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Player: Yandere

Character Full Name: Belladiel Syl'vae

Character In-Game Name: Belladiel

Nickname(s): Liedalleb, Sparksong

Association(s): Quel'thalas, Dalaran, the Draenor Expedition, the Kirin Tor

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Mage

Age: 1624

Sex: Female

Hair: White, either kept in a ponytail or unkempt

Eyes: Faint emerald

Weight: 53kg

Height: 1.78m


Usual Garments/Armor: Robes. And nothing special seems to be about them, really.

Other: N/A


Alignment: Neutral Good

Belladiel is an extremely level-headed Sin'dorei. Initially, she seems haughty and arrogant, her company seeming a pain to others due to snide remarks that she may make whenever she first meets someone. It is merely a test to her, however, to see whether their patience is intact or not. In truth, she possesses quite a bit of capacity for kindness and empathy, her words chosen composed and orderly when such is required. When required, she even acts as a leader. Her history demands such of her, after all. Instead of flaunting her magical proficiency, she often decides to hone them. Perhaps, an adversary might be nearby and could try and identify patterns in it, after all. Towards allies or friends, she behaves quite tender, acting as a support when needed. A slight hint of paranoia is notable about her, not letting a naive personality ruin the rest of her life.

When dealing with an apprentice, she often adopts a rather maternal or sisterly nature, attempting to give them the basics for becoming an excellent arcanist. She is rather defensive about her own thoughts and beliefs, sometimes even becoming passionate about them. In combat, she adopts a cold and calculated personality, willing to employ just about anything to vanquish a foe. Which might be just a bit terrifying. Usually, she maintains an aura of professionalism around herself and bottles away negative emotions which may be disruptive. If called for, she may be manipulative, even. Although that is a rare case, as diplomatical issues no longer are much of her concern. One could call her desire for wisdom a greed; friends playfully dubbing her a living library is not unheard of.

Humans and gnomes seem to be her preferred company. And her own kin, at least some of them. She possesses a distaste for orcs, trolls, goblin, forsaken and night elves. Mostly due to the fact that she had to either wage a war against them, or disagrees with what most of their race stands for. Dwarves, worgen and draenei are seen with neutrality.


The Quel'dorei's history with magic is rather infamous, but their addiction to it essentially tied them to it. Well, as such, it was no surprise that Belladiel's family consisted entirely of Arcanists. They were rather famed for their craft, at least in the small district they were living in. The great city of Silvermoon still stood proud back then, the architecture alien and unknown for most mortal races. Not too many races were allowed this close to the quel'dorei's small empire, after all. Now, being born into this family, she had been taught dabbling with the Arcane from a fairly young age. Although, her parents had rather great expectations from her. Supposedly, she was supposed to ace the school whilst mastering the Arcane. Sure, she had a bit of time at her hands. This, however, didn't really allow her too much interaction with friends from the school. Oh well, the small breaks between the subjects had to be enough. Quite stressful, but she seemed to manage just well.

Despite the high expectations, they, her parents, seemed to adore their daughter quite a bit. Hell, they really couldn't deny her to many wishes. Or requests, as she called them. Desiring things from other people with all of one's heart was considered rude, after all. Occasionally, however, Belladiel couldn't help but participate in rather foolish actions that her classmates brought up. Skipping her arcane training after school to attend to something rather silly. Silly, in the form of utterly idiotic. It was known that Belladiel knew a bit of magic. Or well, was being trained in it. The kids heard stories of magicians being able to defy even gravity. Well. One of them wanted to jump down a hill. A rather steep hill that was roughly ten meters high. Pushing Belladiel to try her worst with the magic. Well, it ended up with one of the kids having to attend a healer after fracturing around ten bones.

...And the story reached Belladiel's parents as well. After a quite thorough verbal flogging, she at least memorised that overestimating one's abilities is definitely not good. Now, what did she learn from that? Don't fall to peer pressure, don't even bother to try casting for the time being and stop being an idiot. For now, Belladiel rather stuck to the usual routine. School, training her magical abilities until evening, sleep. Sure was a healthy schedule to live through the day. Although, she was fairly hesitant on performing any magic for the time being. Possibly, she was somewhat afraid she might hurt anyone. Eventually, that fear subsided and she devoted herself entirely to the training. There was a strange fascination regarding the Arcane. A power that seemed ever so fleeting.

