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Creezy in his normal outfit
Creezy in his diving outfit

Player: Zarakk

Character Full Name: Creezy Darve Firley Prozz Triffles Friddleblitz

Character In-Game Name: Creezy

Nickname(s): Creez

Association(s): GSF, anyone interested in engineering/engineering wares

Race: Gnome

Class: Warrior

Age: 49

Sex: Male

Hair: Creezy has large green hair that stands up in all directions

Eyes: He has rather large, green eyes.

Weight: 45lb

Height: 3'1"

Usual Garments/Armor: Creezy will most likely be seen in his work attire, which would be his blue shirt, blue overalls, rocket boots and the tabard of G.O.O.S.E which he uses for most occasions, although sometimes he might be wearing his self-crafted gear which is rather large and "mechanical".

Personality: Creezy is energetic and overjoyed more than necessary, he always has a wide smile on his face and has a hard time seeing negative things or knowing if anything is sarcastic, therefor he tends to think that everything is happy and butterflies and that no one will harm in as long as he is nice to them. He trusts people very easy and will go along with most things offered to him, and he tends to skip out things that are said to him that he doesn't want to hear. He is really bad with names and will never get them right even if they were written in front of him.

History: Ever since Creezy could walk and use his hands he has been fascinated by the arts of engineering and has been tinkering and learning about it. He was unable to learn much about engineering at home, since his parents were ordinary gnomish civilians who lived in Gnomeregan and made a living on donations from telling stories to those who wished to listen. Therefor Creezy's studies revolved around watching other engineers tinker about and experimenting himself. This often lead to several "accidents" and many burnt shoes. But he has yet to have any serious injuries from his work and he likes to follow the phrase "Learn by doing."

As the attack on Gnomeregan started, Creezy was one of the first to evacuate, along with several blueprints and schematics, goggles and his two loyal wrenches. He followed the stream of panicked gnomes and tried to stay with them without tripping over or dropping anything. When they later sought refuge in Ironforge, He tried not to make such a big notice of himself and kept a rather low profile seeing as there were many things going on and they didn't need some gnome running about. When he found a place where he could sleep, next to a lot of other gnomish refugees, he realized that his parents never made it out of there, at least from what he could see from the gnomes around him. He felt sorrow inside him, a sorrow that when it slowly past he decided that he would never want to feel again, so he always kept a wide smile on his face and greeted people in a pleasant way.

Somehow he blamed himself inside, because he thought that the all the radiation that troubled Gnomeregan from the bomb Mekgineer Sicco Thermaplugg detonated to wipe out the troggs, which turned gnomes into leper gnomes might have been caused by one of his recent failed inventions, so he strove to invent something that would reverse the effect, and hopefully turning the leper gnomes to normal gnomes. He sat by himself for several days, trying to think about what he could do about it, and what he would do with his life and then a perfect idea struck him, he would start an organization which goal was to satisfy people with engineering goods, and figure out new inventions to help the world, and people.

So he started an organization he named the "Gnomish Organization for Optimistic and Sensational Engineers". He rented a decent building in Ironforge which he called the "GOOSE Castle" and slowly recruited gnomes, one engineer after another until they were four. As business grew larger and their name spread around the halls of Ironforge and Stormwind, a gnome named Gerwocket came by the 'castle' and offered a merge of G.O.O.S.E and G.E.A.R, Creezy was delighted that people had such interest in his organization and accepted the offer without a doubt. Because of the none-gnomish members of G.E.A.R, he subtly changed the name of the organization to the "Gyromatic Organization for Optimistic and Sensational Engineers".

Which is what he works with as now, with what he loves the most in his life.