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Player: McKnighter

Character Full Name: Calia Dolance

Character In-Game Name: Calia

Nickname(s): Cal, Priestess

Association(s): The Scarlet Crusade(Former), The Church of Holy Light, Stormwind, Argent Crusade

Race: Human

Class: Priest

Skills and Abilities: Her brutal time with the Scarlet Crusade forced her to become strong or die like her family had. With her entire sanity placed in her faith in the Light, she was able to perform impressive acts with the powers given to her. While a healer and protector first, she will defend herself.

  • Stunning Surge(Special Ability): When conflicted with a large undead ambush outside of Stratholme, Calia gathered her entire command of the Light into one giant spell, sending a blinding wave of Light to the Forsaken attackers. The Light completely immobilized the undead, stunning them for a time. In dire times against undead forces, Calia can produce this spell yet again. However, this will completely and utterly drain Calia, leaving her body too fatigued to move until proper rest is given.

Age: 27

Sex: Female

Hair: Bright Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 135 lbs in human form, 230 lbs in worgen form.

Height: 5'8" in human form, 7'3" in worgen form.

Usual Garments/Armor: She often wears blue clothing, avoiding red if at all possible. Most often she’s found in robes mostly of standard quality. She tries to avoid wearing any expensive or clothing that she is fond of, due to the worgen curse. She wouldn't want her favorite robes to shred because she couldn't control herself.


Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Calia is about as average and normal as far as a priestess should be. She is kind and generous, always willing to offer her assistance to those in need. She is chaste, though she wouldn't mind talking with handsome men every now and again. She is critical of her self-appearance, often spending more time than its required for dressing herself and fixing her hair. With the worgen curse, her sense of beauty has been shattered by the savage beast inside of her. She is horrified at her feral form, and takes great strives to prevent the hideous monster from taking over.

Her time in the Scarlet Crusade has brainwashed her into believing that anything and everything that involves undead or necromancy is the purest form of evil, and it requires purging by the holy Light. While she has been broken away from the Scarlets, she still retains the mentality around undead. She will shake, body will tense up, and if the problem is not resolved soon, she may attack the undead with everything she has. The best way to avoid such conflicts besides avoiding undead all together, is by having someone else step in and bring Calia back to the real world.

A personality shift came with the worgen 'gift'. Her condition regarding the undead has worsen greatly, up to a point that she will become unpredictable when in contact with them. She has adopted some of the general worgen traits, such as a desire to hunt and move within a pack.


Born as the youngest of Petra and Markas Dolance, Calia grew up in the small village of Brill with her elder sister, Elizabeth. The family had little troubles in the world, save for the brief period of time that Markas left to serve in the army.

The Dolance family was a lower middle-class bloodline, Markas’s side being a long line of blacksmiths for Lordaeron, and has always taken up arms whenever the kingdom called. Markas himself was a veteran of the Second War, having his fair share of scars from the conflict. He had met Petra Foxe when they were both children, as she was studying to become a Priestess in the local church. The two easily became friends, which led to a romantic relationship as they grew up. The two married soon after they became adults, and settled down in Brill. Both of their families were not rich, and all the two could hope is provide a solid future for their children.

Lizzy was born not long after, a strong girl that quickly grew active once she could walk. Calia came four years later, to some dismay of Markas, as he desired a son. However, as the two girls grew older, it was soon realized that Elizabeth was a sturdy woman, holding much interest in the blacksmith. Petra couldn't help her eldest from being taken under her husband's wing, but she could mold her youngest. Calia and her mother spent much time together, learning all of the duties and chores to be completed around the house. She was as typical as a young girl would be, joining Petra as well in the church. She held much faith in the Light, aspiring to become a priestess like her mother soon enough.

When she was old enough, Petra and Markas scrapped together enough funds to send Calia to Lordaeron, to study and work at the Church of Lordaeron. Leaving her family for a time, she spent several years in the large city, working under the clergy there. She even found a handsome squire, Walter Mason, to take interest in. Walter shared the emotion, and courted the young priestess. It was a blissful romance, but both made sure that they did not overstep chastity. They were engaged soon enough, once they were of age, with approval from her parents and Walter's. The Mason line was a merchant's family, having a bit more wealth than the Dolance's. Petra was quite happy to know that her daughter would be taken care of.

... Though, everything was to be shaken. Come the Third War, as the plagues began to sweep through the kingdom, Calia was thrown in dismay. Her father and her fiancé were sent to engage the walking dead, as they began to sweep through Lordaeron, slaughtering everyone in their wake. Calia returned to Brill to be with her mother and sister, praying and hoping that all would be well. Markas and Walter were sent to Stratholme, along with the Prince's forces. No word ever reached back regarding their health. The plague crept closer and closer to Brill, until the town itself was attacked by the Scourge. Calia and Elizabeth tried to flee with their mother, though Petra fell as a pack of ghouls caught up to the elder woman, effectively tearing her apart, a mist of crimson liquid spraying everywhere as her screams were cut short.

The pair of sisters ran for their life, tears falling down their faces as they traveled as far as their legs could take them. They ended up finding a small band of survivors, traveling throughout what remained of Lordaeron. It wasn't long till agents of the Scourge found them, and in what would've been their final moments, was saved by the Scarlet Crusade.

Scribyn was the commander of the force that saved Calia and her sister, and in turn their group was put under their banner. Elizabeth picked up the sword, her muscular build from tending to the blacksmith made her a natural warrior. Her mind was hardened into getting revenge for what the Scourge took from them. Calia, on the other hand, used her abilities with the Light to mend and protect her new family. She was racked with sorrow, knowing that her fiancé and father were most likely killed, hopefully not among the walking dead. She vowed not to do harm, as she believed that the Light should not be used to cause pain and suffering, even against the agents of evil.

