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Player: Saiyuu


Character Full Name: Celestia

Character In-Game Name: Celes

Nickname(s): Cel, Cellery.

Association(s): Exodar; Argent Crusade (Retired);

Race: Draenei

Class: Warrior - Ace

Age: 6147

Sex: Female

Hair: Alburn color, very long (reaching her tail). It usually is tied in a ponytail behind her head.

Eyes: Cyan

Weight: 203 lbs

Height: 6'1

Usual Garments/Armor: Celes has most recently taking a habit of wearing casual clothes, loose shirts and pants, though still keeping her legs covered by ironclad boots. For combat, Celes wears a hybrid armor of boiled leather, mail, with small pieces of plates, a very light armor that is usually worn when she's piloting. Celes carries a pair of long swords by her right hip, attached to her belt. Sometimes she carries small guns and pistols, for combat complement.

Other: Celes often avoids telling her full name, Celestia. She dislikes her full name, preferring to keep it short and simple. Her tail is very short, only ten inches long, usually perked up. It used to be longer but it was cut in a swordfight and ever since it has only grown this much. Celes is rarely seen without gloves, as she feels uncomfortable with showing the burnt scars on top of her hands.

Alignment: Lawful Good;

Personality: Celes is confident, outgoing and friendly most the times. She tends to be distrustful towards sin'dorei and orcs, due to their past deeds, but often is willing to give them a chance before judging them right away. She feels more comfortable around other draenei and among some of Azerothian races, particularly gnomes and dwarves. Celes was taught to have a positive view of her future, having taken it more to heart after her arrival on Azeroth. She hates showing to be depressed or being sad, rarely wanting to bother anyone else with her problems. Her anger tends to perk up whenever she sees someone being overly dramatic about an issue.


Her parents, Mezzul and Garina, first were partners in battle, seeking to assist their kind in any ways required. Mezzul was a Vindicator and Garina an Anchorite. They fought side on side in many battles, their respect and admiration for each other eventually became love and from that love Celes was born. She was born during the Draenei escape from Argus. She was born in the dimensional ship Oshu'gun, and like many births, hers was very celebrated. Garina expected to raise her to be an anchorite, like her. She was known for being a very strict woman, though Mezzul, in love with her, didn't think this would someday become something bad.

For some time, Celes grew learning of the ways of the Light, the same way many draenei do, however she never showed much skill or prowess with manipulating the Light, except to use the lowest form of Light draenei use, Gift of the Naaru. Her lack of ability frustrated Garina, who had her mind set into making Celes a proper Anchorite, one that could assist and perhaps replace her once the time was right. Garina set Celes to learn with a personal tutor, having private studies about the Light to see if she could yet develop the ability to use it.

Still, much for her frustration, Celes still proved to be incompetent with using the Light. Celes, by this time still a kid, thought she maybe would learn later. Showing a peculiar interest for research and technology, Celes started skipping her training, without the knowledge of her mother, to instead go to the Factory ship Mechanar, to see other draenei study the peculiarities of technology. Interested by it, she asked for one of the scientists if she could also learn there. Even though she was still young, the draenei scientists were glad that a youngling like her was willing to learn. One of them gifted Celes with a box, containing simple pieces for training to those who were first starting to learn about technology. The gift pleased Celes very much and she spent her time dedicating to learning more about it.

She had a good time doing it, until the day Garina found about what Celes was doing; missing her training with the Light to instead go fumble into “silly” things like technology. Taken by the frustration accumulated for years, Garina let anger lead her and punished Celes for her attitude. Celes wasn't right by doing what she was, but Garina took the punishment too far, using boiling water to burn her hands as punishment. Greatly hurt by the cruelty, Celes entered in a shock state, her hands gravely hurt. Anchorites of the Exodar managed to save her life and partially heal her hands, though some of the scars would never be gone. Mezzul was taken by great fury once he discovered what Garina had done.

The day Celes left the nursery, he came back home with her, gathered their belongings and moved, leaving Garina. Since the day he never spoke a word to the woman, finding her too cruel to be worthy his time. Mezzul had to raise Celes on his own after this, though perhaps he didn't regret the decision. After recovering from the trauma of being punished like this by her own mother, Celes returned to the Mechanar to learn more, doing so slowly. As years passed, Celes matured into an adult draenei and was properly introduced to work in the Mechanar.

