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Player Name: Micheru

Character Full Name: Cayce Northend

Character In-Game Name: Cayce

Association(s): Moonglade / Cenarion Circle, Druids of the Talon

Race: Worgen

Class: Druid

Skills and Abilities: Survival - Master; Scouting - Master; Druidic Magic - Journeyman

Age: 34

Sex: Female

Hair: Human - Slightly purplish red; Worgen - Black

Eyes: Human - Amber; Worgen - Yellow

Weight: Human - 134 Lbs; Worgen - 270 Lbs

Height: Human - 5'9; Worgen - 6'5


Usual Garments/Armor: Leather garb, boots and gauntlets.

Other: Crooked wooden staff.


Alignment: Chaotic Good

Cayce cares greatly for her people, and has an immense compassion for all of humanity and its allies. That said, she's quite willing to put her compassion aside when someone threatens her, her people, or the creatures of the wild. She's got a fierce protective side that is anchored to the earth by her family's history as Harvest Witches, and her experiences serving the people of Gilneas.


Cayce's maternal line is that of hundreds of years of harvest witches, all across the line of women in her family. She was raised in the lands outside of the main territories of Gilneas, and grew up in the wilderness. As a child, she studied the 'old ways' amongst her mother's circle and learned the ways of survival in the rural reaches of mankind's territory from her father.

By the time she was sixteen, her father was called to Gilneas City to serve as a scout for the military and she was brought alongside him. Together as father and daughter, they worked in the wilderness, watching the borders and traveling the lands of the nearby kingdoms of Lordaeron and Stormwind to ensure the tenuous peace was kept. At the age of eighteen her father died in an ambush that nearly killed her, but she was able to tap into her training in the old ways and harness the very will of nature against her enemies. Officially taking her father's place, she was given a partner to aide her work and continued scouting.

As it would happen, she was away from home during the scourge and was forced to take cover in Stormwind due to the Graymane wall. Using a cover alias to keep her career a secret, she was hired on at a metalsmith in Stormwind City to keep herself fed, until Jaina Proudmoore began recruiting for a voyage to Kalimdor. Seeing a way to get out of Stormwind and feed her wanderlust, she signed on as a scout.

During the campaign against the undead, Cayce came into contact with the Night Elves, and could smell the old ways on them, as the druids rose from their slumber, she felt a calling to them. Once the Scourge was felled and Archimonde was destroyed, she approached the Cenarion Circle and asked to join them, only to be rejected. Discontent to be ignored, she explored the continent of Kalimdor on her lonesome, attempting to commune with the wild nature of it, and After several years, she felt it was time to return to her people and returned to Gilneas.

Cayce attempted to get home and her ship left her on the cape of Stranglethorn, where she ran north until she made it to Duskwood. There she made preparations to travel north, only to be brought down by the claws and jaws of a Worgen as it sunk its teeth into her neck while she made her way through the woods. She awoke with her mind in shambles, teeth too big for her mouth and covered in fur. The process was damaging to her psyche and so her humanity just fell into a haze of wolven sensory data and calls to the moon.

Cayce's mind was a feral haze of emotion and instincts as they took over, she became a huntress amongst her pack of Worgen, killing and dragging her kills back to her pack, hunting both animal and man. After the Night Elves taught the Worgen control and brought their humanity back slowly, Cayce began to remember her youth training as a Harvest-Witch and found her powers greatly amplified, winning her a position within the Cenarion Circle, and actual druidic training once she'd partaken of Tal'dorien's waters. Now, she travels the world of Azeroth, wolf and woman all in one, studying the power of the lands and defending her kin, human and wolven. In recent days, she has been studying with the Druids of the Talon as an unofficial initiate scholar.