often try to elude questioning regarding his form, as he seems to be almost afraid of his new form and its contradiction to his abilities in the Light.


Dalikan Godford was born and raised in Lordaeron to the noble and Knight Arthur Godford and Malena Godford-Jones. He was graced with an older brother by four years, Neveen, and a younger sister by two years, Dileera. His mother died when he was young, passing in giving birth to Dileera. Dalikan was given the opportunity of tutoring when he was of age, and showed exceptional intellect in many categories of his teachings. At the fresh age of nineteen, Dalikan was a proud member of the Lordaeron Regional Guard in the region of Tirisfal. Word came through that the Kingdom of Stormwind had been conquered by the mysterious orcs, and the predominantly male Godford family prepared itself for war in the north.

Dalikan’s father, Arthur, was taken from his band of Knights and trained as one of the second wave of fresh Paladins. Dalikan, Neveen, and a soldier named Zenethen Galrein, all stood together in the first futile attempts at defending Lordaeron. Many battles followed, including Quel’thalas, Alterac, and Lordaeron City, where he made many friends; Mirran West, Aldis Tannen, and Gerald Jacobson among them. During the famous Push to Stormwind, Dalikan and his brother were taught the arts of the Paladin by their father, and they returned to Lordaeron as yet-to-be-named Knights.

During the calm between the Second and Third War, Dalikan found his wife in Selena Galrein, sister to his former comrade. From them came two daughters, Heather and Marlena. Life was simple for the seemingly retired Knight, and he seemed content in learning the art of blacksmithing, reveling in the calm of the age. It was in this wonderful moment when the Kingdom was caught by great surprise; a plague arose, and it brought upon the Kingdom many undead abominations that ravaged the countryside. Dalikan and his brother were among a fresh cadre of knights that defended the majority of Tirisfal from the undead Scourge, and all seemed easily suppressed.

Again, that changed when Arthas returned from Northrend and massacred Lordaeron City. Dalikan’s father was among those called to defend Darrowshire, and Dalikan grieved the supposed loss of his wife in the massacre of Lordaeron City. His sister and daughters were safe, however, as they had been taken to the family’s out-of-city manor by Neveen. Tragedy after tragedy seemed to plague the Knight of Lordaeron, and Dalikan found himself staring at the outskirts of the ruined town of Darrowshire, holding his father dying in his hands. His father passed as Dalikan was unable to heal him, and Dalikan was left only with the shattered family blade. Dalikan was told by a passing deserter to give up the cause and flee with the refugees to Stormwind. He took the advice, and joined his brother, sister, and daughters on the journey south.

In Stormwind, Dalikan heard of the newest opportunities in Kalimdor, and was actually among those called to accompany a small ship of soldiers and knights that would sail across the sea to aid Jaina Proudmoore. He did not want to leave his daughters, but his sister and brother assured him that they would be taken care of. Dalikan boarded a ship, and after a month of slow talk and unknown speech, they finally reached the shores of a new land; Kalimdor.

Kalimdor was a battleground by the time Dalikan and his men arrived; the Legion and Scourge had already taken control of much of the coastlines, and it was a battle just to get ashore. It was not long before Dalikan and his fellow knights found themselves at the slopes of Mount Hyjal, staring eye-to-eye with the forces of the Burning Legion. The great battle that followed would be remembered for many years to follow, and Dalikan cheered alongside his comrades when the day was won. He was commended for his skill during the battle, and began to aid Theramore in its waking hours. He served for two years in Theramore, making sure that nothing cataclysmic happened, and then sailed back to Stormwind.

There, yet another tragedy would shock him; his brother had been called to fight in the north under the Lord Garithos, and had been slain in the battles against the Scourge. Dalikan gave himself time to grieve, and kept himself to a peaceful life for a good amount of years. He was called to the cause of the Grand Alliance as both a noble and knight of Lordaeron, and soon found himself as the commanding officer of a small sect of the Seventh Legion dedicated to guerrilla tactics to attempt in retaking Lordaeron. He led the small group of soldiers with a tactician’s mind, proving his skill in leadership and strategy many times over. It was for his achievements that he continued to rise in rank in the Grand Alliance’s armies, even once being claimed to be called ‘Justicar’ by his soldiers.

His tour in Lordaeron changed when the Argent Crusade was formed in the face of the Lich King’s awakening and increased aggression. He was called as a Knight of the Silver Hand and a Knight of Lordaeron to join the Argent Crusade in its fight in Northrend. As a vengeful Lordaeronian, Dalikan was glad to call himself among the ranks of the Argent Crusade. While he was a Knight of the Alliance, the nobleman would need to earn his rank again in the Crusade. During the great battles of Zul’drak and Icecrown, Dalikan was given the rank of Templar, and when the Lich King was slain, he was pardoned to do the Alliance’s needs until the Crusade would next call him.

