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Player: Nightharrow

Character Full Name: Chardonay Blackwood

Character In-Game Name: Chardonay

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): Alliance, Gilneas, Darnassus, Cenarion Circle

Race: Worgen

Class: Druid

Age: 36

Sex: Female

Hair/Fur: Brunette

Eyes: Hazel

Weight: 195/295

Height: 5'6/ 7'6


Chardonay's features are full and feminine. She has large round eyes and a narrow nose that balances out a wide mouth. Her skin is ruddy and tans easily beyond the walls of Gilneas. She is not particularly fit, carrying the thick hips of a mother. However, beneath her softened frame are muscles built by years pulling in each and every harvest.

In human form she favors home sewn dresses made with rich fabrics and dark colors. A shawl for warmth is usually around her shoulders and it is not uncommon for her to also use one as a hood. The only shoes she wears are a pair of worn leather boots that have seen a lot of seasons in the field and a pair of thin walking sandals.

As a worgen she is experimenting with minimalistic styles in leather and cloth. Being that she is superstitious she keeps talismans of luck and protection cloaked on her person at all times; regardless of what form she takes.


Chardonay is experiencing a transformation in more ways than one. Prior to the Shattering she was an attentive wife and mother. Her house was always in order and she held steadfast to the old ways; teaching her daughter to do the same. The daily affairs of her community were important and she enjoyed lending a helping hand as well as ear. To her, a good piece of gossip was always a welcome break from the dreary weather and hard work. She also has a hardy sense of humor, one passed down to her from her father, a plump man who loved to eat and drink; if her name and the name of her progeny are any indication. She found herself lucky to not be named Rhubarb or Eclair like her siblings.

In the aftermath of her husband's death she is encumbered by a growing sadness. She does her best to hide it, especially from her daughter. However, her daughter is grown and has her own affairs to tend to- which leaves Chardonay free to explore life outside of being a Gilnean homemaker. She is intrigued by her worgen form and enthralled by the powers awakening inside of her. Despite her fanaticism on how the harvest-witches single handily saved Gilneas from starvation, she is blown away by what the Cenarian Enclave has taught her.

Taking on new challenges has been an escape for her. Behind the many masks of a druid, she is able to hide her sorrow.


Chardonay Barry grew up in a time before the Greymane Wall. However, because her family was part of a secretive community that practiced traditional nature magic she has very few memories of life outside of Gilneas. Her youth was spent in her family's small cherry orchard and learning what her grandmother called the old ways. During this time she developed an affinity for druidic witchcraft, which was not the least bit surprising as it was in her blood. All of the women in her family were witches, or Harvest-Witches as they came to be known.

It also came to be that her grandmother, the matriarch of their family was and had been good friends with the neighboring farm's matriarch for many years. That neighboring farm was the Blackwood farm, a family that adopted the name from the nearby Blackwald. The two of them arranged for Chardonay to be courted by one of the sons of Farmer Blackwood, a gangly freckle faced redhead that didn't interest the girl at all. His awkward advances were met by a stubborn guile that displeased the Barry and Blackwood households. But, the eldest adopted son, Radford thought she was amusing.

Radford was twelve years her senior and interestingly enough, had as hair red as his younger brother's, however, he was tall and handsome, with broad shoulders and a charming smile. Some years back his young bride had been killed in an unfortunate plowing accident and he had yet to take another wife. Chardonay would have preferred he be the one courting her and she made that well known.

One industrious night during the Autumn harvest, Chardonay was following behind her father's wagon assisting the other women in ensuring that the earth would be ready again by the next planting season. Radford, along with his mother, approached the family of harvest-witches. Taking Chardonay's grandmother aside a new deal was struck. Radford would marry Chardonay and Chardonay's cousin would marry his younger brother. However, in addition to Chardonay's hand, her father would give up a portion of his cherry orchard to the Blackwoods. This was done in order to smooth over the insults incurred by his daughter.

Despite the terror of war ravaging the Eastern Kingdoms, Chardonay planned an extravagant rural wedding. Unfortunately, before they could marry the King began to heavily tax the citizens in order to construct the Greymane Wall. Their nuptials were postponed until the wall was completed. The wedding that followed was rushed and minute compared to the one in her dreams. Radford always promised to make it up to her, however time passed and they were gifted with a baby girl. She named the girl, Roux, like a subtle prayer for a hardy child that would bind them eternally. Thus the wall became a bittersweet blessing, allowing for Chardonay to realize other dreams. She was an adoring wife and a loving mother, raising her daughter with the same tenets she had been.

The family remained neutral during the Northgate Rebellion, as neither side seemed to align itself with the fringe Gilnean society. They worked hard and continued to practice the traditions that had always seen them through. The men culled their land with strength and the women nurtured it with magic. When the worgen attacked, the Blackwood farm was one of the first to be consumed. Radford and his brothers attempted to defend their home as best they could, but ultimately they were defeated. Their deaths allowed for Chardonay and her daughter to escape, but not before they both were cursed.

After being captured and experimented on, both were given a temporary cure. Seeking guidance they traveled to Tal'doren and were given the opportunity to travel to Darnassus. Chardonay was eager to leave behind the nightmare that had claimed her husband and so she convinced her daughter to accompany her. There, Chardonay has began the healing process for her grief. She is embracing her new forms and exploring the depths of her druidic powers. Although her daughter has gone beyond the young tree city for further exploration, Chardonay is not quite ready herself.