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Player: Mir

Character Full Name: Ashra Whisperwood

Character In-Game Name: Ashra

Nickname(s): Ash, Ashey

Association(s): Order of the Shadows

Race: Sin'dorei

Class: Rogue

Skills and Abilities: Talented liar.

Age: 22

Sex: Female

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: A dark green color with a light green glow.

Weight: 98 lbs

Height: 5'3


Usual Garments/Armor: Blue/golden leather, rarely with a hood. Almost never seen in casual gear, for it makes her feel vulnerable.

Other: Prefers small quick weapons.


Alignment: Chaotic Good

She has a bubbly personality, and is known to often shoot her mouth off when she should best keep quiet. She can be quite curious, which gets her in trouble. Although normally a very easy-going, she has a few hot button issues that can cause others to get under her skin quite easily. She is a known liar, but that deals only with her line of work and as a result detests it when she is lied to herself. When in a good mood she acts almost childish, taking the term "carefree" to a literal extent. She is said to be very hard to upset when in those moods. (Hard, not impossible.)


Ashra was born into a poor family, but that did nothing to damper her spirits as a child. She has always managed to keep the same smile on her face through life's challenges. Young as far as Sin'dorei go, she learned from her father at a young age how to make money quickly and quietly. Hustling with cards on corners of the cities, or petty theft, both were acceptable and tolerable in her household.

When Arthas marched through the elven lands, forming the terrible dead scar, her mother was there. She was unarmed, doing nothing but trying to tend to the wounded left to die. That did not stop their enemies from extinguishing her life. Ashra witnessed this first hand and since then has felt an unending thirst for justice against the undead, and a duty to serve the innocent. Her mother being the only member of her immediate family that was ever particularly fluent in the use of magic, the destruction of the Sunwell did not effect them quite as much as it did others.

Her father struggled to handle the loss of his wife and his magic. Their family began to slowly fall apart, her father falling heavily into crime and other shady groups. She herself felt that she had been stripped of a birth-right when the Sunwell was destroyed. She constantly strove to prove herself, feeling that this tragic event in history made her less than what she was before.

One day after a particularly physical confrontation with her father she was taken into the care of an orphanage. The city finding her father an unfit parent. She rarely ever saw him again.

One day after sneaking away from a particularly dreary foster family. She made her way to the market district of Silvermoon City and began quietly plucking coins from the masses crowding the auctioneers. Hours later she was contently counting her coin under a shady tree in the city park. She counted earned something around two dozen gold pieces, quite the haul for a girl on the cusp of adolescence. She sighed hearing footsteps approach her tree. As they got closer to her the picked up their pace. She was caught, now she would be forced to apologize to the people and return all of their money individually, just like all the other times. Just as she began to look up everything went black.

She awoke several hours later in a dark room, she could see several masked faces crowded around her, their muffled voices would send chills down her spine. Still in a daze, her head throbbing she could only make out so much of what they were saying... "She can't be his daughter..." "I'm telling you it's HER!" The frightened little girl instantly broke down into tears. The strangers panicked and quickly tried to hush her.

"Tell us, who are you?" Something about the strangers voice said he already knew the truth, that did not stop her from using every tactic her father taught her. The bigger the lie, the more holes, the more holes, the more you must cover your tracks. She was off, telling an elaborate story, detailing herself as the wealthy daughter of a noble. Threatening them and informing them of how her "father" dealt with those who lashed out at his family. She went on and on, the story getting more elaborate but still more convincing as she went.

After only pausing for sniffles from her previous fit of tears, she finished her tale in about an hour. All the strangers in the room clapped quietly, they were mocking her! "Alright, I believe 'ya. She's gat-ta-be his kid." "Told you." Light began to spread through the dark room as one of the figures slides the blackout curtains to either side of the windows. "We are friends of your father." She opened her mouth to reinforce her lie, she was casually cut off by one of the strangers as they began removing their masks. "Your REAL father. We regret to inform you but he passed away recently." She had not seen her father in years, not since the orphanage took her away. She should be crying again, but no tears came. She was stunned. Unsure how to respond. "We are the Order of the Shadows..." Said a feminine voice solemnly, perhaps a personal friend of her father. "He taught you well... We'd like to... adopt you.. Into our family of sorts..."

NOW... Ashra quietly left the catacombs, a dark hood over her face. She turned to face a man following her out. "Be sure you eliminate every target!" Hissed the man, his dark garb making him look a bit imposing. The man marched back into the dark depths with a huff. As soon as she was outside she glanced around. Pulling her hood back, blonde locks rolling down to her shoulders. A man stepped out of the shadows near her. "I have more names" she said. "Good, the Order will start on them right away, let's go home." The two vanished into the shadows, not a sound is heard as they make their way home.