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Player: Cressy

Character Full Name: Cressy Fluxxwizzle

Character In-Game Name: Cressy

Association(s): Grogporter Trade, Goblin Ports and various low lives

Race: Goblin

Class: Hunter

Age: Thirty-eight

Sex: Female

Hair: Burgundy and slicked back.

Eyes: Purple

Scale: .95


Usual Garments/Armor: It really depends. Some days she is more inclined to wear something business casual. Some days she is more into wearing gear that protects her from the occasional stab.


Alignment: Neutral Evil.

To put it bluntly, Cressy is a sadomasochistic, ruthless, manipulative, business woman. Nothing is more gratifying to her than watching a rival business burn to the ground (literally and metaphorically) till there is nothing left but ash. Even with her terrible mindset, she manages to convince people to buy her goods and come back for them. That isn’t to say they like her, just that even with her flaws people still ‘trust’ her business.


Born in Kezan, Cressy was second eldest in a large family spawned by the baby maker known as Margarita Fluxxwizzle. Little to no care was given to the children as most were forced to fend for themselves. Many of the elder ones didn’t care what happened and only did what they needed to do to survive. Cressy, on the other hand, took the initiative and for many years, did what she had to in order to support her younger siblings. Sometimes this involved stealing, trading random objects found around her house or even doing random, odd jobs. She did what she had to do support who she could.

Eventually, her mother’s lack of maternal instinct came into play; a large gambling debt was owed and she willingly sold the elder children into slavery. Needless to say, Cressy was furious. Not only was the person who was supposed to take care of her, yet again turning her back on them, but she was willingly giving them away to fix her own addiction.

The goblin spent several years bouncing around the slave trade, being forced to do whatever the slavers wanted her to do. Many times, Cressy was beaten or whipped due to not listening and would then be sold off to the next willing sucker. This happened many times before Cressy was able to sneak out. Luckily, her slaver did not seem to mind the loss and did not go after finding the rebellious slave.

Eventually, Cressy was able to save enough gold to get back to Kezan. Over the years, her heart had grown bitter and she plotted on ways to ruin her mother. When she finally arrived, she found out that her siblings had either left the island, died or been sold into slavery. It devastated her. She decided to find the waste of air and make her pay for what she had done.

After using some of her old sources, she found out that her mother had married the original slave trader and had settled down; they even ran a small smoke shop. By this time, Cressy’s heart couldn’t break any more. It had become hardened by everything that had happened, that any semblance of good that had been in her being was gone; she was nothing more than a bitter, angry goblin.

Cressy spent a few days in a haze of drugs, alcohol and hookers before she came to the conclusion to kill her mom. She went to the shop right before it was to close and did a quick but efficient job; slitting her throat till it nearly decapitated her. Quickly taking whatever she could from the till and the cases, she left Kezan and never looked back.

After a couple of bad months tripping in a couple of port cities, Cressy found work with a trade company, peddling wares. She spent a couple years with them before finding Grogporter Trade where she has spent the rest of her time auctioning off crates.