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Player: flammos200

Character Full Name: Arlyn Rylinnrae

Character In-Game Name: Arlyn

Nickname(s): 'Lyn.

Association(s): Blood Elves, Paladins, Blood Knights, the Shattered Sun Offensive (Ex), The Argent Crusade.

Race: Blood Elf.

Class: Paladin / Templar.

Age: 132

Sex: Female.

Hair: Golden blonde, usually left loose to drape her shoulders.

Eyes: Golden glowing.

Weight: 60 Kg.

Height: 1,80 m.

Alignment: Neutral Good.


Usual Garments/Armor: Anything from lightweight chainmail to heavy plates, of late favoring the latter of the two. She may switch between the two as situation dictates, though when not expecting much combat, she'll don a much lighter coat of plates, or clothes for comfort.

Other: She has a penchant for both the classical sword, and for more exotic weaponry, but would not be found using an axe or hammer unless strictly necessary. A series of golden tattoos sprawl across her chest and upper left arm.


Arlyn is a practical, if very curious person. This drives her often to undertake paths that may be hazardous to her wellbeing, if only to experience something new. She is not to be confused with a mere thrill-seeker. Her motives are pure: knowledge and experience can better the world. If she can do anything to right the things she would happen to see as wrong, she will. Arlyn is also very physical, her enjoyment of seemingly random fights she would call ‘good training' raising a few eyebrows among her people. She is quite faithful in the Light, especially since the Blood Elves were forgiven by the Naaru and their Sunwell restored to overflow with the kindness she quietly wished to spread, that it may heal others as it healed her.

While she is not outright racist, she finds most of the Horde as barbaric, if well-meaning, tolerating Trolls, Orcs and Tauren, whilst seeing her own people as not only more civilized, but also blessed to be able to work the Light. In this respect, she admires other Lightworkers with ardor. She is very distrustful of Forsaken, despite them being led by the former Ranger General, Sylvanas Windrunner, mostly because of the havoc they wreaked while under the control of the Scourge, upon her people. Her view of Death Knights is well-matched by this, and here she makes little racial discrepancy. To her, Death Knights are abominations. Her arrogance in racial respects is often held quiet, masked by childishness and willingness to accept that there will always be exceptions to the racial stereotypes, even though she cannot help but keep a holier-than-thou attitude.

On the Alliance, her views are mixed, to say the least. Draenei are, to her a source of curiosity and unspoken admiration, mostly because it would put her in disfavor to her peers. Humans, Dwarves and Gnomes are all thrown in the same bucket: Technology-abusing, strange people. She doesn't outright hate them, but there is a great deal of animosity towards them, especially due to the way her people were treated by the Alliance, called traitors and hunted down. Night Elves she knows too little about, other than the fact that they are distant cousins, taking to natural arts rather than arcane ones. As though to contradict most of her seemingly sophisticated views, she may sometimes act brash and rowdy, enjoying a drink as much as anyone, though this only rarely happens, as she tries to keep to a modicum of civility at all times.

To some, she seems to bear an adolescentine personality, whilst others would see in her refinement. She also enjoys reading, quite frequently, and cares very little about the places she visits, so long as the company she's in is to her liking.

She can and will respect the law of the places she's in, however, she dislikes authority, and being ordered around even more so, occasionally developing individualistic, rebellious tendencies.


As with most High Elves, she was born in Silvermoon, in Quel'Thalas to an arcanist-filled family. Despite the circumstances of her arrival unto the world, she displayed little ability in magic, compared to her siblings, her childhood modeled in physical development and scholarship rather than schooling in the arcane arts. Her nature was playful, often leading her down dangerous paths, such as straying outside the city gates after dark, coming back with bruises, cuts and scrapes, and a happy, innocent grin on her face, to the panic and despair of her more or less overprotective parents. Nothing truely terrible befell her during her early years, as she took an interest in craftsmanship and doctoring, enjoying the benefits of knowing how to help heal her own injuries. This healing, to her, was valued just as much as her physical development, bringing her great joy to see pain lifted and bodies strengthened where sickness or suffering once were.

In later years, she took to arduous training, going down a path almost empty for a High Elf, that of a warrior. She saw logic, purity and selflessness in putting her body in the protection of others, whilst her mind contemplated tactic, strategy and methods of aiding those she fought alongside with. She put her skills to good use when the Scourge marched upon Silvermoon, but was unable to prevent the untimely doom of most her kin. She was lucky not to have been killed herself, escaping with a mere broken arm, cuts from ghoul claws, and a heavily bruised gut. She used her knowledge of medicine to doctor herself to good health, and returned to the shattered remains of her former home. She saw her people desolate and without hope, and joined them in their mourning. It was at this time that she, alongside them, partook of fel energies, becoming a Blood Elf, which she saw as a symbol of solidarity. She was patriotic at the time.

As soon as the Blood Knight order started, she joined, despite knowing full well their draining of the Naaru M'uru, trying to redeem herself for this knowledge by only using the Light as a force of either healing, or righteous retribution against demons and undead. She became adept in the Light's use, augmenting her own physical abilities with it, eventually joining the Shattered Sun Offensive, and partaking in the battle for the Sunwell, which became the pivotal moment of her current life. Her racial xenophobia eased, as did her frivolous patriotism and elitist personality. She saw use in working alongside others for a common goal, yet what astounded her most was the restoration of the Sunwell and the forgiveness shown to the Blood Elves by the Naaru and the Draenei prophet Velen. She felt whole as M'uru's heart purified the well of magic, filling it with divine Light, overflowing with kindness and empathy and joy for all of life. She quickly became a believer in the newfound faith, often seeking to spread her devotion, albeit through quiet support.

Being touched by the Light in its pure, non-drained form augmented her already well-meaning personality, and, as the Shattered Sun fulfilled its purpose, she left them, to wander as a healer and fighter, a Blood Knight and Paladin, to finally see the world she'd fought for, enjoy life to its fullest and help others, in turn, enjoy theirs. Her curiosity led her to interest in many fields, though her faith in the holy Light tempered her, safeguarding her from straying of her moral principles.

Though, anything can happen when curiosity gets the better of us, no matter how righteous we are, and her fate, of yet, is undetermined...

And so it remained, for quite a while, in both gaining friends and making enemies of the denizens of Azeroth. After finding herself in search of further knowledge of the Light alongside fellow Blood Knight Lene Surus'ilamar, she reached the Argent Vanguard and found a new teacher - One Matthew Hyland, who put the two through weeks of training, exposing them to the secretive rituals of the Argent Templars.

Upon completion of their training, the two departed the Vanguard, returning to the world at large, wherein they strive still to do their duty, their honor, and their pride in working the Light for the benefit of all.

Skills and Abilities

Having foregone melee combat in favor of a more versatile and effective use of the Light in spellcasting, Arlyn's stamina has suffered, while her ability in tossing about Light has been amplified and her repertoire given the addendum of the usual Templar abilities;

Most of her skills are geared towards dealing with Undead and Demons, banishing and exorcising included, alongside flinging holy fire and such. Otherwise, she's what you'd expect of a Paladin. Her approach to combat is primarily at range, via blasts of Holy energy, only engaging in melee if necessary, as she is well aware that she is not the best of close combat fighters.