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Player: McKnighter

Character Full Name: Dalar Shadowpelt

Character In-Game Name: Dalar

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): Cenarion Circle

Race: Night Elf

Class: Savagekin

Age: 10,483

Sex: Male

Hair: Long, wild green. Twigs, leaves, and other sorts of objects that belong in the woods are often found entangled in his hair.

Eyes: Amber (Formally silver)

Weight: 305 lbs

Height: 7'2"


Dalar's body is in great shape, very toned and muscleman due to the physical training aspect of being a Druid of the Claw. He bares many scars on his body, mostly faint marks.

His bear form matches his own, though all of the druid trinkets are gone. Only the tattoos remain.


Alignment: Chaotic Good

Dalar is a loner, rather keeping quiet and away from populated areas. He weights a sense of honor about protecting nature and keeping balance and order among the wildlife, and would fight to the death for it. He does take pity on the weak, and attempts to help the needy when possible. However, he judges heavily on first impressions.

He tends to act on impulses, such as an animal would. Whatever he does, he sticks to it and won't let go. As a Savagekin, his focus is simply to survive in the troubling world of Ashenvale.


Dalar was born and raised in Moonglade, being taught the principals of Kaldorei and the balance of nature. As the Highborne and Queen Azshara begun to tap into the Well of Eternity, Dalar was among who believed that they were being reckless and could lead to terrible results. He favored the idea of connecting to nature, keeping safe and in harmony.

When the Burning Legion were brought to the world, slaughtering the Kaldorei, Dalar took to arms aganist the demonic threat as an adapt druid, unable to take a shape of a creature at this early age. As the portal was closed, the great and massive explosion that took place nearly killed Dalar's entire family, either they were killed in the explosion or dragged them to the bottom of the ocean, leaving him alone.

As the reconstructing of the world begun, Dalar, along with most of the other druids, he agreed selflessly to sleep for centuries in the Emerald Dream. communing with the dragon Aspect Ysera. Over this period of time, his eyes turned amber due to the connection with nature and the enhancement of his druid powers. He was interested in the Claw sect, and learned all the traits and aspects of the Bear, adopting it to be his form once he awoke.

When the Third War started to threaten the Night Elf lands, Dalar was shocked to find that the Burning Legion is making another attempt to destroy the Night Elves, and take the World Tree's power. Once he was waked from his slumber, he fought furiously aganist the demons within bear form, though reluctant to work side by side with the orcs and humans.

When Archimonde fell, and the bulk of the demonic army was routed, Dalar vowed to protect the remaining forests of the Kaldorei, while restoring shattered lands. He has kept alone in his path, rarely coming across other people, even rarer if they were non-Night Elves. He went along the forest as a bear, finding peace in the form. He never left afterward, his mind twisted and finally succumbing to the animal mindset. Dalar acts as any other bear would in the forest, avoiding the Kaldorei who often try to re-capture the bear or put him out of his mercy and viciously attacking orcs and trolls that might ruin his home.