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Player: Grogloki

Character Full Name: Brizzle Fizwizzle

Character In-Game Name: Chopper

Nickname: Chopper, Chops

Association(s): Fizwizzle Family

Race: Goblin

Class: Rogue

Age: 30

Sex: Male

Hair: Blue

Eyes: Green

Weight: 105 lbs.

Height: 4’6”


Usual Garments/Armor: Typical working clothes. Chopper rarely dawns armor unless he sees a reason too. The ruffian can mostly be found in cloth, wool, or heavy woven fabric of some type. Mostly he wears the attire of a laboring dock hand since he prefers heavy lifting to most other things. Both ears are pierced many times along with his nose, both lobes are gauged to double zeroes.

Other: Choppers left eye is gone leaving behind a horrible knife wound from when it was taken. To cover this he wears a basic black leather eye patch. His nose is slightly crooked from being broken in fist fights several times. Looking closely one might also see that two teeth are missing on the right side of his mouth having been replaced by two golden replicas which he makes sure to keep polished.


Chops grew up rough not seeing a reason to bite his tongue. He speaks his mind and is often rude to most people in hopes of getting some type of rise out of them. With a keen knack for finding chinks in peoples emotional armor Chops puts his slick tongue to work with insults and crude jokes as would any dock hand who couldn’t care less about the upper class. He’s highly protective of his family mostly his sister Wuvvum’s and his younger brother Dezi, who he often refers to as the brains. Chops will not hesitate to call someone out on their mishaps or if he thinks they’re full of it. Since being forced into a rundown way of life Chopper has become fiercely agitated with people and often has zero patience in dealing with them which gives way to his fire cracker temper that often lands him in the drunk tank time and time again or in a gutter with a black eye. It’s safe to assume when meeting Chops it’s best to approach him as one would a hardened ship hand.


When Chopper was born it was obvious right away that he’d grow to become a force to be reckoned with. Even though he is the second youngest of his brothers he is probably the largest having been gifted with a large muscled frame which only grew further from his time in the mines. In the beginning before the mines Chops worked most manual labor jobs that would land his family the coin it needed to put food on the table as did all members of the down ridden Fizwizzle family. Chopper grew up hard with his brothers and sister but he grew up strong, especially with someone like his Grandfather to look up too who only possessed one leg yet still carried enough piss and vinegar for the lot of them.

Chopper quickly went to work in the mines and at the docks when Agald his oldest brother left home seeking adventure as a pirate. Chops has always resented him for leaving the family often calling him selfish, the two do not get along well. With a large frame and strong back Chops found manual labor to be a craft that fit him well it was during this time that some of the local sharks took an interest in his strength. They used Chop as a collector of debts, during his stint as a leg breaker he grew fond of the lifestyle and took to loan sharking and enforcement work with ease. Chopper travelled out from the islands on occasion to hunt down debts and runners that thought they could escape their coin problems. While out in the world he would take mercenary jobs that he felt were good for the coin, these ranged from attacking caravans to thieving high priced merchandise from trade companies. He was also very careful not to cross his employer’s paths when pillaging and looting for his merc work. This however turned out not to be Chops true calling, he was a knee snapper and he liked to keep things simple that way.

When some question of unions forming on the docks among the trades routes Chops was called in by the cartels to deal with the head of the so called group that defied their Goblin duties as laborers. Using a pipe, a spoon, three bolts, and a light bulb Chopper convinced them to cease the foolish forming of unions and in turn most fell back in line those that didn’t were dealt with in the shadows. This is how Chopper dove into the culture of dock working and shipping taking to the company of men that it often drew more so than the fancy city folk who happened by. Chops preferred his late drunken fist fights and one night stands to any real life of security and safety. He lived a wild life which helped him to gain a solid foothold in brawling, pickpocketing, and other various shady dealings. Through this life style Chopper managed to earn himself a rather bold reputation as a hard case, a tough cookie, or leather neck as some called him. As he fell further into the life style the sharks that used him for face breaking decided to use him as a fighter in the underground circuits for extra coin.

These were not your typical fights. Most were held in mysterious warehouse basements that smelled of fresh cut meat, or old fish. Chops had usually been stripped down to his pants and bare feet then ushered into a large wooden walled in circle or cage wrapped in barb wire. Sometimes various tools such as wrenches or bats were thrown in with only one rule there could only be one left standing. Rounds were counted by the knock down and everything was legal in the realm of no rules. After Chopper began winning well, earning himself and his family a decent amount coin the sharks decided to up their own winnings with more sport. This meant that it was time to up the stakes; Chopper moved up from other Goblins, Gnomes, and Men to animals such as vicious attack dogs sometimes two or three at a time. With youth on his side and a solid build Chops could easily handle any threat that was sent his way or deal with any job that needed doing.

Chopper lost track of his sister Wuvvums for a time during his stint in the underworld of illegal sports and gambling which saddened his usually hardened heart, and drove him into a drunken binge of violence and bloodshed. With the Cataclysm rocking the island causing devastation and mayhem Chops found himself alone and with little purpose to remain on the island he gathered up his savings and offered them up for passage on a boat off the isle. As he gathered his things he was reunited with his siblings and the lot of them set off together. This however was a ruse only to hide the betrayal which awaited him. Chopper had secretly been sold into slavery along with the others. That’s where he met a cruel man by the name of Hernick who cut out Chops eye for breaking a ship hands nose after eyeing Wuvvums as the siblings were placed on separate barges.

The slave barges were caught in the cross fire between the Horde and the Alliance which made for a rather rocky escape but an escape none the less. Once Chops had found the main land he quickly took to his old ways working on the docks to make some quick coin in order to set up his loan sharking business. While working on the Speedbarge to earn coin for his travel north to Bilgewater Harbor Chops ran into his younger brother Dezi who was passing through on business. Eager to find his other siblings Chopper has joined with Dezi in order to begin their new lives as free Goblins.