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Player: kindle135

Character Full Name: Daenisius Sunblood

Character In-Game Name: Daenisius

Nickname(s): Musical Conqueror of Hearts, D

Association(s): None

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Bard

Skills and Abilities: Little to no combat skills of any worth, however, Daenisius can play the Lute and the flute with apt.

Age: 1573

Sex: Male

Hair: Long, pale blonde, asymmetrical

Eyes: Fel Green

Weight: 150 lbs

Height: 6'1


Elven commoner's clothing with a coin sack fixed to his belt and his lute on his back.

Other: Daenisius almost always smells of smoke and blood-thistle. Despite his age his voice sounds rather young.


Alignment: Chaotic Good

Daenisius is an easy going type of person, through years of travel and meeting various types of people he has grown to be beyond petty racism and bigotry, though this may also be due to his inherent stupidity that has grown worse from old age and years of drug use, overall though, Daenisius is an amicable Elf with imbecilic tendencies, such as stuttering and fumbling over words.


Daenisius was born some twelve hundred years ago to a a lonely man and his lonely wife of the surname Sunblood. They were mere farm folk in that time, though in his hay day the old Master Sunblood was a talented mage who saw his fifteen minutes of fame come and go, such abruptness left him yearning for the spot light once more, thus he vied for a son that would follow in his foot steps, however, he was largely unsuccessful. In his long lifespan he tried for a son eleven times before getting it right, each of the daughters willing and ready to try their hardest, many joining the Magisters and many later joining the Farstriders when they are founded, Daenisius however begged to differ from them. It was a boyish spite in which he refused to practice combat or learn magic, Daenisius decided that if his eleven sisters were all huntresses, warrioresses, and magi, then he need not be, thus he decided early on in his life to devote himself to luxury.

Throughout his youth the libertine Daenisius would always reject his father's notions of masculinity and self promotion, his father could not succeed no matter how hard he tried. During his adolescence Daenisius went to his first Elven party, drank his first cup of Elven wine, and fell in with his first bad crowd of Elves. This Elves were Quel'Dorei ne'er-dowels such as Daenisius, except most of them went to one of the arcane academies thus they had actual skills in the arcane arts. Through this strangely friendly crowd Daenisius was introduced into Bloodthistle, which would be a habit he would retain for the rest of his life. Someone in this half millennium of partying Daenisius picked up a lute and practiced playing it as he idled when he smoked bloodthistle with his friends. He would eventually integrate the lute into the whole of his personality as though the lute and him were one. Daenisius would eventually follow a girl he had fallen in love with outside of Quel'Thalas to see the greater world, at this time Dalaran, Lordaeron, and Stromgarde were all worth seeing. Thus Daenisius traveled and developed a strange colloquialism of his mushed common and Thalassian, which created the seemingly stupid inflection of his voice. Through these travels Daenisius also learned of and appreciated other cultures.

Both fortunately and unfortunately, Daenisius arrived back home shortly before Arthas arrived to tear up the place. Daenisius wisely hid in the ivory tower his father had been hiding in for centuries now to avoid the attack, Daenisius' lover went to fight against the Scourge. Daenisius and his father did not speak much while they in the tower, over the centuries they had grown apart and it took an army of the dead to awkwardly cram them together. In their mutual hiding they both felt the shock of the loss of the Sunwell, Daenisius' father took it a bit harsher than Daenisius himself, he died of shock and old age.

Daenisius needing magic attempted a wide variety of herbs and other narcotics to suffice, finding pleasure in none. Eventually he left Azeroth in the pilgrimage to Outland to absorb Fel energies and do menial labor for his fix. After a long while of avoiding combat He left Outland via portal to go back to Silvermoon, not wanting to get involved with the Black Temple. In Silvermoon he wasted about for awhile longer, doing his regular thing only using Fel to nourish himself rather than arcane. After a long while, a Naaru capture, and a sovereignty shift, the Elves eventually joined the Horde, thus Daenisius took to traveling again. He traveled Lordaeron, finding little that he liked, he however, did meet his ex-lover in Forsaken form and after a long and meaningful series of discussions Daenisius grew to accept the dead and not blame undeath for the sacking of Silvermoon and death of many of his friends and family. Thus Daenisius continues to travel all throughout Azeroth and where ever he can go, trying to live his life unhindered by nationalities and boundaries, nor does he wished to be weighed down by skills and responsibilities.