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Updating the template with new entries

Just a simple, step-by-step guide explaining how to update this template.

  1. Identify a character profile to feature
    1. The easiest way to do this is to go to the Character images category
    2. All featured articles should have an image
  2. Using existing featured profiles as a template, write up the summary
    1. Update the image reference; you may need to resize
    2. Include an introduction to the character (usually the first portion of the history)
      1. Ensure that the first mention of the character's name links to the article
      2. When applicable, the first mention should use the character's full name
      3. Introduction should be approximately 750 characters
    3. Change the more link so that it references the character's article
  3. Ensure that the profile looks good by clicking the Show preview button
  4. If so, save your changes
  5. Add the character to the template
    1. Each entry is prefaced in the template with |#= where # is the week that it will be displayed
    2. Make sure that you do not have duplicate weeks
    3. You cannot preview what it looks like until that week, which is why it is originally added to the Featured articles page
  6. Edit the character article to include the Featured article template, preferably at the bottom of the page
  7. If desired, leave a comment in the Discussion identifying its new status as a featured article

Archiving old templates

Each year the old template is archived, and the template should reset with new entries.

  1. Go to the Featured articles page
  2. Copy the entire contents found after Featured character profile
  3. Click any link in the archive box found at the top of the page
  4. In your browser's address field, update the year
    1. For example CotH-Wiki:Featured articles/Archive2012 can be changed to CotH-Wiki:Featured articles/Archive2048
    2. This is a simple method of creating a new page
  5. Paste the profiles copied from the Featured articles page
  6. Edit the Featured articles page archive box to include a link to the new archived page
  7. Blank out the contents of the Featured articles template and start over for the new year