With time, more stories of her youth stacked up. But it'd be fairly void to tell of each and every of them. Now, after she graduated from school, she finally managed to become fairly adept in the use of the Arcane. But, she was far from being akin to a magister or something. Thus, much more training followed. And after a few decades, her parents finally seemed to give her the okay. She could consider herself a mage from that day on. Although, training never seemed to cease. Centuries were spent with honing her skill. And learning different schools. For now, she had mostly focused upon the school of conjuration, but the others were soon to follow. Now, she heard of another race. Humans. They wished to know of the Arcane. And spreading knowledge, was, in her mind at least, something rather essentially. Thus, she made her way towards Dalaran. Once there, she established a possibility to sleep at and introduced herself to the owner of the academy. After a bit of talking, he approved of her and thus, she had to take care of a bunch of humans. They were the ones ever so eager of learning the arts of the Arcane, after all.

After a few initial problems, she eventually managed to organise her training. She had to train a few Elves before, although their affinity for it seemed to be much greater. Thus, she had to have just a bit more patience when it came to the humans. Not that it bothered her too much. Generations of students were taught. Time seemed fleeting for her, centuries passing on. Changing professions some, she instead joined another academy which revolved around discovering new ways of using the Arcane.

Outliving most of her students, well, and friends seemed to become rather typical. Such short-lived races were fairly unknown to her, after all. Now, after quite some times, rumors were heard that a new race, Orcs as they call them invaded Azeroth. Which soon proved to be very true. With Dalaran joining the alliance of human kingdoms, they dispatched a few of their wizards to aid. Belladiel was among them, as she was just a bit infamous for her destructive abilities. Wreaking havoc upon them, she was often guarded by a fair amount of foot soldiers. As she preferred to fight in formation rather than anything. It gave a nice sense of unity to it. The war went on. And even pushed into another world. She was asked to go with them, towards Draenor. Accepting, she moved on. Destroying quite a few demons and orcs in the process. But eventually, they ended up on this odd planet. But, without really knowing it, she was afflicted by the natural fel-tainted environment of Draenor. It gave her eyes a dim, but yet fairly visible green hue. However, the situation required every man available. Thus, she obviously sticked with them in this harsh environment.

The fate of Dalaran was unknown, during this time. They didn't know it was wrecked by a demonic force. All that mattered was surviving, after all. But after another period of years, forces finally seemed to arrive. But, they weren't too glad to see Belladiel. Calling her a traitor, a blood elf. She had no clue what was going on, to be fair. And most seemed rather oblivious to the change of her eye-colour. After quite a few people intercepted, those, she had fought and suffered with, they finally accepted to guide her out properly. Rather than just kicking her out. She found herself in Shattrath, later on, and had to research quite a bit on what happened the past years. Dalaran was destroyed, as was Silvermoon? And the sunwell was gone? She missed quite a few of events while she was out in Draenor. Using one of the portals that were situated in Shattrath, she returned to Silvermoon. Luckily, most of her family survived. Mother and father died of old age, but that was another matter entirely. She knew of that even in Dalaran. For now, she opted to rest some. Things were fairly stressful in the past few years.

The invasion of Northrend was starting, at this point. Belladiel heard of a certain group of Blood Elves that wanted to cooperate with the Kirin Tor. But Dalaran was fairly... unavailable, at least that is what she thought. Soon thereafter, she was informed that they positioned themself anew. Floating in Northrend. After a bit of haggling, she found someone that managed to escort her to Northrend, seeking out a certain mage in Crystalsong Forest who then teleported her up into the city. It was good to see something familiar again. And seeing people she actually recognised. Even if they became just a tad older. Reporting back to the academy she used to serve in. The fact that she was a blood elf changed quite a bit, however. She wasn't allowed to serve within the Kirin Tor anymore. As the nexus war was still on-going. However, she didn't want to sit around and do nothing. Thus, she went ahead and volunteered. Fighting the blue dragonflight alongside other drakes and arcanists. Naturally, this took quite a bit to accomplish, but eventually, Malygos perished. And the war was won. Somewhat. The losses were still substantial.

At some point after that, the Blood Elves were let back in. And Belladiel was ever-eager to join them again. Part of the Kirin Tor again. Once she established herself back in Dalaran, she rejoined her duties.

Skills and Abilities

Due to being rather ancient, and her race's natural affinity for the arcane, she has grown rather proficient in the use of it.

Thunderstruck – Having dabbled quite a lot with arcane lightning, Belladiel has managed to master throwing them at enemies. Sure, it doesn't manage to get quite as close to the electricity of a 'real' lightning strike, but sure is damn close.

Look ma, I'm a shaman! - Based on Flame Orb, she is capable of conjuring a 'ball' of lightning. Which may be given a direction and then uncharges on people that might be in the way. Naturally, it can't really decide on what it may uncharge.

Static Field - Akin to Blastwave, she may channel a large amount of arcane lightning and then release it in an area around her. May be risky, But sure as hell is capable of doing some damage.