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Player: Paylonas

Character Full Name: Camen Mistblade

Character In-Game Name: Camen

Nickname(s): Cammy

Association(s): Silvermoon

Race: Sin'dorei

Class: Mage

Age: 135

Sex: Male

Hair: Auburn colored hair lazily combed backwards into spikes.

Eyes: Fel Green

Scale/Height: 1 / 6'1" / 1.9 Meters

Weight: 129 lbs (159 lbs gear on) / 58 kg (72 kg gear on)


Usual Garments/Armor:

  • Battle/Normal Attire - Camen can be found wearing a thick set of Black and Red layered garments, with a red mask covering the lower portion of his face.
  • Casual Attire - Camen wears a variety of things when he isn't in his armor, most notably a Black and Gray suit.

Other: Spreading across Camen's body has burn scars spread across it, most of his body is affected by this - The only part that is barely affected would be the upper area of his face.


Camen tends to be quiet and keep to himself, usually only interacting with others if they strike a conversation up with him first. Otherwise he only talks to those who he's encountered in the past, or if communication is needed. As he grows to know people better, he then shows himself as he actually is - a fun loving and joking Sin'Dorei who tends to appreciate the smaller aspects of life.

Side Note - He tends to speak in his native language of Thalassian, it's easier on him and what he's been doing for a long period of time.


Once upon a time in the lands of Quel'Thalas met two young souls, Thanis and Usef. Thanis at the time was working for her mother at an enchantment parlor in Silvermoon, Usef a blacksmith for the Farstriders. What drew these two together isn't known, but it is known that they proceeded to spend the rest of their lives with one another to create a single child. Camen Mistblade was the product of their love, and so he grew up under their care!

Camen's mother and father were usually busy at work as he grew up, and so he spent most of his time with his grandfather Naron. Naron often telling young Camen how he had once been a great wizard, however Camen though most of these tales to be a load of- Life continued on as if routine, visiting his grandfather daily to hear stories of his past 'adventures'.

However as time grew so did Camen, and he had finally chosen to venture into the city with his parents instead of staying at home with his grandfather. This was an exciting moment in his life, perhaps one of the most exciting moments for him to date. As he had been hefting a crate of supplies for his father, bringing it to his shop he saw something peculiar to say the least. A group of magi stood out in the open training with staff and sword, flinging spells while using martial combat. Camen didn't instantly approach the group of magi he saw, instead he asked his grandfather about them; after hearing what he had to say he decided he'd try and join their order.

A variety of tests were placed unto Camen's shoulders to see if he was worthy to join them in training or not, after being evaluated by these tests he was accepted and appointed to Saldiin as an apprentice. Saldiin was one of their newest trainers, and Camen had been his only student - Saldiin wasn't like the other's, he encouraged experimentation with the arts of Arcane. This experimentation was passed onto Camen and he did so aswell, due to this he now has many burn scars adorned across his body. Finally he had learned his lesson to stop however, as his mentor died during one of his experiments.

Camen wasn't set off from learning, he was actually appointed a new teacher as if nothing had happened. Perhaps they knew that Camen had nothing to do with Saldiin's death? This didn't matter to him, instead he set off from his home of Quel'Thalas and began to travel Azeroth as an apprentice in the magics. Hoping to find a new teacher? Or possibly just get away from his home.

Camen was away when Silvermoon was destroyed, hearing of it's news he quickly head back to his homelands. It was too late for him to really do anything besides help rebuilding, while he was there and helping reconstruct he had finally swapped over to using Fel Magic.