She spent a great part of her life working there, researching, inventing one or other thing, having found a deep love for technology. Celes eventually moved to live in another section of the ship, though no day was spent without her visiting her beloved father. Their relationship was strong, a deep bound of father and daughter between the two. Still, her father was a warrior, and so far Celes was only a scientist. She did know how to wield and use a sword, but was never there to fight by her father's side.

Celes moved from her work on the Mechanar to join the draenei aerial forces, daring draenei known to mount Nether Rays with great skill and that proved to be a great asset to the race. Good reflexes and bravery made Celes a good pilot after more years of training, though she still found time to work on her trinkets and inventions

Upon crash-landing at Draenor, Celes was hoping to find a peaceful life, the draenei having established a friendly relationship with the orcs. However, peace didn't last. The Legion lured the orcs into corruption and war once again reached the draenei. Their forces being decimated, Velen and his group of draenei retreated and hide at Zangarmash. To her, this time was considerably peaceful, as no major event took place in her life, at least until Velen decided to lead his draenei in an attack against the Tempest Keep.

Celes fought alongside Mezzul in this battle, all the time fearing to see her father die by the enemy hands. Much for her relief, the group was able to take control of the Exodar. The ship escaped into dimensional space, making its way to Azeroth. Due to sabotage, the Exodar suffered critical damage and was forced out of its way. It crash-landed in Azuremist Isle, with many fragments spreading in a wide radius of the land. During the crash, Mezzul died and Celes suffered serious wounds. Only when she woke up weeks later to find that her father had passed away.

This was a most serious blow to Celes, as he was the only person she had as a family. She fell into deep depression and perhaps would have tried a more dramatic solution for her suffering, but an event took place and changed her life for the next years. A group, Argent Crusade, sent a recruitment party to gather volunteers to help with the upcoming war against the Lich King. Celes first recruited herself with the thought of being “cannon fodder”, not thinking she would make any difference at her current state, or rather, not caring much. She and the new volunteers were taken to Northrend, to Argent Crusade's main camp.

There Celes began to have contact with the many different races of Azeroth. The whole new world helped distract her mind from her loss. Her interest reached the perk once she first saw Ironforge's aerial forces, dwarves and gnomes piloting their ironclad aircraft with great courage and skill. She requested to be transferred to the same unit, considering her skill would be better used in the air rather than in land. Celes was assigned as a pilot in a fighter squadron, receiving an aircraft of her own. During the war, her squadron performed a great number of aerial kills, the draenei proving to be just as skilled with an aircraft as any dwarf or gnome in her squadron.

Months passed with the war raging violently, but finally the heroic sacrifice of Bolvar Fordragon helped defeat the Lich King, along with most his Scourge forces. With the war over and the world in a relative peace, Celes retired from her squadron, having earned enough money to purchase an old aircraft on her own. She spent the next months working on the said aircraft, studying and researching aerodynamics and how it worked on those aircraft. Celes began to modify her old aircraft, changing pieces, improving and creating new parts. With it done, she renamed it as “Pride of the Naaru”, a possible prototype for what in the future might be the very first airplane of Draenei creation.

Skills/Abilities: As a draenei warrior Celes learned how to wield swords and daggers with precision and deadliness. In a fight Celes trusts her quick footwork and good reflexes to overcome her opponents, though sometimes uses rather unorthodox tactics, such as pulling out small firearms to shoot a distracted opponent. Her true skill lies in the air, in an aircraft's seat. Many years mounting Nether Rays and a few more piloting dwarven aircraft have given her impressive skills in aerial combat, an ace, as some would say. Out of combat, Celes has a very good grasp of technology, better in draenic arcane technology but recently learning better about gnomish technology. Her personal aircraft, Pride of the Naaru, is the result of her ability with technology.

"I didn't know it could move like that!": Celes, as an ace, is skilled enough to learn and pilot most mechanical vehicles by her first try. It seems to apply especially well to aircraft, allowing her to do maneuvers and fly as the vehicle usually does not.

"Locked on!": A specialist in dogfights. Celes, when piloting, is the last person you want to have behind your tail. She can lock on most unexperienced (and even experienced) pilots and intercept them with graceful skill.

"I call that cheating": Celes can become so involved with the aircraft during a flight that she will actually feel as if she became a part of it. This is mostly due to high reflex and deep concentration when flying. This not only allows her to have a better piloting performance but also permits her to understand how the aircraft is behaving to damage, for how long it can still fly or if it is time to retreat.

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