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Player: kindle135

Character Full Name: Bazwa'Zuzu

Character In-Game Name: Bazwazuzu

Nickname(s): None

Association(s): The Darkspear Tribe, The Horde

Race: Troll

Class: Priest

Skills and Abilities: Typical shadow-priest abilities

Age: 32

Sex: Male

Hair: Light blue-grey mixture

Eyes: Beady and red

Weight: 216 lbs

Height: 7'5


Usual Garments/Armor: Ragged Troll robes an the occasional voodoo mask.

Other: Bazwazuzu is fairly thin and looks much older than he actually is.


Alignment: Lawful evil

Bazwazuzu is old and still retains a number of the Old ways of the Darkspear, thus he is a misogynist xenophobe who is very devoted in his worship of the Loa. He is wary of the Orcs and Tauren, unnerved by the Undead, and contemptuous of all types of Elves or anything in the Alliance.


Bazwazuzu was born into the Darkspear Tribe during the peaceful times on the Darkspear Isles. Bazwazuzu's father was a devoted shadow priest that had a decent following of Trolls among the Darkspear, thus Bazwazuzu was expected to grow up and take his father's place therefore he was to be groomed by his father. Throughout Bazwazuzu's adolescence he was trained to be his father's heir, a pursuit which he tried for with little distraction. Bazwazuzu's father's teachings had grown to be radical as the father himself had developed a case of dementia, thus Trolls would no longer gather to hear him speak nor would they come to him for spiritual guidance, making Bazwazuzu and his family rejects among society to a degree. In this time Bazwazuzu grew bitter and saw a loss of his social skills, coincidentally he also grew in his abilities to control and manipulate the shadow.

When the Kul Tirans founded their settlement on the island and pushed the Darkspear inland many of the elderly died, including Bazwazuzu's father. Bazwazuzu had finished his training at this point but found he had no other people in his life, his mother had also perished. Bazwazuzu, however, found he had little time to mourn as the murlocs were beginning to harass the tribe. Bazwazuzu fought ardently with his Darkspear brethren, through which he developed an intense patriotism, finding he had made some friends and redeemed himself, somewhat, with his use of his abilities in aiding his fellow tribesmen in stopping the murloc assault. Eventually the Darkspear were diminished and Bazwazuzu had little food to eat, he grew very weak an lost a large amount of weight as he came near death in this time. Bazwazuzu fell into a small, comatose like state, coming out of it when he heard word of the Orcs arriving. Bazwazuzu was and still is wary of the Orcs, but accepted them anyways as he was near death and the promise of lands in the west seemed better than dying or being sacrificed to the Sea Witch by murlocs.

During the plight to Durotar Bazwazuzu meditated and slept most of the time, having been made accustomed to eating little. During the brief period that the Darkspear could live on the Echo Isles Bazwazuzu grew to admire Zalazane as he gained notoriety as a great wielder of dark voodoo, something Bazwazuzu himself wished he could do. Zalazane was also an advocate of old Troll ways which earned Bazwazuzu's respect, but when he eventually began raising dead and enslaving Trolls using voodoo he knew it was right to side against him with the majority of Darkspear and fled the isles as Vol'Jin had commanded. Bazwazuzu felt discontent with Sen'Jin village and set out to explore the seemingly new world and to expand his personal power.