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Blamblaster working on a new invention.

Player: HeroLief

Character Full Name: Fizz Blamblaster

Character In-Game Name: Blamblaster

Nickname(s): Blam, Fizz, Fizzy, Fizzle

Association(s): S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

Race: Gnome

Class: Rogue

Age: 45

Sex: Male

Hair: Brown, short

Eyes: Green-Biege

Weight: 67 lb

Height: 3' 2"

Alignment: Neutral-Alliance (Friendlier to Alliance than Horde, but isn't quite hostile with Horde.)


Formal suit, green lens monocle, Book of Engineering Schematics, black fingerless leather gloves, black rubber boots

Other: Hammer, Spanner, Crowbar and Screwdriver at the ready at all times.


Creative with a determined sense. Determined, that is, once someone convinces him that the task at hand is important. He's always open to new ideas and takes them in warmly, but he must first believe that they are possible. He once thought of an idea that wasn't possible and he attempted to achieve it with no success. That lesson stuck with him.


Blamblaster grew up as a young boy in Gnomeregan. When he was young, he loved to interact with all the strange merchants that came to town to sell their wares. He found the many different races fascinating. He also fell in love with prospecting; he went above ground much and found many secret mines above Gnomeregan.

At the age of 42, his parents grabbed him and his girlfriend to flee the city when the toxins were spread; they realized the error they made before others did, there for they escape mostly unscathed. His girlfriend and his father were both intoxicated. His father only slightly, but his girlfriend was turned Leper. There for, as soon as he escaped, he pursued the path of Engineering as to find a scientific cure for his lost love. Deep down, he still searches to this day.

As he searched, he fell in love with the art of Engineering. He did not understand why Gnomes and Goblins did not get along and so he set out to find a way to prove there was no need for violence. He found out that Gnomish engineering was more reliable but had less of an impact while Goblin engineering was less reliable but always ended with a BOOM. He learned the art of both and set out to combine the two into a greater skill.

Eventually during his travels he came upon a company named S.U.C.C.E.S.S. and he was hired to be a Prospector and a Representative due to his experience with the subjects as a boy. He has made many an invention for S.U.C.C.E.S.S. that is still sold to this day. You can still find him today at the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Headquarters in Ironforge.