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Player: Kiffles

Character Full Name: Cebrisae Mendrasia Goldenwaltz

Character In-Game Name: Cebrisae

Nickname(s): Cebby. Or Nerd, Fatty and other such derogatory, insulting jabs.

Associations: The Sin'dorei

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Arcane Theorist (Mage)

Age: 142

Sex: Female

Hair: Black, and cut in a sharply angled style with chunky bangs and shoulder-length straightness.

Eyes: Green

Weight: 179 lbs.

Height: 5'7"


Cebrisae has no taste for fashion whatsoever. Most of the time, she just wears what's comfortable, conservative and concealing. She makes it a point to try and hide how overweight she is by wearing large sweaters and ankle-long skirts.

Other: She isn't at all a thin elf. Cebrisae's pudginess is obvious even with how much she tries to hide it, proven by rounded features and a bulkier frame. She also wears a pair of thick, round glasses to help her eyesight.


It is a given that her physical appearance has made the girl self-conscious and timid around her peers. She much prefers the company of a good book or a cat to a large gathering. Even with this, she's a very selfless girl and will try to help someone if they are in need, even if it's harmful to her in the process. When she does become familiar with others, she can boast a keen wit and a persisting optimism that would otherwise be hidden away behind her large glasses and timid smile.


For anyone who had been born and raised in Quel'thalas, it was hard not to be steeped in the city's culture, a culture deeply rooted in the practice and praise of magic. Though she was the youngest in a family of two other children - a brother and sister - Cebrisae Goldenwaltz was not a stranger to the gift of magic, and the benefits of an upper-class life. The three siblings lived a well-versed life, and their parents made sure that they got the best of everything. Strict though they were, their children were blessed with many happy days of learning. Cebrisae and her siblings were raised to be well-bred young adults, her brother practicing to become a battlemage; her sister, a successful magister. Cebby herself had never truly been very good with the more complicated spells, and so she began her studies as an arcane theorist, doing more writing and researching than conjuring and casting.

The siege on Quel'thalas saw her father and brother to the front lines, joining the rest of the fighters to defend their city. They were only able to assist so much before their lives were taken, and the things that Cebrisae saw on that fateful day were forever seared into her mind. People torn limb from limb by ghouls. The horrifying screams that filled the air. The smell of death and dying. The city lay in ruin, and the young elf felt as if the world as she'd known it had been taken away, forever.

Thus began the downward decline. Stress kept her from truly recovering, mentally. Though she did after some time, the feeling of being wrung completely of the Sunwell's gift of magical power and the destruction of her home left her feeling a little more than overwhelmed. She'd hide away for days at a time, stress eating and reading whatever book she could get her hands on. Whatever literature was left, at least. She didn't feel the need to learn anymore, she just wanted to read for the sake of having something to do. Something that would keep her mind off of other things. The only thing that finally seemed to return her to some form of mental balance had been word of the Blood Elves' new source of power - the ability to siphon and harness fel energy. By the time that she went back to her studies for arcane theory, she was no longer the bright, social girl that she had once been. She was overweight, near-sighted and highly anti-social. The only thing that seemed to give her any sort of joy anymore were little things like practicing her violin, or writing whatever was on her mind.

Several years have passed since the loss of her father and brother, and her old life. She seems to have become a bit more stable since then, but habits die hard. Even after the recovery of the Sunwell, she's still a chubby, nerdy little thing that carries a book with her wherever she goes. Only recently had she completed her studies for becoming an arcane theorist, and even though her mother would probably never forgive her for being anything but a distinguished scholar, she's been contemplating setting her newly acquired degree on the back-burner in pursuit of a calling that more fits her fancy. When she's not giving handouts to stray cats in Silvermoon, she's tucked into a corner drawing or working with enchanted inks, having acquired a new love for all things artistic.

Life, for Cebrisae, has gone on, and she seems to finally acknowledge this, taking it with a more optimistic and happy mind than she had before.