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Player: JTJP770

Character Full Name: Balverine Castiel Drakewing

Character In-Game Name: Balverine

Nickname(s): Bal, Little Wolf

Association(s): Church of the Holy Light, Drakewing Family

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Skills and Abilities: Balverine has all the abilities of a normal Paladin, his prowess with the Light is great. Very experienced in his art of combat, Balverine has good martial skill as well as commanding the Light.

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Hair: Dark Brown, tied into a rogue knot most of the time.

Eyes: Dark Brown

Weight: 200lbs

Height: 6’0


Balverine usually sports his set of Truesilver armor from his days as a squire, the set is a gray-ish blue. With gold trim on the breastplate.

Another set of his armor is a white and purple set which he sports on special occasions or if going into a planned battle. A white cowl cover his head, along with a gray and red cloak. His twin blade always on his back when wearing this set.

Other then that he can be seen sporting an assortment of different casual clothing.

Other: Balverine always sports bracers on his wrist, even in casual clothing. The skin on his forearms badly burned, something Bal is ashamed of.


Alignment: Lawful Good

Balverine is humble, hardworking and an honest man. He seeks to protect his family, and anyone else in need. A devout follower of the Light, he was always taught to respect it’s power and never take it’s gifts for granted. Being only twenty-five years old, he still has a very optimistic view of the world. Despite the challenges he has faced in life so far. When it comes to his infant son Jaece, there is nothing he wouldn’t do for the one year old. His brother Aros is also a very big concern in his life, as he would give his life for his brother’s gladly.


Balverine was born twenty-five years ago in Lakeshire to Kiranos and Elaine Carrick. The boys birth came right at the end of the Orcish Horde's occupying of the Redridge Mountains. The Horde's occupation of the land having no direct effect on Balverine. Other's in the village held a grudge against the Orcs, but it didn't seem to stick with the boy.

He never knew his father very well. Kiranos came and went frequently as Balverine grew, however his mother was always there for the boy. Giving him all the love and kindness he could ever ask for. Bal was the apple of her eye, everything she ever wanted in a son. Quiet, respectful and obedient Balverine never got into trouble, other villagers only complimented his behavior. As Bal grew, his seeing his father became less frequent. Before he would try and play with Balverine somewhat, paying mild attention to the boy. One time, Balverine walked up to Kiranos. A toy sword he had made from spare wood in the backyard in his hands. Balverine was about nine or ten years old. “Look Dad! I made a sword, I want to be a Paladin just like you!” Kiranos didn’t bother to look at his son, he kept his eyes in his book and said. “That’s nice son. Now run along.” After Balverine left the room dejected and defeated, Kiranos shed a single tear.

Wiping it from his cheek as he knew he couldn’t get to attached to his son. Knowing he would only bring trouble to his family. Soon after, Kiranos Drakewing fell in battle. His funeral was held in Stormwind shortly after. Balverine attended with his mother. But didn’t seem all to broken up about his Father’s passing, he had given up on the Paladin. With out the influence of a Father figure, Balverine grew up meek and timid much like his mother. He had trouble coping with crowds, dealing with strangers and especially talking to women. Balverine was twenty-one when his mother passed. Elaine traveled to Westfall with a group of others as she did once or twice a year.

A mission to feed to poor and give them aid. She split off from the group at one point to sit by the river close to Duskwood. A group of bandits confronted the woman, demanding her to give them all she had. Elaine had nothing, no money or valuables. They called her a liar and killed her. Stabbing her a few times before searching her to realize she was telling the truth. Balverine received a letter in the mail informing him of his mother’s death. The young man was heart-broken. Not knowing how to handle the world with out his mother, he did the only thing that made sense. He packed his things and traveled to Stromwind, applying to be a squire to Paladins of the church.

After a few trials of faith, Balverine was ready to take his vows and become assigned to a Paladin. He was eventually was assigned to Sir Jeremy Erickson, an older Paladin who carried traditional values of the holy warriors. Erickson taught Balverine well, teaching him what he knew and how to honor the codes of the Silver Hand. Bal caught on quickly, and with the help of his mentor was a gifted apprentice. Shortly after, Balverine met a young man named Aros. The two had a connection right from the start. Both being shy and soft spoken the two bonded.

Shortly after, a man named Xivarius Bloodbane met Balverine. He asked the aspiring Paladin to help him recover some stolen goods of his. Balverine, being the naïve and optimistic soul accepted; eager to prove himself capable to his superiors. The man led Balverine to the basement of the Slaughtered Lamb in Stormwind. Bloodbane began to ask him questions about his new friend Aros. Balverine refused to disclose any information to Xivarius, to which the man revealed he was a warlock with sinister intentions.

He began to interrogate Balverine, causing him great pain and emotional terror because of his will not to betray his friend. Giving up, Xivarius left Balverine to die in the basement of the inn. If not for Aros being tipped off as a taunt from the warlock, Balverine would of bled out. The young priest quickly scooped up his friend and took him back to the Cathedral for healing. As time went on, Bal and Aros’ relationship grew. The two becoming the best of friends until one day Aros told Balverine that they were half brothers. Aros was raised by Achart Le’Graine, a family member of his mother. Annalisa was killed by Xivarius, and Balverine would later find out so was Kiranos. Achart raised Aros down the path of a priest, being the closest thing the boy had to a Father. After Achart passed on, Aros sifted through his personal effects. Finding birth records of the family, indicating that he and Balverine shared a father.

Kiranos had lead a double life, Xivarius haunted the Paladin as well. Kiranos was originally in love with Annalisa Le’Graine. The two split up to protect them selves from the warlock. Kiranos settled down in Lakeshire. Shortly after where he met Elaine and did not expect to fall in love; but he did. The two had a son, Balverine. Kiranos could not completely abandon Annalisa though, in a night of passion Aros was conceived and born two years after Balverine. Kiranos’ real name last name had been Drakewing, and not Carrick.

The two adapted to the change well, their bond only growing stronger as they treated each other as full siblings instead of half brothers. Bal continued his training to be a paladin and Aros continued his priesthood. It was soon after that Balverine decided to change his last name to Drakewing, to honor his brother and his father. As time went on, Balverine met a fiery tempered mage and his future wife, Calantha Frosthand.

Calantha was short tempered, proud and not afraid to speak her mind. The two met and she took an interest in Balverine. After a bit, Balverine returned the interest. Calantha molded Balverine from the shy and timid person he was; to the confident and social able person he is today. They fell in love and were married after a year or so. Soon after their marriage, they were expecting a child. After nine months, their son Jaece was born. It was the happiest day of Balverine’s life.

It was then that his old mentor told Balverine that he was ready to be inducted into the Silver Hand as a full fledged member. Balverine was excited, the ceremony was held in the Cathedral in Stormwind. At last he could finally call himself a Paladin.

Now Balverine lives happily with Calantha and Jaece, watching over his brother Aros and protecting him from the constant threat of Xivarius.