It was in the following calm that Dalikan first was admitted entrance to the Mithril Order for his exceptional talent in smithing. He passed his given test, and was given the sigil of the Mithril Order, and granted the honor of being a rather well-recognized smith. He took this moment to travel to Outland, where he was told to deliver word to a commander vacationing in Telredor. In Telredor, Dalikan met a friend of his, Cristovao, and together, the two Paladins reforged Dalikan’s family blade into the improved Alah’melorn, a claymore that was literally forged in light and flame. Lightstrike was its name in common, and Dalikan gave it this name for it glowed with the Light as it rested in his hands.

Dalikan took the reforged Alah’melorn with proud hands and returned triumphantly to Stormwind City, where he was granted the temporary title of Lieutenant Commander, the honorary title being ‘Justicar’. With this new title, Dalikan gathered a group of allies together into his newly founded Order of the Lion Hearted, and they resided in southern Lordaeron, meeting out justice against those that threatened their allies, the Blades of the Silverfang. He was eventually called to aid a situation in Winterspring, but he was interrupted when the Death Knight Kraine dueled him and threw him into a wound-induced coma. Dalikan recovered slowly afterwards, readjusting himself to his increasing disabilities.

Dalikan was granted the privilege of being a proud brother as he was the pastor for his sister’s marriage to Dalikan’s second-hand, Doyle Lynch. Many other joyful things crossed through his time as the leader of the Order of the Lion Hearted. Recently, however, he has been called back to Stormwind. As both Knight and Noble, his new Lionhearts were recognized as an official cadre of Alliance Knights. Dalikan was finally also granted the official rank of Commander, though it was given in a situation of merit, and not truly need. As a Commander of the Alliance, he commands his cadre of knights, and isn’t quite well-known by the general populace, but most other matters are left alone by him unless the supervising commander of the situation is unable to command.

Now being a Commander of the Alliance, Dalikan went to Southshore and began to organize as much of a defense as he could make. He had a hunch that the Forsaken would attack, and was prepared to face them when such a hunch became truth. The Hillsbrad Militia followed under his leadership, and the Battle of Hillsbrad truly kicked off when the Forsaken burned the crop-fields of Hillsbrad. For the next couple months, Hillsbrad was a land of constant conflict, with Dalikan at the head of an army of roughed-up militia. Dun Garok fell, as did Hillsbrad Fields to a new forsaken army from Silverpine. Southshore was soon to be next, and so Dalikan devised a swift plan.

The Justicar and Commander led the people of Southshore away from their homes and to the ruins of Fenris Keep on the Dawning Isles of Lordamere Lake. Dalikan presided over the refugees of all townships of Hillsbrad as they made a new home for themselves in the ruins of the former Lordaeronian keep. Fenris became a city of tents, though no smoke flew from within the battered walls. He felt that they had finally found peace and safety away from the forsaken menace. Months went by, the former citizens of Hillsbrad lasting by their own whims off of the bounties of the Dawning Isles, until finally forsaken scouts were discovered outside of the keep’s walls. They had been discovered.

While the Forsaken prepared for a great assault of Fenris Keep, the Bloodfang Worgen made their way through the gates of Fenris. They gave the people of Hillsbrad an ultimate choice: drink the blood of the worgen and become one, disabling the forsaken ability to raise them to be slaves to the Banshee Queen, or remain human and possibly be slain and raised as thralls for the Forsaken. Dalikan, along with a very large majority of the former Hillsbradians, chose the lesser of two evils. They drank the worgen blood and became the Hillsbrad Worgen.

Dalikan, along with the other Hillsbrad Worgen, swiftly amounted to a counter-attack against the forsaken invaders. From the walls of Fenris Keep they bounded to the shores of Lordamere, punching a hole into the forsaken forces. Leading the more civilian of the Hillsbradians away from the new chaos, Dalikan once again found himself in the streets of Stormwind. A great cataclysm had shaken the world, and he did not recognize the city that had come to be his home. After the heat of the battles at Fenris, Dalikan now came to the discovery that the Light no longer answered his calls. He quietly secluded himself from Stormwind’s streets, making his way to the Lionheart’s sanctum, where he told none of his new form.

His duties as a Commander of the Alliance have become no less important than they were before the Battle of Hillsbrad, and Dalikan now fearlessly dedicates his renewed worgen strengths to the cause of the Lionhearts and the Grand Alliance.

Skills and Abilities

Hold the Line
As a Justicar and learned tactician, Dalikan’s talents in leadership are extraordinary, giving him the ability to seemingly give his men better morale as if from nowhere with passion and grace.
Let Vengeance Cry
The former paladin, now worgen, has the common ability to shift into his worgen form. The ‘old dog’ has the ability to unleash a vengeful howl in his worgen form, likely instilling a sense of fear within his weaker-minded enemies and a renewed vigor within his nearby allies.
Lordaeron Shall Be Reborn
The wounds and scars that once plagued Dalikan are now minute in the man’s new worgen health. While most of his old wounds have healed and Dalikan’s strength has been for the most part restored, some of the graver war wounds still plague his human form.