That changed swiftly. As her band were sent on missions and assignments, more and more of those she now held dear were falling to the Scourge's tools of destruction. She grew empty inside, her sanity based on her faith that the Light would bring their kingdom from the dark times. During the course of events of Scarlet Crusade: Exodus, Calia was led along with Scribyn's platoon through the Plaguelands, protecting an artifact of the Light as they traveled to Tyr's Hand. Her sister fell in the journey, which removed Calia's final connection to the world. She went along with the Scarlets, an empty shell, till they reached the ruins of Stratholme.

There, Forsaken soldiers ambushed the Scarlets in overwhelming numbers. The Crusaders have already been through a cave filled with undead, and doom seemed to be closing in. However, Calia stepped forward with a sudden surge of Light, sending out a wave of the holy energy to stun the Forsaken. Their archers managed to releases their arrows beforehand, their tips finding the priestess. She fell to the ground, fatigued and wounded. She would've died there, if it had not been for Scribyn. The commander swooped in and picked her up, carrying her all the way to Tyr's Hand with what remained of their unit. He praised her ability with the Light, and thanked her for the action. Ever since then, she had grown fond of the fair haired officer that commanded over her. As she dare not mention her feelings, she simply enjoyed his company with a controlled tongue.

When the found Tyr’s Hand wiped out, their only choice was to sail to the last bastion of the Scarlet Crusade, a fort in the north east region of Northrend. There, was where they would make their last stand, as it appeared that both the Argent Crusade and the Forsaken were hunting them down, and would assault their position soon. Calia prepared for her final battle, and prayed that it would be a swift death.

Both of the forces attacked with combined force. They easily overwhelmed the remaining Scarlets, forcing them back into the chapel where Scribyn was hidden in meditation. They tried to hold back the tide, but it was useless. The line broke, and the enemy surged inward. However, the Argents began to demand surrender, promising to spare their life should they cease resistance. One by one, Calia saw Scarlet soldiers throw down their arms, and they were not struck by the Light, or slain by their captives. She tossed down her stave, and collapsed by fatigue and emotion. The war was finally over.

There was only one issue that remained; Scribyn was still in the meditation chamber. With the joined forces confronted him, he was enraged, and attack them with a terrible torrent of bright white Light. Through a titanic battle, Scribyn was brought out of his zealous fury when they found that his childhood lover was the Argent Commander, and that the artifact hidden inside the chest was actually, nothing at all. This broke the heart of the Scarlets, including Calia. They stripped their tabards off of their body, freeing themselves to do whatever they wished.

Calia was integrated into Stormwind, with some help of an Annabelle Greene. She managed to locate and find her extended family, her cousin Baidin and his parents. Staying with them, she began a slow process of recovery from the twisted world that the Scarlet Crusade was in.

Most recent events have led her to move in with Baidin at the recently conquered Hearthglen, staying with him as they both work with the Argent Crusade. She has even found a paladin that held interest in her, much to her delight. Though, the peace did not last long. When the world shook and the massive Dragon swooped over the land, she learned that Deathwing struck Stormwind, killing Baidin's father and crippling her cousin, leaving him with terrible burn wounds. Calia traveled south to try and do what healing she could, but even her along with other priests of the Light could not mend the boy. Heart-broken, Calia was further shocked to hear that the Forsaken were beginning a heavy offensive against the last bastions of the humans of Lordaeron. Feeling that she could make a difference, she traveled to Hillsbrad to take care of the wounded, hoping that reinforcements would come to fight off the Forsaken. They never came.

It was chaos trying to flee from the first barrage of the new plague the undead have developed, and flashbacks of the carnage in Brill drove Calia to the brink of insanity. She ran away, ran from all of those dying behind her until her legs gave out and she fell in exhaustion. The next thing she remembered was waking up in a small camp of survivors of the massacre, with humans and worgens. At first, she panicked at the sight of worgen and tried to fight her way out, but once she was calmed down, it was explained that the Bloodfang pack was with the Alliance and was trying to save who they could from the Forsaken's onslaught. Calia had little choice but to accept it, and the party made their way to Fernis Isle. There, Calia and the rest of the Hillsbrad refugees tried to recover, but quickly fell under another Forsaken attack. In fear of being overwhelmed, a few of the Worgen leaders made an offer to the humans. Die and be raised to serve the Forsaken by their new allies, or drink their blood and take vengeance. Calia wasn't going to become undead, so she drank the worgen blood.

The next few days went by in a blur once she was turn into a worgen. She gave in to feral, savage emotions, hunting with the pack and fighting around the Forsaken front lines. She felt good, satisfying the new, strange urges. It took a glance in the reflective waters of Lordamere Lake to fully understand her transformation. She was a worgen.

However, she was not the fair priestess. No, she was a beast with claws and sharp teeth, half-wolf half-woman. No longer she was pretty, she was fit for a war against the ruthless undead. It drove her mad, she ran away from the Bloodfang pack, angry at her decision to blindly take their offer. While she won't turn undead following her death, what did she give up for that security? What if they lied to her? Further more, as much as she tried, she could not shift back into her human self like she saw some of the other worgens do. It was too much for her to bear.

She roams the Hillsbrad Foothills now, hunting to survive and avoiding the Forsaken patrols. Little does she know, a certain squire has begun a search for her.