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Player: Stealthscout.

Character Full Name: Antonio Ponzi.

Character In-Game Name: Antonio.

Nickname(s): Jot.

Association(s): The Wilson wanderers.

Race: Goblin

Class: Ex - Confidence artist

Age: 39

Sex: Male.

Hair: Red.

Eyes: Brown with hazel.

Weight: 78 lbs.

Height: 3'9" (1.02 scale)


Antonio walks with a plain white linen shirt and a leather jacket with pockets over it. He has a belt which holds two daggers and a gnomish army knife.


Antonio is an ex-confidence artist. Tricking people and abusing their trust and feelings is a thing of the past, however, some traits still remain, like being charismatic and the 'leader' of most conversations.

Besides the traits he acquired through his previous job, Antonio is a friendly individual that just wants to finally make a profit in life through honest means. He is a hard worker and an expert in planning. He is realistic, rational, the pious life means nothing to a man of words and oil.


Antonio was born to a Caravan family, and by his name one could know he was when traveling through a human kingdom. His family traveled and sold their wares from humans to the elves and so on. Being born and raised with that lifestyle, it didn't allow Antonio to get a lot of friends, alas he did get a lot of neat toys that were made by co-workers or received as exchange for the wares his family sold. Since he was just a toddler, his life couldn't have been too complicated, sleep, cry, get toy, eat and sleep again.

The time the first war began the family began retracting from the human kingdoms. Antonio's family traveled to the dense jungles and went to the harbor of booty bay, deciding to be a trading family by the sea, his father called it "Sea Caravan." And Antonio could only accept. Nothing had changed; he was still traveling, just by sea now.

The age of fifteen came and so did the light that sparked a new dawn in the small empire, the goblins and the gnomes begin competing. Goblins work for the Horde and Gnomes for the alliance for technological dominance. Pursuing that goal, the teenage Goblin begins building and planning with the help of his father. Antonio himself cannot build anything serious, but he certainly can help his father.

A few months later were the first time he heard of the job, 'confidence artist' or con artist in short. The young goblin continues learning Engineering as he begins studying his hands, the quickness of him being able to take off a pouch or make a one handed shuffle. The double lift was only a quick phase. He studied and learned, first going from cards and self-performances to family and then multi-racial ones. He was already at the age of twenty and he could keep the small crowds on their edges. Three card montes turned to two card montes, queens traded with mere aces and kings switched with jokers. That is the life of the street performer.

Ambition was only a card when he realized he could go bigger, not in crowd but in scale, the scale of money he could get from conning people was something he could do any day. At first he began with the simple card tricks into pick pocketing. He and his "Sea Caravan" family continued selling and inventing while the son tricked dwarves to steal gnomish plans or gnomish parts. Although never venturing into the realms of conning gold out of people, Antonio found the Ponzi scheme one of them most interesting cons out there.

During the dawn of his new profession, the young Goblin continued learning engineering; he understood there is only one path to take: Goblin engineering which forced him to go and learn alchemy. He learned how to make special types of gun powder to make an effect in his tricks seem more "magic" like. People thought he was a mage, at times, But he was merely a "realistic illusionist".

Twenty seven was merely a number for Antoino who preferred to be called 'Jack of Trade' and some preferred to simply call him "Jot". Antonio left the his family, who began expanding on their horizons deciding to become less independent and carry the symbol of the Steamwheedle Cartel with them, which Antonio thought was a waste of time. He did not see a point of profit in the Cartel, conning them was too hard and conning their associates would make too much trouble. He and his friends decided on going around small camps, offering to entertain the crowd with beverages and tricks. By night fall most of the camp would be so drunk that the tricks would turn into bets, bets for money and equipment, the leader, of course, was Antonio.

When the third war began which just sparked opportunities within his group members, who were continuing to con wanderers or groups of mercs. They began taking bigger hits which meant bigger rewards. The fame and fortune Antonio could get came up to his head and the same confidence he himself drew sparked the fuse of a row of explosions.

All he could remember was him doing the ace in the hole, just without the ace and the hole was the target's chest of silvers and loot. He was now at Booty bay, sitting at the side of the alley and thinking: "How did it go wrong?" He asked himself. The same con artist was working for almost fifteen years but it seems he was conned. The same tricks and lies he told the others.

"Turnabout" That was the only word that hunted him for weeks, the weeks he worked in some sweatshop to gain money to take a ship to his family. It's simple; the turnabout is about scaring the mark into talking to the authorities, which were a hired mercenary group in this case, which would destroy the whole deal. While the mark is talking to the authorities, they have an inside man who distance himself from the mark and takes all the profit they own. When the authorities come, not only they chop of heads because they realize the same person who came up to them is a bounty, they also go after the others.

Antonio managed to escape, and during the time he worked his ass off at the sweatshop, he came to his family, saying he wants to resume with what he did before. He was an Engineer.

Antonio was just a family man until the Cataclysm came, it scarred the world but it also gave him the little push he needed to get out of his trading family circle back to the 'danger zone' but this time he isn't going to con other people. He is going to use all of his new connections and allies to help people. If it's by returning their stolen possession or fixing their chopper, that is why he joined a Mercenary guild that calls itself "The Wilson Wanderers." There he could get jobs from various locations and help. Help all those who need it.

Skills and Abilities

Sleight of hand: Antonio, who held a lot of scams in his life, knows how to make the hermit pass itself look like his brother.

Disengage: Antonio, while not knowing any real fighting styles, knows how to disengage from a fight with a bash to the right place or a dagger to the correct joint.

Tricks of the trade: Antonio knows how to get along; he can either set up a con, using the most elaborate equipment or find the right goblin in town that sells best.

Goblin explosives: Antonio knows both Engineering and Alchemy, those two professions allow him to make explosives or fix mechanical parts. It all depends on the job.