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Nightelf femaleDruid Arjua Grizzlyclaw
Arjua Grizzlyclaw
Nickname(s) Grizzly
Gender Female
Race Night Elf
Class Druid of the Claw
Association(s) Druids of the Claw
Status Alive

Arjua Grizzlyclaw is a 1,585-year-old Night Elf Druid of the Claw. She is played by Jonoth.


Arjua was born in a cave in Ashenvale Forest, her parents having taken shelter from a storm. When they emerged to return home, Arjua's first sight was a large brown bear walking with her cubs in tow. Bears would become a fascination and almost obsession for the young night elf, as she would sneak out throughout her youth to spend time playing with them and learning about their habits. She learned about the Druids of the Claw, and regarded them with reverance. But society would dictate that only men became druids, and so her parents encouraged her to channel her anger and become a Sentinel.

Marking her face with tattoos of claw marks, she put herself through a brutal training regimen to add muscle onto her frame, becoming an overwhelming presence wherever she walked. Her chosen weapons were claws, preferring them to the more standard glaive. Any attempts to court her were met with gutteral growls, many attempts to befriend her met with a cold shoulder. Few would try to get close to Arjua over the years, and she would dream about running through the forest with the bears. Her passion for the animals was noticed, her eventually being assigned the job of guarding the Barrow Deeps where the Druids of the Claw resided. She took great pride in the task, knowing that she was protecting the Druids she looked up to most.

After the awakening of the Druids by Malfurion and the battle at Hyjal, gender roles slowly began to change, and soon male priests and female druids started to appear. One of the druids that had been hibernating in Barrow Deeps heard the tale of Arjua and her admiration for them, and in his gratification for her service took Arjua aside and began to teach her. She was an eager and quick student, and in relatively short time would come to master her long-awaited avatar of the bear. But she grew exceedingly more comfortable in her altered form, and she would spend most of her time as a bear, losing her grip on her reality. She retreated to the woods, living amongst the creatures of the forest and rarely shifting back to being an elf, and even more rarely entering towns and settlements. Embracing the beast, she is now nearly lost to it.


Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Arjua is extremely solitarily. She spends most of her time in her bear form, prefering the company of bears over people. When around people, she is very withdrawn but observant, appearing ready to snap at any moment. She retains some language, but prefers not to speak unless she has to.


  • Scale/Height: 7'3"
  • Weight: 240 lbs
  • Hair: Blue
  • Eyes: Glowing white

Ragged leather garments, barely held together and appearing as if she's been involved in many confrontations.

Other: Her body is somewhat thick with muscle, large but not very toned. Her hair is unkempt, and she smells of the wild and a bit unwashed, her breath laced with the scent of both fresh and old blood. Claw and bite marks cover a large part of her body. Her shoulders each have makings that would identify her as a Druid.

Skills and Abilities

Arjua is a feral Druid of the Claw. As such, she spends most of her time in her bear form, and her abilities mostly involve savagely mauling her opponents in this state. She does retain some of the basic Druid abilities, such as healing, but it is not to the same level as a non-feral Druid.